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This article is about the place. For the person, see Ainab (person).

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# of Zones 2
Ash Creatures, Dreamers
Console Location Code(s)

Ainab, Shrine

Sheogorad, [5,16]

Ainab is located on a small island north of the Zergonipal Daedric shrine and just off the coast.

Ainab is a Sixth House base with no named cultists. Instead it contains a collection of random ash creatures and Corprus beasts. Treasure includes the usual Sixth House treasure; six ash statues, a Sixth House Bell Hammer, two bins near the shrine, one with corprusmeat in it and the other contains a few items along with two chests.


  • Of the two chests, one holds around 270 gold and the other holds 3 Petty Soul Gems, 2 Common Soul Gems and 2 Greater Soul Gems.
  • In Ainab, Shrine there is a deep pool of water. When you swim to the bottom, the game will teleport you back to the entrance, as is common when one falls through the ground.
  • One of the rarest unenchanted shirts can be found in the shrine, at Treasure Location b. It is a sort of Expensive Shirt related to Ashlander Wise Women (expensive_shirt_01_a). Ainab Shrine is the only place where this shirt can be obtained peacefully, since other 2 copies are worn by non-hostile NPCs, including an essential one (They are Sinnammu Mirpal and Rawia Ashirbibi).


Interior map of Ainab
Interior map of Ainab, Shrine

Treasure Location a

Treasure Location b