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Location N'Gasta's Tower
Race Redguard
Gender Female
Faction(s) Crowns, Restless League

Iszara is the sister of Cyrus who went missing three months before his arrival on Stros M'Kai. She was married to Hakan many years ago, until Cyrus killed him. Cyrus learns about her disappearance from Tobias, in a letter he sent through S'rathra. Before completing the quest Rescue Iszara, you can ask nearly anyone about her whereabouts. N'Gasta confirms that she is alive, as he did not sense her fall into his soul snare.

She is a member of the Restless League and had a lodge at their hideout, where she wrote in a blood-sealed journal. Iszara was tired of waiting for the League to act, and decided to steal Prince A'tor's soul gem and head to Stros M'Kai. There, she searched for Voa's ring with Brother Kithral and sought the help of the Mage's Guild to use the soul gem on A'tor's body. One of the mages, Joto, tried to help her but he could not; however, Joto knew N'Gasta had such knowledge.

Joto warned Iszara that she needed the Flask of Lillandril to defend against N'Gasta's magic, should he turn hostile. Together, they found a piece of the map to locate the flask, but Iszara grew impatient and went ahead without it to negotiate with the necromancer. N'Gasta offered to free the Prince in return for her soul, an offer she accepted out of desperation. N'Gasta in turn delivered the soul to Clavicus Vile. Iszara's soulless body still resides at the top of N'Gasta's Tower.

After you kill N'Gasta and win back Iszara's soul from Vile, she decides to return to the Restless League immediately. Cyrus tells them what N'Gasta said—the soul gem was the amulet delivered to Lord Richton, and is now guarded by Nafaalilargus in the Palace treasure vaults. Iszara gives you the key to the treasure vaults. She was Prince A'tor's secret lover and the treasure vaults were going to be her jewelry chambers. Iszara appears in the final cutscene inside the Palace. She has ordered the rebuilding of the Old Quarter, and tells Cyrus that Baron Volag and Tiber Septim are coming to Stros M'Kai to sign a peace treaty.

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  • Iszara also makes an appearance in Redguard's prequel comic, The Origin of Cyrus!
  • Iszara's voice is heard when you read her journal:
"First Seed 26, CE 864
"This is my last entry, as I'm taking leave of this maddening torpor, the time to act is at hand!
"Basil and the rest of his lazy wolves are content to mourn our Prince and hide in shadows, even while we have the very thing the Governor fears most! For months my love has lain in amber while the Empire firms its hold.
"Hammerfell will be lost forever if Prince A'tor is not restored. I am decided, if the League can't shake its slumber, then I will steal the soulgem as they sleep!
"By morning I'll be in Stros M'Kai, where there are others who might give me the help I need.
"Cyrus -- the gypsy woman told me you would come to Stros M'Kai. I laughed in her face, of course, but I leave this warning if only for respect of one's elders.
"If the blood-lock is opened then I know it is you, and I ask you to heed the next: leave me my dilemma and go back to whatever road you love best these days. You've had ample practice."


Iszara after the rebellion in Stros M'Kai
Iszara Restored
Iszara wakes up after having her soul restored and decides to go back to the Restless League. At the League hideout, Cyrus reveals that Richton has the soul gem and it's probably in the Palace treasure vaults. Iszara gives Cyrus the key to the vaults; Basil explains that she has the key because of her connection to Prince A'tor. She accompanies Cyrus on the way back to Stros M'Kai and they settle their differences from the past.
Sword of Crown
While Cyrus and Saban are preparing to restore the Prince, Iszara travels with Basil and other Leaguesmen to infiltrate Stros M'Kai. They watch as Saban transfers A'tor's soul out of the soul gem. After Cyrus gives his speech, she insists on coming with him to the Palace, but Cyrus says he must go alone to keep the Empire's attention on the harbor.
Iszara is now in charge of Stros M'Kai, with A'tor as her guide. She has ordered the rebuilding of the Old Quarter, and informs Cyrus about the upcoming peace treaty between Hammerfell and the Empire. She forgives Cyrus for leaving so soon.



"Iszara? What's wrong? Iszara?! What's happened to you? Snap out of it! Iszara!"