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Imperial District:
Nobles District
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Dremora Caitiff, Dremora Soldakyn, Dremora Kynlurker, Clannfear, Scamp, Ogrim, Frost Atronach
Legion Zero Dreadnaught, Legion Zero Veteran, Legion Zero Templar
Imperial City
Western Imperial City
Other Buildings
The Nobles District

The Nobles District is the western district of the Imperial City. It has an armory where a unique set can be crafted.

ON-mapicon-Town.pngRelated QuestsEdit


Protected Rally PointsEdit

Each Alliance has a rally point inside one of the district's ruined buildings which can be accessed from their Alliance Base in the Imperial Sewers. The rally points are protected areas that members of enemy alliances cannot access, although if approached from particular angles, enemy players may be able to attack players leaving the rally point with ranged weapons and spells. There is a Sanctuary area in the interior of the rally point which nullifies all damage while a player is standing in it.

  Dominion Rally PointEdit

Dominion rally point

  Covenant Rally PointEdit

Covenant rally point

  Pact Rally PointEdit

Pact rally point

ON-mapicon-ImperialDistrict.pngCapture PointEdit

District capture point

The Nobles District capture point is located on the bridge to the inaccessible Imperial Palace, in the northeast of the district.

ON-mapicon-Sewer.pngSewer EntranceEdit

Sewer entrance to the Lambent Passage

The Nobles District Sewer Entrance is located on the western side of the district, along the outer wall near the Armory. It provides access to the Lambent Passage section of the Imperial Sewers.

Other PlacesEdit


A map of the Nobles District
  Capture Point: Nobles District
  Rally Point: Aldmeri Dominion
  Rally Point: Daggerfall Covenant
  Rally Point: Ebonheart Pact
  Sewer Entrance: Lambent Passage
  Trophy Vault: Mark of the Legion
  Nobles Armory
  1. Improvised Garrison



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