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A shrine to Phynaster, symbolizing his walking stride

Phynaster the Guardian[1] is the hero-god of the Summerset Isles. While he is not part of the main of Aldmeri Pantheon, his worship is maintained through significant cults throughout the province. He taught the Altmer to extend their lives a hundred more years, simply by shortening their stride.[2] Phynaster is associated with the Ring of Phynaster, that comes and goes throughout time, between different warriors. It has been attributed to his longevity,[3] but also his undoing. It was rumoured that the Wharf Rats killed Phynaster for his ring and when he was buried at the Forest of Elborn, they took it for themselves.[4] However, this conflicts with Altmeri, Falmeri and Bretonic accounts of him being a deity.

When the Aldmer decided to worship their greater ancestors, the Aedra over their past kin, many of the greater spirits, among them, was Phynaster became worshipped as gods since the early years of Summerset's history.[5] Many followers of the hero-god take a pilgrimage through dangerous areas across the province, including the King's Haven Pass, as tests of faith, but several perish in their attempt yearly.[6] Phynaster is worshipped by the Altmer, but he is also venerated by the Snow Elves[7] and Bretons, the latter which was a carry-over from the Direnni Clan, who see the hero-god as their teacher. He is a patron-deity who is mainly worshipped by those that maintained their elven heritage.[8]




  • Some symbols of Phynaster include copper boots fashioned in his canonical style and charms with blessings carved into sharp Goblin teeth.[9]