Redguard:Island Thug

Redguard: NPCs
Thug 1 ("crazy escape guy")
Thug 2 ("hideaway guy")
Thug 3 ("predator guy")
Thug 4 ("junky guy")
Thug 5 (Lacy or "husky brother")
Thug 6 (Ned or "hyper brother")

There are six island thugs roaming outside town on Stros M'Kai, all of them hostile to Cyrus. The first thug you loot will have an island map; this is the only way to get one. The next five thugs will carry either 5, 7, 10, 15, or 25 gold, a canah feather, a strength potion, a health potion, or a potion of ironskin.

The "crazy escape guy" is found at the boat wreckage southwest of Saintsport, and in the town itself is the "hideaway guy". The brothers Lacy and Ned wander the beach west of Devil's Den; in the den you will encounter the "junky guy". Finally, the "predator guy" is found on the beach northwest of the Yokudan camp.


  • The island thugs are given descriptive names in the game files. These are shown in the image descriptions. Additionally, the names of thugs 5 and 6 are Lacy and Ned, respectively, according to their dialogue.

Combat TauntsEdit

Thug 1

Begin combat:

"Ha! You found me! But you'll never take me alive! Ha-ha-ha-ha-hah!"
Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Death
"Just a scratch!"
"No -- augh!"
"Fool! Take that!"
"Die, fool!"
"To the death! Ha-ha-ha-ha-hah!"
"Never! Never again! I'll die before I'll let you take me!"
"Die! Die, you fool! I'll never tell where I hid the gold! Ha-ha-ha-ha-hah!"
Thug 2

Begin combat:

"It's *mine* -- all *mine*, I tell you!"
Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Death
"Oh! Slipped in there, didn't you."
"Ahha! Dodge! Parry! Thrust!"
"Mother of dogs and poxes!"
"Courage, little boy. It's just blood!"
"Steal *my* treasure? Then die, you thief!"
"You know too much, thief -- and now you must die for it!"
Thug 3

Begin combat:

"Well, well. What are we doing out so far from town?"
Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Death
"Hmm! You can use that, can't you."
"Augh! Good, I must say."
"Wha--? That *hurt*, lambkin."
"Shh! Shh! Just die easy, little lamb."
"Keep your tools sharp, my dad used to say."
"Just a few more, lad, and it'll all be over."
"Oh, so sorry. But I need your coin, so you must die."
"The prey and his pulse are soon parted, my friend."
"Wha--? That *hurt*, lambkin."
Thug 4

Begin combat:

Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Death
"Hey! Quit it! That hurts!"
"Blood? What? I'm bleeding!"
"Help! Murder! Help!"
"Swing, swing, swing, I'm singing!"
"La-la-la! Stand still! Stand still!"
"Gonna cut you, gonna cut you *good*!"
"Gimme all of it. All of it. Gimme!"
"Help! Murder! Help!"
Thug 5

Begin combat:

"Hey, brother Ned, look what we got here!"
Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Death Unused
"Got me, ya sneak."
"Hey! You've spoilt me shirt!"
"Yee-sah-ree! That thing's sharp!"
"Look out! Behind you! Haw-haw-haw!"
"Take that, you fancy furriner!"
"Damn! Hot work here."
"Bet that sword'll bring a pretty coin, eh, Neddy me boy?"
"Ned and me need some dosh, ticky, for our poor old mum, see?"
"Yee-sah-ree! That thing's sharp!"
"Ned! You've kilt him! You kilt me brother, you bastard!"
"For Ned, dog! You die!"
Thug 6

Begin combat:

"Brother Lacy! We got us a city sucker!"
Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Death Unused
"Yelp! Help!"
"Oh, he cut me!"
"Ow, ow, ow, that *hurts*!"
"You're a dead man, slick boy."
"Go back to the dirt, dead man."
"You're mine, sissy boy."
"Oh, oh! Let me take him!"
"Me and Lacy, we gonna cut your ass, city boy."
"Ow, ow, ow, that *hurts*!"
"Lacy! Lacy-boy! Speak to me! Lacy! Brother Lacy!"
"You killed my brother! You killed him!"