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Lore:Root-Whisper Tribe

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The Root-Whisper Tribe creating the Remnant of Argon

The Root-Whisper Tribe is an Argonian tribe that resided in the Deepmire of Murkmire. Long ago, the tribe's Hist willed them to build the Vakka-Bok Xanmeer to collect sunlight.[1] The tribe's religious leaders opposed Duskfall.[2] The tribe's known leaders included a raj-kaal and a sap-speaker.[3]


At some point after 1E 198,[4] their village was raided by Barsaebic Ayleids, who were intent on discovering the unique properties of the Argonian soul.[5] In a last-ditch effort to protect the tribe, the tribe's sap-speaker performed a ritual beneath the roots of the Root-Whisper Hist to create the Remnant of Argon. The artifact's creation preserved their souls in a different reality, and caused their Hist to fall into a deep slumber. For centuries, the Hist sat dormant and the souls of the tribe's members laid in stasis. They waited for a figure known as the Rootmender to free their souls, awaken the Tree and allow the tribe to return to the Hist.[6]

In the Second Era, the Vestige joined Cyrodiilic Collections in their search for the Remnant of Argon. Cyrodiilic Collections was an organization that sought to preserve Argonian artifacts in an attempt to prevent their history from being lost to time. The Remnant was all but a legend at that point, but the organizations' prime backer, an Imperialized Argonian named Kassandra, had a vested interest in the artifact.[7]

The tribe's souls inside the Remnant of Argon

Deep into the investigation, the group found a lead which brought them to the Swallowed Grove, a sunken Argonian ruin with ties to the Remnant. With the help of two Argonian champions, the Vestige entered a dream-wallow in an attempt to learn more about the Remnant of Argon. During the vision, they relived a tribe member's naming day, when the Ayleids discovered Root-Whisper Village. They saw the village's destruction and the Remnant's creation, and spoke with the sap-speaker, who was aware that the Vestige was not part of her sacred clutch. She gave the hero an artifact known as the Rootmender's Staff, which manifested in the physical world. The staff had the ability to locate the Remnant of Argon with the purpose of freeing the souls of their tribe.[6]

Before the Vestige could regain consciousness, Kassandra took the Rootmender's Staff and made off with it. She used the staff to locate the Remnant, and found it beneath the Root-Whisper Hist. She sought to use the Remnant to gain the ability to hear the Hist, and was devoured by a Miregaunt when she established a link with the artifact. Kassandra managed to gain control over the Miregaunt, and was overcome with a lust for power. The Vestige slew her, recovered the Remnant, and entered the Hist's dream with the two champions.[5] One of the champions sacrificed themselves to guide the Root-Whisper Tribe back to the Hist, and the Root-Whisper Tribe was reformed. Argonians from across Murkmire were ordered by their Hist trees to join the revitalized Root-Whisper Tribe and tend to the awakened Hist.[8]

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