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Many Non-Player Characters, or NPCs, may be found in Redguard. Similar to Battlespire, all of them have voiced dialogue. Most are unique, but there are a few classes of generic NPCs, such as guards and island thugs. It's not possible to attack unarmed people; Cyrus will simply comment, "No, s/he's unarmed."

Conversing with the inhabitants of Stros M'Kai is central to advancing the storyline. Talking to one person may open up new dialogue options with others. Each NPC's article includes their complete dialogue and how to unlock the various topics of discussion. For information about creatures in the game, see this page.

Named NPCsEdit

Generic NPCsEdit

Five classes of generic NPCs exist in the game. The pirates walking around town are always friendly, and the thugs found on remote parts of the island are always hostile. Three Forebear thugs frequent the Draggin Tale and can start a brawl with Cyrus. A group of League pirates attack you at the beginning of the game, but the ones at the League hideout are friendly unless provoked.

Guards near civilization will only attack you if your weapon is drawn, you have attacked them, or after the quest Escape the Catacombs. Other guards attack regardless of your actions, such as the ones protecting the Dwarven Ruins.