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Baron Volag
RG-comic-Thassad and Volag.jpg
Baron Volag (right) making peace with Thassad II (left)
Race Redguard Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Reign 2E 864-
Next Ruler Senecus Goddkey
Resided in Sentinel

Volag was a Baron of the Forebears in the latter years of the Second Era. Baron Volag governed the Forebears' outlying territories in Sentinel at the time,[1]:25 and is most well-known for sparking the rebellion between the Crowns and the Forebears after the death of Thassad II. The conflict later involved the Third Empire and it led to their annexation of Hammerfell.[2][3] Years after their conquest, Baron Volag, as well as Tiber Septim and Iszara, then ruler of Stros M'Kai signed the First Treaty of Stros M'Kai, which consolidated Hammerfell's incorporation into the Third Empire.[4]


When the Crowns monarchy left their ancestral throne of Old Hegathe, and took over the Forebears kingdom of Sentinel, it caused a schism between both factions. Baron Volag was chosen by the Forebears to strike an accord with the Crowns King, Thassad II for a short time truce.[1]:25 But when Thassad II passed away from natural causes in 2E 862, Volag and his Forebears launched a wide-scale rebellion against the Crowns that has since been remembered as the Purge of the North. After the first massacre, the Crowns of Sentinel led by Prince A'tor were forced to flee the kingdom to the west, on the island-kingdom of Stros M'Kai.[2]

On the island, the Crowns prepared for their counterattack and managed to provide a strong retaliation against the Forebears.[2] But when the Forebears pleaded for assistance from the Third Empire, the tide of the war quickly shifted back against the Crowns until they were cornered in Stros M'Kai.[3] Some people believed that Volag was used by the Empire, for his ambitions for the throne.[5] As the conflict proved out of favor for the Crowns, Baron Volag and his Forebears disappeared from the public eye, but it is unclear whether it happened after he claimed Sentinel,[6] or if it happened after the Battle of Hunding Bay in 2E 864.[2] In any case, Sentinel was without a figurehead, and much like other human realms, a Colovian Officer,[7] in the form of Senecus Goddkey assumed the title of Provisional Governor for the Kingdom of Sentinel and the Forebears principalities.[3]

It's unknown what Baron Volag did while in hiding, but rumors insisted that he waited for a sign of weakness in the Empire.[3] And that sign came with Cyrus and the Restless League's uprising in Stros M'Kai, which saw the death of its provisional governor, Amiel Richton. News of the event had spread like wildfire and Baron Volag used the opportunity to re-claim Sentinel from the Provisional Government. Now instated as the Forebears leader of Sentinel, Volag met with Tiber Septim, and the new leader of Stros M'Kai, the Crown, Iszara to work out a treaty for the people of Hammerfell.[4] The First Treaty of Stros M'Kai was signed by the three parties and it consolidated the province's relationship with the Third Empire. It has since been understood by the Redguards that they are part of the Empire, and not their subjects.[8]