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The Yokudan camp
The sand map used to guide Hayle's soul

The Yokudan camp is a location north of Stros M'Kai, just east of the road to the Isle of N'Gasta as it turns west. Saban and her son Coyle, the only Yokudans left on the island, are found here. They cannot leave because Saban's other son, Hayle, recently died and if she does not perform her ritual, he will be caught in N'Gasta's soul snare.

Near the tent is a bull, which you can talk to, although it will only respond with "Moooo" or "Moooaaahh". The gypsy caravan in the center has a locked door, and Hayle's grave is next to the caravan. A sand map is etched into the ground on the west side of the camp. Two starstones are positioned on the map, which you must move to the position of the Serpent's head and tail in order to save Hayle's soul. Until then, Saban will kneel over the star map, chanting in Yoku.

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