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Location Yokudan camp
Race Redguard
Gender Female

Saban is an elderly Yokudan witchmother found in the camp north of town. She is the mother of Hayle, who was recently murdered by the Imperial guards, and also Coyle. Unlike her living son, Saban only speaks Yoku.

Coyle is very protective of his mother and forbids Cyrus from disturbing the ritual protecting Hayle's soul from N'Gasta's soul snare. If you attempt to enter conversation with Saban, he will shout, "Go away! Leave her alone." Once you save Hayle's soul, she is no longer busy performing the ritual and can talk to you, with Coyle as her translator.

In return for your aid, Saban helps restore Prince A'tor's soul. She unintentionally enchants A'tor's sword with his soul, creating the soul sword.

Related QuestsEdit


  • The topic "Iszara" is supposed to disappear after the quest Rescue Iszara, but the variable that implements this is never set.


Sword of Crown
Cyrus leads Saban to the Temple of Arkay. Once Cyrus and Nidal open the tomb containing A'tor's body, she begins to chant over it in Yoku. When Coyle arrives with the League, she asks for the soul gem through his translation. Her magic releases the gem from its dragon setting and then she asks for Voa's ring. She places the ring on one of her left fingers and strikes the soul gem with her cane, shattering it into countless pieces. As she raises her hand in the air, the ring begins to glow and the gem particles are guided through the stasis field. Saban collapses from exhaustion and moves away from the tomb as the stasis field disappears. With a look of disappointment, she says that the ritual didn't work, but Cyrus sees that the sword has been enchanted; Saban doesn't know why it happened.



Placed starstones correctly:

  Placing the starstones correctly permitted Saban to complete her ritual and ensure a safe journey to the otherworld for Hayle's soul.
Coyle: "You've done it, Cyrus!"
"Tro dura-hi, Sura."

Haven't saved Hayle's soul:

"Go kukri, nogo ngaro."
"Tuktura nogoh."
"Go tuwhacca, nogo tuwhacca."


"Sura, mong dua?"
"Mangai, Sura."




Before Save Hayle's SoulEdit

Not friends with Coyle:

Coyle: "Go away! Leave her alone."

Friends with Coyle:

Coyle: "Please don't disturb her, Cyrus."


Coyle: "Hey! Get away from there, stupid!"
After Save Hayle's SoulEdit

First time:

"Ueetonga! Hal-ee! Ugo-no-mitana!"
Coyle: "She thanks you, Cyrus; Hayle's soul has passed to the Far Shores."
"Tell her it was my pleasure."
Coyle: "Uhi do Sura."
"Tang mongo dua?"
Coyle: "She wishes to know if there is anyway she might repay you?"

Every other time:

"Mangai, Sura."
"Hello, Saban."


"Sura, mong dua?"
"Mangai, Saban."



Gremlin, first time:

"Ha-ha! No nukri, Sura!"
Coyle: "You mean that's Cyrus?"

Gremlin, every other time:

"Nobi, Sura."


Change me back:

"Zhang-gak do nudri-hi, Sura."
Coyle: "Mother says this is eastern magic, Cyrus; she cannot break the spell."
"Togo so wutra metat kogo-hi."
Coyle: "You have to find a wizard from the guild!"
If through "Joto Please Magic Iszara!", followed by:
"To bodo tuktu."
Coyle: "He will help you, Cyrus."

Other options:

"Sura dan nogro no nukri."
"Metat nukatki! Hn-hn-hnnn."


"Maybe you can help me find my sister, Iszara."
Coyle: "Sura, napere sa do dongo."
"Hadi dua tengai."
Coyle: "Mother has not seen her since the day she came with Hayle."
"Budui dupa."
Coyle: "But she sees that you will find her."


(Disappears after quest Contact the League)

"Saban, could you tell me about the Restless League?"
Coyle: "Sa dui ongo duptra League?"
"Hadi na toktra dua napere--"
Coyle: "She says you might find them--"
"-- kol-hadu-ranga."
Coyle: "-- at the lighthouse."

Stros M'KaiEdit

"Do you plan to stay here on Stros M'Kai?"
Coyle: "Duadra na sa do Sanloa M'Kai?"
"Sanloa M'Kai tang den uta-no-mongo!"
Coyle: "Mother says Stros M'Kai will need her help."
"Den do Sura."
Coyle: "And yours."
"Mitana den nogo."
Coyle: "The island is still in peril."


"Why was Iszara with Hayle?"
Coyle: "Den dogo tukta hal-ee?"
"Dogo tang mongo, Sura. Den hi."
Coyle: "She needed mother's help, her magic."
"Dua sen ugakta --"
Coyle: "But mother was so mad about Hayle that she sent your sister away."
"Uto-nogo dua hi."
Coyle: "Mother does not know what magic your sister needed. I'm sorry, Cyrus."


(Unlocked by "Stros M'Kai")

"It will be hard to fend off the Empire."
Coyle: "Septim sogat kuloto hi."
"Fektigowa nogo uetonga, den."
Coyle: "Hmm."
"What did she say?"
Coyle: "Sometimes my Yoku is bad. She said either, 'it will not be hard, because the son is here,' or she said, 'because the son will be here.'"


(Unlocked by "Stros M'Kai")

"What kind of help can you give?"
Coyle: "Dua ne tang nogo?"
"Sura den go."
Coyle: "She says you will know."


(Unlocked after contacting the League)

  Coyle says that his mother Saban says that it takes a powerful sorcerer to use the power of a soulgem. Coyle assures that his mother is that powerful.
"What can you tell me about soulgems, Saban?"
Coyle: "Tang bateki matana?"
"Bateki matani den dura-hi!"
Coyle: "They are older than the eastern secrets!"
"Uee ta matakti matani tonga hi!"
Coyle: "Soulgems are tricky tricky magic."
"Uhi du m'kai."
Coyle: "It takes a powerful sorcerer to use one."
"Are you that powerful, Saban?"
Coyle: "She is."

Help with SoulgemEdit

(Unlocked if you have the soul gem)

"Saban, I need your help with this soulgem."
"Bateki dey nogro nung."
Coyle: "Do you have a body?"
"This soul is Prince A'tor's. I have his body."
Coyle: "Is it ready?"

If haven't asked Nidal: "Kithral's Journal":

"I'm not really sure. I'll have to check first."
Coyle: "Mother will help you when you are ready."

Else, if you don't have Voa's ring:

  Coyle says his mother Saban says that the magic of Archmage Voa's stasis field is too strong for her, that I must find a way to rid the Prince's body of the stasis field before she can help.
"Yes, but it's surrounded by some kind of stasis field."
Coyle: "Who put this on the body?"
"The Prince's wizard, Voa."
Coyle: "Sangang nung matani tuwhacca, sen Voa, dura-hi."
"Voa dura-hi trang nogo."
Coyle: "Voa's magic is strong."
"Trang hi nogo tuwhacca, Sura."
Coyle: "Too strong for my mother, Cyrus. You have to find a way to rid the body of the stasis field."
"All right --"


  With the soulgem and Voa's ring in hand, and Saban to work their magic, proceeded to temple to restore and revive Prince A'tor. Iszara, Basil, and the rest of the League watched as Saban attempted to restore the Prince. However, A'tor's soul went, not into his body, but into his sword. With this sword, I will lead the Restless League and head to the palace to overthrow the governor and the Imperial occupation.
"Yes. It's at the temple."
Coyle: "Duadra tuwhacca bologra, sen dogo Arkay."
"Mmm --"
"Don't worry. I can sneak your mother past the guards."
Coyle: "I'm going, too!"
"No. I need you to get the League."
Coyle: "Really!?"
"Yes, but we have to hurry. Go to the lighthouse and signal for them. Tell them it's revolution time."
Coyle: "What's the signal?"
"On, on, flash."
Coyle: "I can't understand any of that, Cyrus!"
"Just kidding. I'll tell you on the way. Tell your mother the plan."
Coyle: "Sanzhanga betekti tuwhacca, no-hi, do nogo duptra League, den sogat kulugo...."
(Starts Sword of Crown scene)


"Thank you, Saban."
"Tuktu ansei, Sura."
"Trangai, Sura."

Unused DialogueEdit

This dialogue would have extended the topic "Stros M'Kai" after the quest Rescue Iszara:

"But the necromancer is dead. Surely his magic has passed."
Coyle: "It is not that."
"Nagaru no Septim."
Coyle: "The Empire must leave."