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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Azura's Coast, [13,11]

Pinsun is a smuggler cave south of Vos.

A small cave just north of Indoranyon Stronghold, Pinsun is home to a gang of eight smugglers and their loot.

If calmed or snuck up on, Clecentor Aerius provides medium training in Speechcraft, Light Armor, and Sneak. Additionally, if Rilas Arethan is calmed or snuck up on, he will provide medium training in Short Blade, Light Armor, and Sneak.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Ahetotis Furotis Female Imperial Warrior 13 153 100 0 90
Birama Andaram Female Dunmer Archer 13 118 100 0 90
Clecentor Aerius Male Imperial Agent 15 112 110 0 90 Trainer
Cluson Male Redguard Healer 12 93 84 0 90
Fovus Faravel Male Dunmer Battlemage 14 106 158 0 90
Jaline Female Redguard Warrior 14 166 80 0 90
Rilas Arethan Male Dunmer Agent 13 102 106 0 90 Trainer
Savure Uvalor Male Dunmer Rogue 12 111 98 0 90



Pinsun, interior map