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Console Location Code(s)
Ashlands, [2,14]
The entrance to Kora-Dur

Kora-Dur is a cave inhabited by the unique daedroth Menta Na.

It's located in the northern Ashlands just east of Kogoruhn. It is a cave full of powerful Daedra - mostly daedroths, with a storm atronach as well.

Menta Na's master, the Daedra Prince Molag Bal, has a grudge against him and wishes him slain, as you can find out upon visiting the Daedric shrine of Yansirramus, on the western edge of Zafirbel Bay.

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  • This cave's front door is heavily locked. However, the key obtained from Molag Bal in the shrine of Yansirramus will open it.
  • Treasure consists of a Daedric staff, some raw gems and ebony, scrolls, and a large collection of potions including skooma.
  • There is a secret water tunnel that can help you avoid all of the enemies and get to Menta Na quickly and without a fight.
  • There is a Grand Soul Gem in the Antechamber.
  • Kora-Dur returns in ESO as part of the Forgotten Wastes.


Kora-Dur, interior map