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Recipes are notes that you can find or purchase that provide some basic alchemy recipes. While this page is specifically for these alchemy notes, other pages provide information on other types of recipes in the game:

The alchemy recipes have little significance other than providing a method, beyond eating ingredients and experimentation, to learn about some of the ingredient effects. However, you do not need to find a recipe in order to use the combination listed on the note. Nor do these notes provide anything close to an exhaustive list of possible alchemy ingredient combinations.

Recipes are the only type of note that can be purchased, specifically from apothecary merchants who stock:

  • 1 common recipe
  • 50% chance of having 1 poison recipe
  • 50% chance of having 1 rare recipe

Recipes can also occasionally be found in random loot, specifically for warlocks and forsworn. Recipes can be sold to apothecary and general goods merchants. Merchants categorize them differently from books, and therefore they cannot be sold to spell merchants or other merchants who trade in books. All recipes have zero weight.

Name Type ID Value Contents
Cure Disease Potion Recipe Common 000f5cb9 10 Mudcrab Chitin + Vampire Dust
000f5cb8 10 Charred Skeever Hide + Mudcrab Chitin
Damage Health Poison Recipe Poison 000f5cb5 20 Skeever Tail + Void Salts
000f5cb7 20 Ectoplasm + Troll Fat
000f5cb6 20 Skeever Tail + Small Antlers
Fear Poison Recipe Poison 000f5cc1 20 Namira's Rot + Blue Dragonfly Wing
000f5cc2 20 Powdered Mammoth Tusk + Daedra Heart
Frenzy Poison RecipeDG (?) xx00f39c 20 Blisterwort + Falmer Ear
Fortify Carry Weight Potion Recipe Common 000f5cc6 20 Creep Cluster Root + Giant's Toe
000f5cc7 20 Wisp Wrappings + Scaly Pholiota
Invisibility Potion Recipe Rare 000f5cb3 30 Luna Moth Wing + Chaurus Eggs
000f5cb4 30 Ice Wraith Teeth + Chaurus Eggs
Paralysis Poison Recipe Rare 000f5cb1 50 Briar Heart + Swamp Fungal Pod
000f5cb2 50 Canis Root + Swamp Fungal Pod
Resist Fire Potion Recipe Common 000f5cbd 20 Bonemeal + Frost Salts
000f5cc0 20 Elves Ear + Mudcrab Chitin
Resist Frost Potion Recipe Common 000f5cbf 20 Gourd + Fire Salts
000f5cbe 20 Snowberry + Purple Mountain Flower
Resist Poison Potion Recipe Common 000f5cc5 20 Thistle + Falmer Ear
Resist Shock Potion Recipe Common 000f5cc4 20 Glowdust + Pearl
000f5cc3 20 Pine Thrush Egg + Snowberry
Restore Health Potion Recipe Common 000f5caf 10 Monarch Butterfly Wing + Blisterwort
000f5cac 10 Blue Mountain Flower + Sabre Cat Eyeball
000f5cae 10 Blue Dragonfly Wing + Charred Skeever Hide
000f5cad 10 Imp Stool + Wheat
Restore Magicka Potion Recipe Common 000f5cba 10 White Cap Mushroom + Taproot
000f5cbc 10 Grass Pod + Red Mountain Flower
000f5cbb 10 Giant Lichen + Pearl

† Incorrect ingredient - these two should be swapped.
‡ This is not even an ingredient, but instead a food item which cannot be used in alchemy.


  • If you ask Arcadia, Orgnar, or Zaria for permission to use the alchemy lab at their respective stores, they will tell you that wheat and blisterwort create a Restore Health potion.
  • Most recipes are of very limited use because they may require ingredients that are not sold by alchemists.
    • A greater benefit is they usually reveal a higher value effect of one of the ingredients.
  • Some recipes are wrong. In particular, Frost Salts and Fire Salts have been mixed up and Gourds are not actually an alchemy ingredient
  • Upon reading, recipes do not automatically reveal unknown effects of ingredients.