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# of Zones 1
Sorcerers, Daedra
Console Location Code(s)
Molag Amur, [11,-5]

Assu is a small cave near Mount Kand and home to the Staff of Magnus.

Assu is guarded by a pair of mages and some daedra. The first one to be encountered, Fistelle, is capable of summoning clannfears to join the fight, and seems to have a penchant for lightning bolts. The second, Dreveni Hlaren, seems to prefer bonewalker minions, and carries the Staff of Magnus - the subject of a Mages Guild quest. Both mages are likely to be accompanied by daedra during the fight as well.

There are some high-level treasure in locked (10 and 20) and trapped chests that require levitation, and there is another chest in the water near Fistelle. Next to Dreveni are some potions on table along with Journeyman Retort, Alembic scrolls of summon Daedroth, Skeleton and Frost Atronach. There's also a locked (45) and trapped chest as well as an urn containing more scrolls.

Related QuestsEdit

Mages GuildEdit


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Dreveni Hlaren   Dark Elf Sorcerer 20 180 192 0 90
Fistelle   High Elf Sorcerer 18 121 200 0 90


  • When diving in the western chamber, you can go lower than the lowest object in the cell and either fall through the floor or get teleported back to the entrance.


Interior map of Assu