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# of Zones 2
Undead, Dreugh
Console Location Code(s)
Tukushapal, Sepulcher
Azura's Coast, [12,-12]
Door leading from the Tomb to Tukushapal

Tukushapal is a hidden cavern located within the Marvani Ancestral Tomb.

Tukushapal Sepulcher, resting place of Olmgerd

For some mazte, Ennbjof, a Nord located in the Telvanni Canton in Vivec, will tell you the tale of Olmgerd the Outlaw, son of Harald Hand-Free, a First Age King of Skyrim. He'll tell you where Olmgerd is buried and will also give you a rusty old key that's supposed to open the door of his tomb.

The first chamber of Tukushapal is maze-like and it's guarded by a handful of skeletons. There's no loot to be found here but in the center of the maze there's a locked (90) door leading to the inner chamber. The door can be opened using Ennbjof's rusty old key.

The inner chamber of Tukushapal, the Sepulcher, serves as the burial chamber for Olmgerd. As it turns out, Olmgerd was ceremoniously buried in the Sepulcher of Tukushapal aboard his ship with his enchanted battle-axe, Stormkiss, a set of Ebony Bracers, Imperial dragonscale tower shield, cuirass and helm, an enchanted Silver Longsword and various alchemy ingredients. There are also three urns and four chests (two of them locked and trapped).

When you enter the Sepulcher, if you levitate upward over the steps and search around, you will find a hidden rock ledge that contains the Daedric Face of God, the highest rated unenchanted helmet in the game. The ledge is well hidden and it's also very high up in the ceiling. A Daedric Warhammer and a chest with some other goodies are also in this secret location. Finally, if you dive into the pool where the ship is floating and dispatch the Dreugh, you'll find three mineral veins that can be harvested for a few pieces of Raw Ebony.


  • There are two locked (80) doors in the Marvani Ancestral Tomb that you must open to reach Tukushapal. Ennbjof's rusty old key will open both of them but you don't really need it if you can open such locks by yourself.

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Tukushapal, interior map
Tukushapal, Sepulcher, interior map