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Wrathstone: Uncover Tamriel's buried secrets and begin the Season of the Dragon in Wrathstone. Explore mysterious ruins, face challenging bosses, and claim their riches and knowledge for yourself in two innovative new dungeons: Frostvault and Depths of Malatar.
DLC Dungeon Pack:
Price 015001,500 Crowns
(Included with ESO Plus)
Quest The Guiding Light, Lock and Keystone
PC/Mac February 25, 2019
Xbox One March 12, 2019
PS4 March 12, 2019

Wrathstone DLC kicks off the year-long event called the Season of the Dragon. Wrathstone is a dungeon pack DLC containing two new group dungeons, inviting you to explore Tamriel's hidden past alongside Redguard scholar Tharayya and recover two halves of the mysterious Wrathstone.

The DLC is also available for purchase as part of the Wrathstone Collector's Bundle for 040004,000 Crowns. It is also available as part of the Season of the Dragon: DLC Bundle for 035003,500 Crowns.

The loyalty reward for Wrathstone is the Ayleid Royal Crown hat.


  • Depths of Malatar Normal and Veteran mode, with a new story quest and monster helm set.
  • Frostvault Normal and Veteran mode, with a new story quest and monster helm set.
  • Repeatable Undaunted pledges for both dungeons.
  • New dungeon sets with unique styles, two new titles, and new collectibles - Meridian Purified skin, new dye and a new non-combat pet - for completing Veteran mode challenges.

Collector's BundleEdit

The Season of the Dragon has begun! Face ancient Dwarven automatons in Frostvault and discover the fate of a lost Imperial legion in Depths of Malatar. Includes the exclusive Treasure Hunter's Horse Mount, Carnelian Theodolite Pet, and more.

The Wrathstone Collector's Bundle was released alongside Wrathstone. The collector's bundle includes the Wrathstone DLC, the Treasure Hunter's Horse mount, the Carnelian Theodolite pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls, and cost 040004,000  .