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Patrolling Horrors are bosses found in the districts of the Imperial City. As the name would imply, they patrol the district rather than standing in place. Unlike most enemies, the Patrolling Horrors are not leashed. This can make fleeing impossible once you've triggered their aggression. Patrolling Horrors are designed to be taken on by large groups, although large Tel Var Stone drops encourage smaller and more skilled group play. They are guaranteed to drop Key Fragments needed to open Trophy Vaults.

Patrolling Horrors are comparable to the Coldharbour Elite Guard, patrolling elite enemies found in the Imperial Sewers.

Patrolling HorrorsEdit


The Screeching Matron
Baron Thirsk

Arena DistrictEdit

Elven Gardens DistrictEdit

Memorial DistrictEdit

Nobles DistrictEdit

Temple DistrictEdit

Antiquity LeadsEdit

Patrolling Horrors have a chance to drop the following Antiquity Leads:


There are a few Achievements associated with Patrolling Horrors.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Horror of Horrors (desktop).png Horror of Horrors 15 Defeat all the Patrolling Horrors in the Imperial City.
ON-icon-achievement-Horror of Horrors (desktop).png Midyear Horror 15 Defeat all the Patrolling Horrors in the Imperial City during the Midyear Mayhem.