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There are a number of guards on Stros M'Kai, in town and elsewhere on the island. Guards in town and on the roads nearby will not attack you unless you draw your weapon or have escaped the Catacombs. Hostile guards are encountered in both sections of the Catacombs as well as outside the treasure vaults exit, in the Jail and Old Quarter, in and around the Dwarven Ruins, and in the Palace.

Most guards will tell you to move along if you talk to them, but two guards have unique dialogue. The one outside the Palace's main entrance will grant you an audience with Richton so that you can deliver the amulet. You can talk to him before obtaining the amulet, but none of the reasons to see Richton will work. There is also a guard outside the Jail who will deny you entry to see a prisoner.

Guards have three types, which determine their health. Infantry guards wear leather armor and have 30 health (three hits from a sabre), veteran guards wear chain and plate mail armor and have 40 health, and elite guards wear gold-plated armor and have 50 health. All of them drop either 5, 7, 10, 15, or 25 gold, a health potion, a strength potion, or a potion of ironskin. Health potions are twice as common as the other potions.

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  • The names of the three ranks for guards come from The Redguard Companion and are not mentioned in the game. All guards are labeled "Guard".



Cyrus says one of these lines:

"One moment."
"Excuse me."
"A word."
"Hold up a second."
Followed by:
"Go about your business, Redguard."
"Keep moving."
"Not now, please."
"I'm not here to talk."
"Move along please."
"Let's go, Redguard."
"That's enough."
"Not the time. Move along."
"Be on your way."

Palace Guard DialogueEdit


Weapon drawn:

"Go away. Understand? Go. Away."
"Put that away, son. This is neither the time nor the place."
"Not now, please."


Every time:

"What do you want?"


"Go away. Understand? Go. Away."


"This is the Palace, correct?"
"That's correct."

See RichtonEdit

"I need to speak with Governor Richton."
"What business do you have with him?"
Ask a Few QuestionsEdit
"I need to ask him a few questions."
"Not good enough. Now move along."
Offer GiftEdit
"I'd like to offer him a gift."
"He's not interested, Redguard."
Offer InformationEdit
"I have some information he may find useful."
"You're not talking your way past me. Now move along!"
Deliver AmuletEdit
"I have an item he is expecting from the necromancer."
"Very well. Hand it over."
"Sorry, but it comes with a message for Richton's ears only. I'm going to have to see him."
"That's not going to happen."
"Then he's never going to see this amulet again."
"All right, Redguard. You win. I'll signal you in."


"That's all for now. But I'll be back."

Jail Guard DialogueEdit


Every time:

"What do you want?"


"Get back in your jar, you filthy little thing."


"Keeping the Jail full?"
"Indeed, Redguard. Move along."

See PrisonerEdit

"I need to visit with one of your prisoners"
"They don't take visitors. Now go about your business."


"That's all for now. But I'll be back."

Combat TauntsEdit

Begin combat:

"There he is!"
"It's one of the pirates!"
"Guards! Surround him!"
"Cross with me, Redguard!"
"Try me, Redguard!"
Attack Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Misc, during move
"Die, Redguard!"
"Take that!"
"I'm quick!"
"You're open!"
"You're quite resourceful."
"A fine cut!"
"Blood with it!"
"I've been cut!"
"You'll pay for that one!"
"Guards! I'm struck!"
"Trained well but not to win!"
"You'll not get another!"
"Damn you!"
"Curse you, Redguard!"
"Damn your eyes!"
"I'll give that one back by no mistake!"
"Fair... strike..."
"Here! Get him!"
"A sharp sword will be your death."
"Taste the steel of empire!"
"Look alive, Redguard."
"You've already lost."
"There's blood!"
"Yield or there'll be more!"
"I've struck you well!"
"You've lost, Redguard!"
"Got you!"
"Struck well for my emperor!"
"Ho, I've struck!"
"I've cut you!"
"A strike!"
"I'll kill you!"
"Your style needs work, Redguard."
"Step it up, rebel."
"You're a fool, Redguard. You should just surrender."
"Too slow!"
"You're slow!"
"Too quick!"
"No match!"
"Slower, now!"
"Put it down!"
"A sharp sword will be your death."
"Come on...."
"I'll spill yours yet."
"You won't escape!"
"Surrender, now!"
Death After kill opponent Want to switch out Want to switch in Unused
"So much for this Redguard."
"Search his bag, he may be one of those pirates."
"Hot work. but your labors are done, Redguard."
"That sword will bring some gold, for sure."
"Out of my way!"
"I'll finish him!"
"He's only one!"
"You're trifling with him! Give him up to me!"
"I have this rebel!"
"Fall back and let me!"
"You take him."
"He's yours!"
"You have him!"
"I'm matched over!"
"A hand here!"
"The Redguard has escaped!"
"Sheathe it and live!"
"Redguard fool! Draw on me and die!"
"Well. It's your funeral, Redguard."
"If it's a fight you want, I'm your man."
"Come on, then. You can use that thing, can't you?"

Unused DialogueEdit

More greetings for the two unique guards:

"Who goes there?"
"What is your business?"
"What do you need, Redguard?"

Two lines possibly intended for if a guard lost sight of you:

"All clear over here."
"Nothing here."