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Location Stros M'Kai, on his ship at the docks
Race Redguard
Gender Male

Brennan is the captain of the ship that brings Cyrus from Wayrest to Stros M'Kai. A merchant by trade, he is a sympathizer of the Empire, enjoying the peace and order that the recent conquests of Tiber Septim have procured. His only crew member is a young helmsman named Eli, who appears in The Origin of Cyrus! but is never seen in-game.

He is both cowardly and duplicitous. The former is seen when his ship is attacked by the Restless League, while the latter is seen when he helps the Imperials ambush Cyrus, who had saved him during the Restless League's attack.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Brennan also makes an appearance in Redguard's prequel comic, The Origin of Cyrus!
  • The topics "Iszara" and "League" are supposed to disappear after the quest Rescue Iszara, but the variable that implements this is never set.


In the early morning, Brennan is seen sailing his ship in Hunding Bay just before it gets attacked by the League. As two pirates climb aboard, he goes to hide in the cabin.



Weapon drawn:

"Don't wave that blade around here, lad. It bothers the civilians."


"Ah, Cyrus. And how do you do?"
"Your health, lad."


"Stay you back, Daedra-get!"
After Escape the CatacombsEdit

When you enter the ship's hull:

"My new friends will be so glad you stopped by."


First time:

"Brennan, can I have a minute?"
"Anything for your like, Cyrus."

Every other time:

"Hello again, Captain Brennan."
"The valiant swordsman returns. How can I help you?"


"Avast, foul wee-thing! Get off this ship!"
After Escape the CatacombsEdit

Spoke with Dreekius or Siona:

"Brennan,I [sic] understand you wanted to see me."
"Yes, I'm glad you came."


"A word please, Captain."
"Cyrus! Just the man I was looking for."

Followed by:

"But I'm taking a great risk talking to you. You're wanted by the Imperials, you know. Please, come below deck where we can talk in privacy."
"Good idea. Lead the way."
"My Imperial entanglements are none of your concern. What do you want?"
"Wait here a moment, I have something for you."
Accused Of Treachery
(Unlocked by Siona: "Brennan")
"So this is the thanks I get for saving your worthless hide. I know all about your deal with the Governor. Draw and defend yourself, traitor!"
"What...!? You...?!"


Change me back:

"I'll change you into chowder cakes if you don't clear out of here!"

Other options:

"Take your nonsense to shore."
"Go back to the caverns, goblin-ken!"
"Get off my ship at once!"


"I am looking for my sister, Iszara. Perhaps you have heard of her?"
"I'm afraid not. Before the Empire cleaned things up, Stros M'Kai was a pirate haven, avoided by honest merchants like myself."


"The pirates who attacked us spoke of a 'Restless League'. Have you heard of them?"
"Other captains tell me that the remaining banditti have organized themselves against the Empire's crackdown on smuggling and piracy."

Stros M'KaiEdit

"How has Stros M'Kai fared under its new Imperial masters?"
"The locals are still chafing at the bit, but in time, they will come to appreciate the benefits of membership in the Empire."
"That so, hm?"

Draggin TaleEdit

(Disappears if you have talked to both Dreekius and Tobias)

  When asked for directions to the Draggin Tale, Captain Brennan said to go up the bridge on the right, through the gate to the town square, and look for the sign.
"I am meeting a friend at the Draggin Tale. Can you direct me?"
"I can't recommend it, but it's the only drink-hole in this godsforsaken town. Up the bridge you see to the right, through the gate to the town square. You'll see the sign."


(Unlocked by "Iszara")

"The Empire has done well in its conquest of Hammerfell, you think?"
"Absolutely. No offense, but Hammerfell is in need of some law and order."

Pirate HavenEdit

(Unlocked by "Iszara", "League", or "Stros M'Kai")

"It seems the Empire has not eliminated all the pirates from Stros M'Kai"
"Apparently so. They've become bold, attacking a ship so far into Hunding Bay. But give it time, the Empire has only been here a few months."


"Thanks. We'll talk later."

Combat TauntsEdit

Attack Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Death Unused
"I'll have that reward!"
"I'm glad we met, Redguard...."
"You were a fool to challenge the Empire!"
"Come on, Cyrus!"
"I can't believe it!"
"Ha ha ha!"
"This was a bad mistake, Brennan."

Unused DialogueEdit

Unused dialogue, which might have been one of Greetings after Escape the Catacombs:

"Cyrus! I thought ... I heard you'd been arrested."
"Brennan, a word please."
"What is it now?"

Unused lines, which might have been made for the scene in the Introduction:

"And you very helpful, Brennan."
"Who are these Restless League guys?"
"Nice work Cyrus! Consider your passage paid for."
"He's leaving."