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Druid King
ON-npc-Druid King Kasorayn.jpg
Kasorayn, the last Druid King

The Druid King (or Druid Queen and Archdruid)[1] is more accurately described as a title rather than a person. It is a position for the highest authority among the druids,[2] and a philosophical figure that is revered in High Rock.[3][4] The role of Druid King is not inherited, as titles among the druids are earned.[5]

The Druid King has the authority to bind and command the nature spirits[6] safely,[7] entities that are as unpredictable as nature itself.[8] The Druid King has dominion over nature in that they can bring prosperity or make nature run amok.[7]


Druidic history is primarily oral history,[1] for many records have been lost, and druidkind has been nearly wiped out several times throughout history.[7] One of the many myths for the origins of druidism say a Nedic figure known as Druid Queen Galen was one of the first to channel the songs of Y'ffre, and became the first Archdruid.[1] Since then, druids have been ruled over by a line of Druid Kings up to a point.[2]

If Man or Mer came to High Rock first is debated in scholarly circles. Some believe that Nedic civilization and their Druid King were already established in the province when the Aldmer arrived,[9] while others claim that the Nedes arrived in High Rock afterwards, and encountered the elves gradually with a variety of reactions and outcomes.[10][11][UOL 1]

After the fracture of the Druids of Galen into druidic circles (the Eldertide, Firesong, and Stonelore Circles), the Druid King's rule was replaced by the Draoife, a ruling council of influential druids from each circle.[12][13] Archdruid became a title for a high ranked druid that oversee lesser ranked druid's training in the True Way, and are advised by elder druids.[14] There are many archdruids per circle.[12]

The last Druid King was murdered at the hands of the heretical Allwither Order, who possibly wanted the Ivy Throne to enact revenge on their former Elven oppressors.[15][16] Druids hold on to the Dream of Kasorayn, a prophecy detailing two possible futures. When the druidic circles are reunited and elect a new Druid King, they may bring the Green Renewal (also known as the Green Reward), in which they would teach everyone to live in harmony with nature. The other possibility was the Green Scourge, in which nature would run amok among the tyranny of the druids.[7]

The Firesong Circle wish to bring about the revival of the Druids of Galen by reuniting the druid circles[UOL 2][UOL 3] and crowning a new Druid King. Circa 2E 582, they assassinated the Draoife when they refused to elect a new Druid King, and made moves to obtain the other circle's seeds. The leader of the Firesong was disposed of, but the puppeteer and leader of the Ascendant Order, Lord Bacaro Volorus, took matters to his own hands and forcebly ascended as the new Druid King. Bacaro's reign was swiftly put to an end by the Vestige, and thus the Green Scourge was prevented.[17]

"By the ArchDruid" is a common exclamation by modern-day Bretons.[3][18]

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