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# of Zones 1
Bandits, Nix-hounds
Console Location Code(s)
Ascadian Isles, 1, -7

Punammu is a small smuggler's cave east of Pelagiad. The entrance faces north on the shores of Lake Amaya.

The interior of the cave

The hideout is guarded by low-level bandits, a couple of nix-hounds and few cave rats. The leveled loot here is the usual smuggler's bounty of scrolls, potions, drugs, clutter, booze and soul gems. There's a Hand-to-hand skill book, The Prayers of Baranat, and a Scroll of Invisibility on a table in the last room. It is possible to bypass most bandits by taking the first right and swimming through the underwater tunnels.


  • A locked (5) Ancient Chest contains steel weapons.
  • There are two patches of raw diamonds in the northern part of the cave, the area is accessible only by swimming. One patch of diamonds can be retrieved while floating in the water, the other requires Levitation, Water Walking, or Telekinesis to reach. Each rock may contain up to five diamonds.


  • When diving in the northwestern chamber, you can go lower than the lowest object in the cell and either fall through the floor or get teleported back to the entrance.
  • There are two torches floating in the air; one in the northern cave, and one in the western chamber.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Darvynea Hleran   Dark Elf Nightblade 1 35 80 0 90
Derayna Llervu   Dark Elf Thief 1 35 80 0 90
Fanuse Farano   Dark Elf Warrior 1 45 80 0 90
Fendros Varys   Dark Elf Rogue 1 40 80 0 90
Galdres Ienith   Dark Elf Assassin 3 50 106 0 90
Llavam Adas   Dark Elf Enforcer 2 45 82 0 90


Map of Punammu