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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Stop the Ascendant Lord.
Zone: Galen
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Lady Arabelle Davaux
Location(s): Castle Mornard, Galen and Y'ffelon, Gonfalon Bay, Mount Firesong, Vastyr, Y'ffelon, Y'ffre's Path
Previous Quest: The Hidden Lord
Next Quest: And Now, Perhaps, Peace
Reward: House Volorus Signet Ring
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 16,841 Experience
ID: 6848
Return to Y'ffelon
Lord Bacaro, who we learned is secretly the Ascendant Lord, plans to steal the Druid King's regalia and proclaim himself the new Druid King. Lady Arabelle wants me to help stop him.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Lady Arabelle
  2. Check on the Druid King's Crown in the Castle Mornard library with Count Stefan
  3. Check on the Druid King's Staff in Glimmertarn and speak with Druid Laurel
  4. Follow Lady Arabelle's trail into Y'ffre's Path Ruins
  5. Find Lord Bacaro and Frii further into the ruins
  6. Defeat the Summoned Spirit
  7. Talk to your allies and examine some druid carvings
  8. Return to Castle Mornard and talk to Count Stefan
  9. Convince Captain Siravaen to help
  10. Go to the Vastyr Docks and then sail for Y'ffelon
  11. Talk to Lady Arabelle
  12. Search for a side entrance into Mount Firesong
  13. Find and rescue Frii and use their Wind Vortex
  14. Track down Lord Bacaro
  15. Defeat the Avatar of Mount Firesong
  16. Use Frii's Wind Vortex to continue tracking Lord Bacaro
  17. Defeat The Ascendant Lord Bacaro
  18. Place the Druid King's Regalia to help Frii complete the ritual
  19. Exit Mount Firesong and talk to Lady Arabelle on The Perfect Pounce
  20. Return to Castle Mornard
  21. Talk to Lady Arabelle

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Quest StagesEdit

The Ivy Throne
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lady Arabelle wants to keep the remaining items of the Druid King's regalia out of Lord Bacaro's hands. While she goes to retrieve the one held by the Stonelore, I need to check on the one in Count Stefan's possession.
Objective: Meet Count Stefan in Vastyr
I arrived at Castle Mornard to some sort of commotion. I should talk to Count Stefan and find out what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Count Stefan Mornard
Knights wearing the armor of the Society of the Steadfast ransacked the castle library. Could it have been the Ascendant Order using the armor stolen from Steadfast Manor? I should accompany Count Stefan and investigate.
Objective: Enter the Castle Library
The library has clearly been ransacked. I should look around and help Count Stefan see if the Druid King's crown is still on the premises.
Objective: Find the Druid King's Crown
The imposter knights ransacked the library and found the hiding place. The Druid King's crown has been taken. I should talk to Count Stefan about what we should do.
Objective: Talk to Count Stefan Mornard
While Count Stefan assembles his knights and tries to recruit Captain Siravaen to our cause, I need to go to Glimmertarn and check on Druid Laurel and the Druid King's staff.
Objective: Go to Glimmertarn
I arrived at Glimmertarn but there appears to have been some sort of incident. I should talk to Druid Laurel and find out what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Druid Laurel
Bacaro tricked Druid Laurel into giving him the staff. Now Bacaro stole all the regalia and has proclaimed himself to be the new Druid King. He commanded Frii to follow him to Y'ffre's Path and Lady Arabelle went after them. I need to follow, too.
Objective: Follow Lady Arabelle to Y'ffre's Path
Optional Step: Talk to Captain Za'ji
Optional Step: Talk to Caska
We discovered a newly revealed door into Y'ffre's Path. Druid Laurel suspects Lord Bacaro is responsible for opening it. We need to continue our search for him and Frii.
Objective: Explore Y'ffre's Path
Optional Step: Talk to Ryvana
I found Lady Arabelle inside the ruins. I should talk to her and find out why she's just standing there.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
While Druid Laurel stays with Lady Arabelle and helps her disarm the trap she's standing on, I need to continue searching for Lord Bacaro and Frii.
Objective: Find Lord Bacaro and Frii
Lord Bacaro has summoned some sort of nature spirit. I need to stop it from leaving this chamber.
Objective: Defeat the Summoned Creature
We defeated the summoned creature but Lord Bacaro got away and took Frii with him. I should talk to Lady Arabelle.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
Druid Laurel thinks we might learn something by examining the stone carving in this chamber. I should take a closer look.
Objective: Examine the Carvings
I examined the stone carvings in the chamber. I should talk to Druid Laurel and see what she makes of the images in the stone.
Objective: Talk to Druid Laurel
Druid Laurel believes that Lord Bacaro plans to call forth the powerful spirit of Mount Firesong to aid him in his plan to conquer Tamriel. I should return to Castle Mornard and let Count Stefan know what happened.
Objective: Return to Castle Mornard
I found Count Stefan and Captain Siravaen in the Castle Mornard kitchen. I should talk to Stefan and tell him what happened at Y'ffre's Path.
Objective: Talk to Count Stefan Mornard
Count Stefan asked me to try to convince Captain Siravaen to help us against Lord Bacaro and his Ascendant Order and druid allies. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Captain Siravaen
Count Stefan said he would gather his knights and meet me at the docks in Vastyr. I should head there as soon as I can.
Objective: Go to the Vastyr Docks
We met Lady Arabelle at the docks. Za'ji's ship is ready to sail. Time to climb aboard and travel to Y'ffelon.
Objective: Sail for Y'ffelon
We arrived on Y'ffelon. I should talk to Lady Arabelle before we move deeper into the island.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
Lord Bacaro's Ascendant Order, consisting of rogue knights and druids loyal to him, guards the main path into Mount Firesong. While our allies draw their attention, Lady Arabelle and I need to find another way to get in.
Objective: Search Around Mount Firesong
We found an opening in the mountain. It may be a way inside. I should enter the cave and make sure.
Objective: Enter Mount Firesong
We found a way into the mountain. Now to find Lord Bacaro.
Objective: Explore Mount Firesong
Firesong druids seem to be using Frii to awaken the spirit of the volcano. I need to rescue them.
Objective: Rescue Frii
Frii says they can get us out of this chamber before the lava rises and overtakes us. I just need to defend them long enough to do whatever it is they have planned.
Objective: Defend Frii
Frii summoned a wind vortex to carry us out of the caldera. I should use it to escape before the rising lava overtakes us.
Objective: Use Frii's Wind Vortex
Lord Bacaro has proclaimed himself the Druid King and used Frii to awaken the spirit of the mountain. We need to find him and stop him before he unleashes the power of the volcano and destroys the archipelago.
Objective: Find Lord Bacaro
The spirit of the mountain has fallen under Lord Bacaro's command and has created avatars to stop me. I need to defeat these manifestations of the mountain's fury before I can reach Bacaro.
Objective: Defeat Mount Firesong's Avatar
Frii summoned another wind vortex. I should use it to escape the rising lava.
Objective: Escape the Rising Lava
I need to find Lord Bacaro and try to stop him before the spirit of the volcano destroys the archipelago.
Objective: Find Lord Bacaro
Lord Bacaro has proclaimed himself the new Druid King and taken a portion of the mountain spirit's power for himself. I need to stop him before the volcano erupts and destroys the archipelago.
Objective: Defeat Lord Bacaro
I defeated Lord Bacaro, but the volcano is still about to erupt. I should talk to Frii and see what they think we can do.
Objective: Talk to Frii
Frii asked me to help bind them to the mountain so that they can take the place of the spirit and calm the volcano before it fully erupts. I need to form a ritual circle with the sacred crown and gauntlet.
Objective: Place the Crown
Objective: Place the Gauntlet
Objective: Place the Staff
Frii has become the spirit of Mount Firesong and is doing what they can to quiet the volcano. I need to get out of here.
Objective: Exit Mount Firesong
Somehow, Frii returned me to the Perfect Pounce. I should tell Lady Arabelle what happened inside the mountain.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
The volcano erupted, but the surrounding islands were spared. It's time to return to Vastyr.
Objective: Return to Vastyr
Optional Step: Talk to Druid Laurel
Optional Step: Talk to Count Stefan Mornard
Optional Step: Talk to Captain Siravaen
I should meet my allies at Castle Mornard.
Objective: Return to Castle Mornard
Finishes quest  With Frii's help, I defeated Lord Bacaro and stopped the volcano from consuming the entire archipelago. Now to talk to Lady Arabelle and make sure there aren't any more threats lurking around the islands.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
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