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Elder Pitof
Location Y'ffre's Path
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During A Heart Turned Black
Faction(s) Eldertide Circle
Elder Pitof

Elder Pitof is a Breton druid and member of the Eldertide Circle who can be found at Y'ffre's Path.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

A Heart Turned BlackEdit

As you approach him on Yffre's Path:

Elder Pitof: "An outsider? Well, if this is Y'ffre's will. Come here, please."

Speak with him to see what is going on:

"Outsider, I fear for my wife—my Gwenaelle. A group of Firesong druids attacked our home in Y'ffre's Path. I managed to escape the slaughter, but Gwenaelle's still in there. I tried to go back for her, but the path has grown more dangerous."
More dangerous than the Firesong druid attackers?
"Yes, outsider. Animals lash out. The spirit motes that once inspired us blanket the land in a thick fog.
The Spirit of the Path may be injured or frightened. I do not know what the Firesong want or how they turned my home against me."
Tell me about the Spirit of the Path.
"The Spirit of Y'ffre's Path. We call it the Chronicle. We Eldertide made our home here to care for and tend to the spirit.
Outsider, I'm trusting you. I'm putting my wife's safety in your hands. Help me find her and I will see you well rewarded."
I'll help you find your wife.

After agreeing to help Elder Pitof, you can ask him some more questions:

"The entrance to the path is just over there. I'll meet you on the steps down into the sacred valley. There we can find out what happened to my Gwenaelle.
But first, let me bless you against the dangers within."
Tell me more about the threats inside. / Tell me more about the threats we may face here.
"Besides the Firesong druids, the very air is thick with spirit motes. You'll see them once we enter the valley.
The worst are the animals though. They frighten me."
What animals?
"Crocodiles, wolves, ursauks, among others. The animals in the path are usually docile. We feed them, care for them. Now they attack without provocation. For things to be so out of balance … it goes against my understanding of nature."
Could the Firesong druids be responsible for all this?
"It started after their attack, but I've never seen a druid who could control the spirit motes before. Only the Chronicle commands them. Chooses when to release them and what story they carry. I have no clue what's happening here."
What is this place, exactly?
"Y'ffre's Path is a sacred place, with a small community of druids to look after it.
Y'ffre set the spirit here, the one we call the Chronicle. It shares stories with us, shows us events that happened long ago."
How does it show you these stories, exactly?
"Through the blessing of the spirit motes. Y'ffre is the Storyteller. All of nature comes from Y'ffre, but so do our tales and songs. The Chronicle utilizes both aspects of its creator."
Spirit motes?
"Particles released by the Chronicle. Normally, we breathe in the gift of the spirit and experience the story it wishes us to see. A vision, you might call it. Perfectly safe.
Except I've never seen such large clouds of spirit motes before."
You and your wife are Eldertide druids?
"Yes, we're members of the Eldertide Circle.
You're fortunate that I need your assistance. Outsiders aren't usually permitted to set foot in our sacred sites. But Y'ffre sent you, so who am I to question that?"
How many druid circles are there?
"Three. Eldertide, Stonelore, and Firesong. Stonelore are adequate druids, but they stay close to betraying the True Way. Accepting outsiders? Pah!
The Firesong are reclusive, but they never attacked other druids before."
Why do you keep calling me an outsider?
"You're not a druid. You don't belong on the Systres Archipelago.
Still, I'll set aside my animosities for Gwenaelle. She's my bubbling spring. She soothes the burns of life and cools my harsh temper. We need to save her."
How do you know she didn't escape, too?
"I've been searching the perimeter of the path since the attack and I've seen no one else. I can't believe I left without her. If I'd only stopped to see if she followed, she'd be safe.
If she dies, I'll never forgive myself."

Once you have finished your conversation, Elder Pitof will apply a blessing to you to protect you mind from the particles:

Elder Pitof: "Oh, Y'ffre, let no overcast skies or snaring vines cloud the intention of our thoughts."

Going down the path, Elder Pitof will stop and stare as he looks over Y'ffre's Path, there is a purple haze everywhere:

Elder Pitof: "Storms have mercy, the motes are even thicker now."

Speaking with Elder Pitof here:

"The spirit motes …. I'm glad I blessed us against their effects. I have no idea what such concentrations would do to our minds."

When in Yffre's Path proper, you will need to search for clues. Elder Pitof will comment after you find the corpse of Druid Senna and read her last account:

Elder Pitof: "Druid Senna saw the mote cloud form? It's like nothing I've encountered."

Speaking with him afterwards:

"Druid Senna, the animals tore her life away. Still, her account mentions the motes settling quickly—that's highly unusual.
We should keep looking. I worry my Gwenaelle might suffer a similar fate."

Further in, you will find several bodies belonging to his fellow Eldertide Druids:

Elder Pitof: "Didier? Vitache? They're all … dead."

After examining the corpse of Druid Vitache:

Elder Pitof: "Gwenaelle? She's not here! That's some small relief."

Speaking to him after you find the bodies:

"Dead. All dead. My friends and family. Only my Gwenaelle remains accounted for.
Let's keep looking. She has to be here somewhere."

Once you have found both clues, Elder Pitof will want to speak with you:

Elder Pitof: "We found some troubling things, outsider."

Talk with him to discuss what you found:

"We found the last notes of Druid Senna and a group of dead Eldertide, but my Gwenaelle is still among the missing. What do you think, outsider? What do your non-druid senses tell you?"
The spirit motes mentioned in Druid Senna's note. You said they behaved differently?
"Yes. The Chronicle grows plants, called muse-mouths, which release a small amount of spirit motes when we commune with it. The motes show us the stories. They've never threatened or harmed us before. And they never appeared as great clouds, either."
So why is this cloud of motes dangerous?
"Other than the thick concentration, I'm not sure. Druid Senna mentioned that the Firesong caught in the fog lowered their weapons and then marched off as if in a trance.
This is very strange."
And your wife wasn't among the dead Eldertide we found?
"No, but the others all lived in our community. And from the looks of it, they were killed by the Firesong attackers. They must have been surprised. There are no Firesong druids among the dead.
But there's also no sign of my wife."
That's good. It means Gwenaelle might still be alive. Didn't Senna's note also mention a waterfall?

Continuing to speak with Elder Pitof, he will agree that checking the waterfall would be a good idea:

"Not finding my wife could mean anything. All we know is that she's not here. She could be anywhere!
But yes, let's go check the waterfalls to the north. That's where Druid Senna's note said the Firesong druids went after the spirit motes descended."
Is there any significance to the waterfalls?
"The waterfalls? I'd rather not discuss the waterfalls. That area is very … private. Not a place for those outside our circle.
Still, if that's where the Firesong druid went, we need to check."
We haven't seen any Firesong druids yet.
"There were a lot of them in the raiding party. They must be somewhere. Come on, the waterfall's on the north wall of the valley. Let's keep looking."

As you approach the waterfall, you will find a Firesong Druid talking to themselves:

Druid Henyra: "My mind. Pain. Rage. Fear. Get it out!"
Elder Pitof: "Spirit motes surround that Firesong druid!"
<Elder Pitof approaches Druid Henyra and binds her with magic.>
Elder Pitof: "Talk to her, outsider. This won't hold her long!"

Speaking with Elder Pitof before Druid Henyra:

"The spirit motes latched too deeply into this Firesong druid for my blessing to disperse them.
Quickly now. Talk to the druid before my spell gives out."

When you talk with Druid Henyra, she is completely fixated on the defending the Spirit of the Path, saying it is calling out to her. Once the conversation ends, she will free herself and run into the waterfall:

Druid Henyra: "Defend! Defend!"
Elder Pitof: "Wait! Not in there!"
Elder Pitof: "Blight! Over here, outsider."

At this, speak with Elder Pitof and see what he wants to do:

"It appears that the spirit motes do more than just tell us stories, outsider. That Firesong druid's mind was clearly being influenced if not outright controlled.
But why is the Chronicle doing this? It never exhibited hostile behavior before."
Why aren't the spirit motes affecting us in the same way?
"The blessing I bestowed upon us before we set out must be keeping the motes at bay. Given the power we just saw, I'm not sure how much longer that protection will last.
I suppose you'll need to accompany me into the tunnels."
Tunnels? Is this what you were hesitant about? That there are tunnels hidden behind the waterfalls?
"It is a sacred place, outsider. The tunnels lead to ritual chambers, the muse-mouth plants … and to the Spirit of the Path, the Chronicle.
Hopefully, my Gwenaelle is also somewhere inside."

Speaking with Elder Pitof again before entering the tunnels:

"Remember, outsider. The Chronicle's tunnels are a sacred place to the Eldertide. Please be respectful.
And keep alert. We don't know who or what else the spirit motes have exerted control over in there."

Upon entering the Yffre's Path Ruins and speaking with Elder Pitof:

"My Gwenaelle must be somewhere in these tunnels. Let's find her before the spirit motes or the animals take her from me."

As you delve deeper into the tunnels, Elder Pitof will notice something:

Elder Pitof: "Look, on that platform! What's a forest wraith doing here?"

If you talk with him here, he will explain what he knows about forest wraiths:

"A forest wraith? I expected to find Firesong druids in here, especially given the size of their invading force. But the wraiths?
Those creatures only appear in the most dire circumstances."
What are forest wraiths?
"They're dark creatures, filled with rage and longing. Usually they inhabit the deepest wilderness where no druid dares to tread. I've never seen one in these tunnels. They have no purpose here.
They're dangerous, be wary."
Why don't they attack the Firesong?
"Who's to say they haven't?
What we do know is that the wraiths are not attacking these Firesong. And for that I have no explanation. Perhaps it has something to do with the motes we see clouding their minds."

Further in you will also find a muse-mouth plant:

Elder Pitof: "A muse-mouth. It has a story to tell us, outsider. I can sense it. Examine the plant. My gift to you."

Talk to Elder Pitof for more information about it:

"The muse-mouth plant. It is through the spirit motes they exude that we can commune with the Chronicle. Druids can sense when the spirit has a story to share with us. I sense that now.
You should experience this, outsider. My gift to you."
I thought the spirit motes were dangerous?
"Not usually, and never when the spirit has a story to share. I don't sense any danger, but I'll be right here in case you need help.
Now, examine the plant and find out what it wants to show us."
What am I going to see?
"It could be anything. A legend. A story from the past. Maybe a bit of history. Y'ffre is the master of every story, both real and imagined. And through the Chronicle, we have access to them all."

The vision shows Druid Henyra and the Firesong attacking the Eldertide druids, an orb hangs in the background:

Druid Henyra: "Tell us how to access the Chronicle. Or this is your fate!"
<Druid Henyra stabs one of the Eldertide druids.>
Elder Gwenaelle: "No! How could you?"
<The vision ends.>
Elder Pitof: "Gwenaelle? And the Chronicle? Did you see it, too? The spirit is trying to tell us something."

Speak with Elder Pitof about what you saw:

"That was neither story nor ancient history! The Chronicle showed us the recent past. That's never happened before!"
I saw a Firesong druid kill one of the Eldertide and threaten your wife.
"Yes, I saw it, too. The Firesong druid said something about accessing the Chronicle. Could that be what this is all about?
But something we saw plagues me. The orb. That was the Chronicle, but the spirit has never appeared in a vision before."

Travelling through the tunnels, you will soon reach the room containing the Chronicle:

Elder Pitof: "Y'ffre's bones! What happened to the Chronicle?"

Speak with Elder Pitof to find out what is wrong:

"Outsider, this is the Chronicle. The spirit we communed with. But it's grown dark. Can you feel the anger radiating from it? The sadness?
I don't like the look of this."
Why would the Chronicle feel sad?
"The Chronicle's always been more emotional than other nature spirits. It comprehends the experience of mortals and feels our emotions vicariously through the stories it shares.
I've felt its calm, its joy, and even its grief. But this …."
We saw the Firesong kill Eldertide druids. Could that have something to do with this?
"Perhaps, but there's a depth to this emotion I've never felt before. It unnerves me.
Let's hurry. My Gwenaelle is in here somewhere and my fear for her safety grows with every passing moment. The door is just over there."

Speaking to him again before going through the door:

"I never suspected the Chronicle could fall so completely into despair ….
Gwenaelle, my worry grows stronger with every passing second. We have to find her, no matter how far into these tunnels we must travel."
Why do you think Gwenaelle's still alive?
"We saw her in the Chronicle's vision, didn't we? And we've yet to find any evidence that she's injured.
Still, this situation is more dangerous than I anticipated. Whatever caused the Chronicle to turn so dark can't be good."

Through the door, you will soon come across a second muse-mouth plant:

Elder Pitof: "Another muse-mouth plant. I sense the Chronicle has more to show us."

Speaking with Elder Pitof before viewing the vision:

"Another muse-mouth plant. It has a story to show us as well, outsider. Examine it again while I stand ready to assist you should something go wrong."

The vision shows Elder Gwenaelle being surrounded by the Firesong lead by Druid Henyra. Again the represenation of the Chronicle is silent in the background:

Druid Henyra: "You refuse to give us Y'ffre's gift? Very well, we will just kill you and take the Chronicle."
Elder Gwenaelle: "We can't just give you the Chronicle. The spirit is bound to this sacred place!"
Druid Henyra: "Then we'll cut the Chronicle from the roots and—what's happening?"
Elder Gwenaelle: "Spirit motes?"
<The Firesong stagger and the vision ends.>
Elder Pitof: "Spirit motes saved Gwenaelle! But why do the Firesong want the Chronicle?"

Speaking with Elder Pitof after viewing the second vision:

"The Chronicle blessed us with another vision. We saw the Firesong attack Eldertide. Threaten us to gain possession of the Chronicle. All this bloodshed … that could explain why the spirit feels so guilty.
But the motes. It saved Gwenaelle."
How did the Firesong druids learn about the Chronicle?
"Nature spirits, especially ones as strong as the Chronicle, are known among the circles. While the Firesong rarely leave Y'ffelon, they've always been aware of our spirit. Some even traveled here to partake of its stories."
Why would the Firesong druids try to take the Chronicle?
"Obviously the Chronicle is capable of more than we ever gave it credit for. Recording and showing recent events, influencing the minds of people and animals. But why druids would want access to that kind of power, I can barely speculate."
The Firesong are trying to gather the sacred seeds from the other circles. Could this be related? (If you haven't completed the Firesong questline)
"They want our sacred seed? Whatever for?
It doesn't matter. If they wanted to learn more about the sacred seeds, then the Chronicle would be a good entity to ask. It must have stories from the age of the last Druid King."

As you venture deeper into the tunnels, you will find the air grow thick and purple with amount of spirit motes in the air:

Elder Pitof: "The spirit motes are thick here, but I have an idea."

Speak with Elder Pitof about his idea:

"Such a high concentration of spirit motes is dangerous. The blessing won't protect us from this. Worse, vines seal the doors beyond.
I think I have an idea, though."
What's your idea for getting past the cloud of spirit motes?
"The muse-mouth plants in the room ahead are bloated, spewing out huge clouds of spirit motes. I can remove the vines that block the door, but I'm too old to withstand the motes in such concentrations.
Luckily, I have a few vials of Y'ffre's rain."
What's Y'ffre's rain?
"Purified water from a sacred waterfall. Gwenaelle uses it to awaken those who sometimes get lost in the visions.
The water causes muse-mouth plants to shrink and close up for a time. Even ones bloated as much as these should react the same way."

Speaking with Elder Pitof again:

"Douse those plants with Y'ffre's rain. Only then will we be able to traverse the room unimpeded."

With Y'ffre's Rain in hand, spray the bloated muse-mouths:

After purifying the first plant:

Elder Pitof: "It worked. I knew it would."

After purifying the last plant:

Elder Pitof: "You did it! I'll clear the vines."

Speaking with Elder Pitof after he clears the door:

"Y'ffre's rain worked as well as I hoped on the bloated muse-mouth plants. Let's keep going. I want to find my wife."

The next room will bring you back to the Chronicle, though on a level above it where you can see what is happening.

Elder Pitof: "What's happening over there?"

Elder Pitof runs over, the surviving Firesong and Elder Gwenaelle walk up the stairs, being controlled by the Spirit Motes. The Firesong druids' forms twist as they transform into Forest Wraiths:

Elder Pitof: "Those druids, they're transforming into forest wraiths. How is that—"
Elder Pitof: "Gwenaelle? No, not you! Please!"
<Elder Gwenaelle is transformed as well and Elder Pitof falls to his knees in despair.>
Elder Pitof: "Gwen, a forest wraith? No!"

Speak with Elder Pitof here and find out what you try to do to help:

"My Gwenaelle. My guiding light. We were so close to reaching her. Then she slipped through my fingers. The spirit turned her into a forest wraith."
Why did your wife transform into a forest wraith?
"Legends tell us that the Green and its spirits can summon forest wraiths to protect themselves. The Chronicle felt threatened, so it did the same.
I'm not sure if this is how all forest wraiths are created, but we saw what the Chronicle did."
Is there a way to return your wife to her original form?
"Possibly? The Chronicle transformed Gwenaelle into one of those things. It should be able to turn her back and return her to me.
I know I've asked a lot of you, but please come with me. We need to talk to the Chronicle. Convince it to release her."
I'll help you find Gwenaelle and talk to the Chronicle.

After you agree to help him reach the Chronicle, you can ask him a few more questions:

"All right, outsider. Let's go find my Gwenaelle and convince the Chronicle to transform her back into my beloved wife."
How will we tell which forest wraith is actually Gwenaelle?
"The newly created wraiths went farther into the tunnels. We keep moving and I'm sure we'll meet up with them shortly.
As for recognizing my wife, she may be a creature of darkness now, but I know I'll be able to identify her when I see her."

In the next room, you will find more bloated muse-mouths:

Elder Pitof: "More bloated muse-mouths? Use Y'ffre's rain on these as well."

Speaking to him again:

"Yet another room filled with poisonous plants?
Please, cleanse the air once more. I cannot risk being smothered now, not when my Gwenaelle needs me."
Why are there so many of these plants here?
"The Chronicle defends itself. Not many creatures can withstand this many spores. The only chance of defeating these bloated muse-mouth plants is with Y'ffre's Rain.
Why the Chronicle grew this many, I cannot fathom. This is more than necessary."

Once you have used Yffre's Rain on all of them, Elder Pitof will head to the door:

Elder Pitof: "This way. I'll deal with the door."

Speaking with him here:

"Outsider, you've been more help than even I anticipated. We're so close to finding my Gwenaelle and returning her to her original state. It's not much farther now to the Chronicle. Let's continue."

After going through the door which leads to the Chronicle's Chamber:

Elder Pitof: "There! That's my Gwen just ahead!"
<Elder Pitof runs ahead and reaches the new Forest Wraith Gwenaelle.>
Elder Pitof: "Gwenaelle!"
The Chronicle: "Stop!"
<Elder Pitof is blasted in the chest by the Chronicle.>
The Chronicle: "Druids spill blood! No more druids in this story. No more!"
Elder Pitof: "Outsider, the Chronicle won't talk to me. You must convince it to let us go."

Speaking with Elder Pitof before the Chronicle:

"You have to talk to the Chronicle. It's angry with druids, all druids, because of what the Firesong have done.
Convince it, outsider. For Gwenaelle. For all of us."

After you talk to the Chronicle, Elder Pitof will murmur to Gwenaelle:

Elder Pitof: "Please, Gwen, I know you're in there. Just hold on."

Speaking with him at this point:

"That blast. It hurts. My chest burns.
Do what you must. Help me."

After you use Yffre's Rain on the roots, the Chronicle will ask you to use the last amount on the spirit orb. At this the Chronicle will end and Elder Gwenaelle will be transformed back:

Elder Pitof: "Gwenaelle! You're back!"
Elder Gwenaelle: "Pitof? What happened?"
Elder Pitof: "Everything is fine, Gwenaelle. Outsider, come. We owe you so much!"

Speak with Elder Pitof to complete the quest:

"I can hardly believe my eyes. My Gwenaelle, as radiant as the day I first set eyes upon her. I thought I lost her.
But … the Chronicle. The Spirit of the Path. What a terrible price to pay to set things right."
The Chronicle told me to pour Y'ffre's rain on its roots and the spirit orb.
"You did what it asked of you. What you had to do. But don't despair. I felt its anger slip away. Its intentions were pure, outsider. Things just got out of hand.
It was the actions of the Firesong that tainted the spirit. Corrupted it."
It said it was defending the path.
"It used its motes to try to stop the Firesong. Created the wraiths to protect our home. But it knew it went too far. Like a bee whose sting causes its own death, it reacted in desperation.
I hope it finds peace now. Back in the Green."
Will Gwenaelle be all right?
"Yes. Gwen is strong. She'll recover quickly. But she would have been lost to me without your help. Please, accept this. You ended a great danger and rescued my Gwenaelle from a terrible fate.
I just wish the Chronicle was still with us."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest:

"I can hardly believe my eyes. My Gwenaelle, as radiant as the day I first set eyes upon her. I thought I lost her.
But … the Chronicle. The Spirit of the Path. What a terrible price to pay to set things right."
Will Elder Gwenaelle be all right? (leads to quest completion dialogue)

After completing the quest, Pitof and Gwenaelle's conversation will continue:

Elder Gwenaelle: "Did all that really happen? The Firesong … the forest wraiths …?"'
Elder Pitof: "The Chronicle saved you, in its own way."
Elder Gwenaelle: "It was angry. That much I remember. The bloodshed, our friends …."
Elder Pitof: "We'll grieve for them. And for the Chronicle. We lost a lot this day."
Elder Gwenaelle: "The Chronicle is really gone?"
Elder Pitof: "Its final act was to release you, dear Gwen."
Elder Gwenaelle: "What now, husband?"
Elder Pitof: "Now we thank Y'ffre and tell our own stories."

Speaking with Elder Pitof a final time before leaving ruins:

"We may have lost the Chronicle, but my Gwenaelle is safe. And all because Y'ffre chose to send me an outsider. Life is strange, my friend."
What will become of Y'ffre's Path without the Chronicle?
"We'll rebuild. Ask more Eldertide to join us. For too long, we relied on the Chronicle to show us our past. To tell us our stories. It's time for us to take responsibility for our own memories, I think."
Is Y'ffre's Path safe now?
"It will be, once the spirit motes disperse and the remaining Firesong are driven off. Without a spirit, Gwen and I will become the chroniclers. We'll remember and record our stories and our history. Share it with all who wish to hear."

And Now, Perhaps, PeaceEdit

Elder Pitof and Elder Gwenaelle in All Flags Castle

If you helped him out on Galen previously, he and Gwenaelle will be at the meeting in All Flags Castle:

"I heard Archdruid Rahval named you druid-kin, outsider. If you did as much for the archdruids as you did for my Gwenaelle, I can see how you've earned that title."
Who's looking after Y'ffre's Path in your absence?
"We left the path in the care of the animals who roam it. I have no doubt that they'll be able to deter outsiders from wandering too far into our sacred site. Other druids will join us there soon and we will rebuild our halls of memory."
You think you can do that without the Chronicle?
"What choice do we have? Our stories and history are important, perhaps now more than ever. If my understanding of recent events is true, then you know the dangers of burying or misinterpreting the past.
History should be learned from, not repeated."

After talking to Count Stefan Mornard:

"First the Chronicle and now this Frii? Are we to lose more nature spirits? No, surely not. Y'ffre cannot be that displeased with us."

Speaking with him after completing the quest:

"I should have known you had a hand in all of this, outsider. You seem to have a knack for making hopeless situations turn out for the better."
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