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Redguard:Gerrick's Goods

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Gerrick's Goods
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Gerrick's Goods is a general store in Stros M'Kai, located east of the town's park and north of the Silversmith's. The proprietor, Gerrick, sells several items that can be useful in your adventures. The building has stairs up to a second level, but there is nothing of interest.

The interior of the building is a dimly lit room with three lamps. Gerrick stands behind the counter at the north end, and his parrot, Orsone, is perched next to him. There is also a locked chest behind the counter. On display throughout the store are six different items, five of which are for sale. Aloe leaves and feathers are against the south wall; torches, candles, shovels, and a compass are against the north wall. Everything except the candles can be purchased and examining them prompts Cyrus to say the item's description. All he says when you examine the candles is, "Hmm."