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Location Various
Race Redguard
Gender Male
Faction(s) Crowns

Cyrus is a Redguard mercenary and the game's protagonist. His journey to Stros M'Kai began when he received a letter from Tobias, his old captain, about his sister Iszara's disappearance.

Official DescriptionEdit

Name: Cyrus
Age: 33 (born 2E 831)
Race: Redguard
Province of Birth: Hammerfell
Occupation: Mercenary
Cyrus spent his youth in Sentinel, the capital of Hammerfell, in the years just before the expansion of Tiber Septim's Empire. He fled his homeland, and abandoned his famly [sic], after killing his sister's husband in a drunken sword fight. Taken in by a band of brigands, led by the Nord pirate captain Tobias, Cyrus soon became a mercenary-for-hire. He wandered the borderlands of the Empire for years, taking whatever jobs he could find, selling his skill with a blade to beggars and petty-kings alike. Recently, he learned that his sister, Iszara, vanished in the wake of the Empire's invasion. Though he vowed never to return to Hammerfell, he now finds himself bound for Stros M'Kai, determined to find Iszara and, perhaps, atonement.


Combat TauntsEdit

Hurt by opponent Defend Death Unused
"Come on!"
"Not this time."
"Not bad. Try this!"
"First time, huh."
"Too slow."
"Is that the best you've got?"
"Heh, heh, heh."
"That's got to hurt."
"Nasty devil, aren't you?"
"You can do better than that!"
"All too easy."
"Ha haa!"
"That's right."
"Closer. Closer."
"Not bad. Try this one."
"Close shave there."
"Another pass friend."
"Thanks for the workout."
"Easy there."