Imperial District:
Memorial District
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Worm Cult Bannerman, Worm Cult Pyromancer, Worm Cult Cryomancer, Worm Cult Savage, Worm Cult Dreadmage, Worm Cult Nightblade, Worm Cult Ravager
Xivkyn Dreadweaver, Xivkyn Soulbrander
Skeletal Fiend, Skeleton, Skeletal Warrior
Imperial City
Northeastern Imperial City
Other Buildings
The Memorial District

The Memorial District is the northeastern district of the Imperial City. It has an armory where a unique set can be crafted.

Worm Cult Bannermen are stationed at the graveyard in the center of the district, where skeletal laborers dig ceaselessly. A patrolling horror (either Volghass or Nunatak) wanders the round street that wraps around this graveyard. The Imperial City Prison is located behind the massive door at the end of the central-northern street. The Bone Shard Trophy Vault lies next door east of the prison, and the Memorial Armory lies to the left of the prison. The Undertaker's Office lies just west of the Memorial Armory, along that northern street.

ON-mapicon-Town.pngRelated QuestsEdit

Protected Rally PointsEdit

Each Alliance has a rallying point in one of the ruined buildings around the inner circle of the district. These can be accessed from the respective Alliance Bases in the Imperial Sewers. The rally points are protected areas which members of enemy alliances cannot access, but enemy players can still attack players at the rally point from below with ranged weapons and spells. There is a Sanctuary area in the immediate vicinity of the rally point trap-door which nullifies all damage while a player is standing in it.

Aldmeri Dominion Dominion Rally PointEdit

Dominion rally point

Daggerfall Covenant Covenant Rally PointEdit

Covenant rally point

Ebonheart Pact Pact Rally PointEdit

Pact rally point

ON-mapicon-ImperialDistrict.pngCapture PointEdit

District capture point

The Memorial District capture point is located on the bridge to the inaccessible Imperial Palace, in the south of the district.

ON-mapicon-Sewer.pngSewer EntranceEdit

Sewer entrance to Harena Hypogeum

The Memorial Sewer Entrance is located near the eastern end of the district, along the outer wall. It provides access to the Harena Hypogeum section of the Imperial Sewers.

Other PlacesEdit


A map of the Memorial District
Capture Point
Aldmeri Rally Point
Covenant Rally Point
Pact Rally Point
Sewer Entrance
Bone Shard Trophy Vault
Memorial Armory
Imperial City Prison
Macer's Foodstuffs
From the river to the grave.
A map of the Memorial District
ON-mapicon-ImperialDistrict.png Capture Point: Memorial District
ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri (banner).png Rally Point: Aldmeri Dominion
ON-icon-alliance-Daggerfall (banner).png Rally Point: Daggerfall Covenant
ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (banner).png Rally Point: Ebonheart Pact
ON-mapicon-Sewer.png Sewer Entrance: Harena Hypogeum
ON-mapicon-TrophyVault-BoneShard.png Trophy Vault: Bone Shards
ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Memorial Armory
ON-mapicon-GroupInstance.png Dungeon: Imperial City Prison
ON-mapicon-Skyshard.png Skyshard
Green pog.png
  1. Macer's Foodstuffs