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Location Sunken Road
Race Frii Gender No Gender
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Druids of Galen; Stonelore Circle

Frii is a spriggan-like nature spirit first seeded by the last Druid King and the Beldama and Glenmoril Wyrd. They can be found at the Sunken Road, where you awake them during the related quest.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Firesong PrologueEdit

Sojourn of the Druid KingEdit

You will have been chasing after Archdruid Michiel and the Firesong to prevent them from corrupting the ritual sites. While you are unable to rescue the captured Wyress you can confront and kill the archdruid. After you do this, Druid Laurel will ask you to free the spirit, that is within the unbloom purple flower:

Druid Laurel: :"Friend, help me release the spirit!"
<The purple petals unfurl and there is a bright green light. When the glow fades, Frii can be found in the center.>
Frii: "Bright. Awake. The flesh fades."
Druid Laurel: "The spirit! Can … they understand us?"
Frii: "Loud … ugh, too loud. Writhing."
Dhulef: "Zeht's tears! Friend, maybe you could talk to the spirit? They seem … confused."
Frii awakened

Speak with Frii to see if you can understand them:

"Awake? Sap flowing, roots stirring … you! You dug me up! I was … asleep. Seasons and seasons. Plucked like a flower from the dream of the Green. A promise whispered in petals. Needed."
You're the ancient nature spirit, Frii?
"Yes, Frii! Keeper, nourisher, the flower grown and given form. Dreamed by the Green long ago. I … am. The king spoke, the wyrds sang, and Frii … became Frii.
Bright. Too bright."
The Druid King and the wyrds summoned you from the Green? For what purpose?
"Purpose? Frii has a purpose, but the memories are … unclear. I am the tender, the nourisher. Gentle hands mend the ground. Awake now. But where … who? Blood warm in the soil.
Away. Sunlight on leaves. Please."

After speaking to Frii, Druid Laurel will come forward:

Druid Laurel: "Frii, I'm a druid. I'll take you someplace safe after I talk to my friend."
Frii: "Like the Druid King? Sunlight on leaves. Yes, Frii will go with you."

Once you have spoken with Druid Laurel, Dhulef will create a portal back to the Glenmoril Wyrd camp.

Speaking to Frii before taking the portal: "Loud and bright. Blood and soil. Awake! Awake! The season of purpose approaches, yes it does!"

At the Glenmoril Wyrd camp, you will find Frii surround by Druid Laurel and the Wyresses Mathilde and Senna:

Dhulef: "We could bring Frii to the Mages Guild. I'm sure they'd be safe there, Laurel."
Druid Laurel: "No, Dhulef. I think I need to take Frii to the Stonelore Circle. They belong with the druids."
Frii: "Frii belongs with druids, yes, yes. Purpose and stone, rain and sun."

Speaking with them before completing the quest:

"Softer, pulled from the soil, breathing deep. Druid. Druid Laurel. Frii. I am the nourisher of the seeds. Find purpose. Together."

After you have completed the quest, you can speak with Frii some more:

"Galen. Purpose folds into the leaves. Druid whispers. The song softens.
Thank you. The roots twist. Release. Undone."
Are you sure you want to go to Galen with Druid Laurel?
"Question, kindness … curiosity? Awake and asked, plucked and guided.
Galen will tend. Will prompt. Frii was made for druids. The nourisher goes where they need them."


A Sea of TroublesEdit

Frii in Galen

Before you accompany Druid Laurel and Sir Stefan Mornard to the Draiofe on Galen, Laurel will ask you to meet her and someone else at the Telling Stone.

When you arrive at the Telling Stone, Druid Laurel will be there with Sir Stefan and they will be listening intently to Frii:

Frii: "Darkness stirs, roots tremble, druids gather. I am the nourisher, the sower. Needed?"
Druid Laurel: "I don't think that's wise, Frii. I don't trust the Firesong."
Frii: "Firesong … pulsing, ripping, torn free from the ground. Blood in leaves. A memory."

You have the option of speaking with Frii, but their dialogue will differ depending on whether you have met them previously or not:

Have not met Frii before:
Met Frii before:
"Friend of Laurel. I am Frii, keeper, nourisher, sower. Song of the Green. The king spoke, Frii became. Dream given form. Made real.
Awakened too early … unrest in the soil. Something is wrong."
I don't understand. What could trouble a nature spirit?
"King Kasorayn called me from the Green, a choice to be made. A moment, waiting. Needed.
My purpose is … to be. Wait. Listen. Roots must find water before they drink."
"You. There when blood soaked the leaves, when eyes opened and roots awoke. Defender.
You feel it, yes? Unrest in the soil. Wrongness."
I don't understand. What could trouble a nature spirit?
"A song of hate blows through the branches. Harm drips like sap. It soaks the ground.
Awakened to fire. Tremors, volcano. Deadwood, blood in the shadows. I am troubled."
What does that mean?
"Rock. Root. Leaf. Brook. All dreams of the Green. My kin, spirits given form. We are … purpose. Meaning.
Now, a new purpose grows. Unwelcome change."
What is your purpose, Frii?
"King Kasorayn called me from the Green, a choice to be made. A moment, waiting. Needed.
My purpose is … to be. Wait. Listen. Roots must find water before they drink."

If you speak with Frii again before leaving:

"Druid Laurel is wise. Turns toward the sun. I am the keeper, the nourisher, the sower. I will wait … a bloom closed against the frost."

Seeds of DestructionEdit

After you learn of an immending attack by the Dreadsails on Vastyr, Sir Stefan will ask you to speak with the Druids to get their assistance. After you arrive in Glimmertarn and light the beacon, Archdruid Rahval will ask you and Druid Laurel to retrieve Frii from Clohaigh. When you arrive, you will find Firesong and Dreadsails already there. Deep in the tunnels, you will find old carvings that hint at Frii's purpose and Frii has sealed themselves and the Sacred Stonelore seed in an old shrine.

When you and Druid Laurel reach Frii:

Frii: "It worked. Secrets remain buried."

Speaking with Frii before taking the seed:

"They gnash with sharpened teeth. Claw at the doors. But now … Druid Laurel, lavender and woodsmoke. Familiar. And you … battle and the touch of leaves.
I kept seed safe. But protections wither."
Frii, are you all right? What is this place?
"Frii is Frii. Place made by Druid King. Sang to me. The walls, taught me. Told me who I am. The Sower of the sacred seeds, curator of the regalia. When season is right, I will grow them from the seeds.
Expected the seed to be safe here. It was not."
Are the sacred seeds really the regalia of the Druid King?
"The Druid King called Frii from the Green. Bound us to one day reforge the regalia. Sow the seeds when three circles become one. That is my purpose. A tender to the garden.
But events are uncertain. The seed is not safe, even here. What can we do?"
The Stonelore druids are going to Vastyr to defend the city. The seed should be safe there.
"Good. I am … thinned. Tired. Wilting. I have grown too tall. Take the seed to Archdruid Rahval. His to nourish now, to protect. Slip within the walls, face the storm.
Claim the seed and let us leave this place."
I'll take the sacred seed.

You can speak with Frii some more and ask some questions:

"The seed rests just over there. Safe. Waiting. A quiet and strong thing, resting in different hands.
Give it to Archdruid Rahval when we leave here. To take it into the unnatural walls."
You said the Druid King created this place?
"Yes, long ago. It was a … sanctuary. Lost to time. But it held answers, the truths of me. The longer I stayed, the more I learned … remembered.
My hands alone can ordain. I grow the seeds."
What did you mean, when three circles become one?
"That was what the Druid King told me. What the Dream tells us all. When the druids are ready to be … whole. Streams pouring into one river. Not fractured, not grasping for seeds with bloody fingers.
I am awake, but the season is … wrong."
So you get to choose the new Druid King?
"I … do not know. I just know that I alone can grow the seeds.
A ritual. Hallowed ground. Three sacred seeds, three powerful symbols. They will sprout a crown, a staff, and a gauntlet. The Druid King's regalia, perhaps for a new king to wield?"
Are the regalia some sort of magic relics?
"Magic? No, not like you are thinking. Symbols of office, authority. Only I can grow. Only I can sow the seeds. The Sower. Still ….
We must keep the seeds safe. Archdruid Orlaith must not claim them. Just in case I am wrong."
You sound different, Frii. (Appears after you ask one of the above)
"I … studied. The Stonelore druids helped. Talked. They were patient, kind. The longer I spend with them, sun on leaves, wide smiles, soft hands, laughter like babbling streams. It gets easier to speak the mortal words. To be."

Once you finish speaking to Frii:

Druid Laurel: "You did good, Frii, but you look exhausted."
Frii: "Frii is fine. All regrows. Laurel-friend, take the seed."

Once you have taken the seed, you need to return to Glimmertarn:

"Glimmertarn calls. I hear the fury of flames, a song in the throat of the hills. I will join you soon. Once this form renews, once the leaves cease to tremble.
Go to Archdruid Rahval. Hurry."

When you reach Glimmertarn, Archdruid Rahval will be waiting for you. Speaking with Frii before Rahval:

"Give Archdruid Rahval the sacred seed, Laurel-friend. He will keep it safe. Fire and sea will lash the walls of the city, but they will hold.
He has told me so."

After you have spoken with Archdruid Rahval and handed him the seed, Sir Stefan will arrive. Speaking with Frii before Sir Stefan:

"Urgent whispering. Metal skin. Waits. Waits"

If you exit out of the conversation with Sir Stefan before turning in the quest, they will say:

"Nervous, trembling leaves. Armor that shimmers, but can it protect? You must speak with the druid in armor. Go now. The trees whisper. Urgent, urgent."

After the quest is completed:

"Druid Laurel and I will help the other Stonelore. Slow steps, crunching over leaves, slipping through mud—they still come, and we will be here for them. Then, Vastyr will open like a flower for them, and close them inside, thorns protruding."

The Siege of VastyrEdit

Once you have spoken with Sir Stefan, you can speak with Frii before leaving Glimmertarn:

"You have important things asked of you. I understand. Responsibility, heavy as rainwater. It soaks, it chills.
Go with strength. The sun will persevere."
You're staying here in Glimmertarn?
"Druid Laurel wishes it. Battle is too sharp. Loud. The city soil … harsh, full of salt, no place for a nourisher.
I am better here. Protector. In defense of Glimmertarn. Strength here, too."

The Dream of KasoraynEdit

Speaking to Frii before Druid Laurel:

"The forest sings a song of grief this day. A rain of tears and hurt. The Firesong have lost their way. How can I help them hear the song?"

Speaking to Frii to see if they sense the seeds:

"That which dreamed through seasons uncounted now awakens. The sacred seeds sing to me. Together now, they find their voice. They tell me to come to them. Soon I must answer."
Can you lead us to the sacred seeds, Frii?
"You do not hear their song? I hear it. Yes, I can guide you to the seeds. They are my purpose. I cannot be kept from my purpose. Bound, yet there is choice.
What is your purpose?"
To stop Archdruid Orlaith and return the seeds to you. Where are they, Frii?
"In the direction of the rising sun. The point on the isle where that first happens.
I will help you find the seeds and keep them. Safe. Until crown, staff, and gauntlet must flower. That time is soon. It is not for me to tell seeds not to grow."
Then let's find the seeds, Frii.

Trying to get more background on how the seeds work:

"Go, friend. Toward the sunrise. Toward the song. I will walk with Druid Laurel, and we shall meet you by the sanctum of the last Druid King—Ivyhame."
Have you always been able to sense the sacred seeds?
"No. Before they were … distant. Quiet. Whispers and dreams. Now that the seeds are together, they stir again. They are finding their voices. Remembering what they are. Calling out to me."
Would the seeds go back to sleep if we separated them again?
"Seeds cannot un-sprout, even if I ask them nicely.
The seeds are together. I do not think they will want to part again. Not before crown, staff, and gauntlet are regrown."
Can Archdruid Orlaith force you to regrow the seeds? / You said you have a choice. Can Archdruid Orlaith make you regrow the seeds?
"If this is the appointed season, the seeds will grow. If it is not, no power can make them act against their nature."
I don't understand. Do you have a choice or not?
"It would be wrong for Orlaith to take the crown, staff and gauntlet. Bad. But it is also wrong to deny growth when the season is upon them. How can I choose between wrongs?
I have not learned to do that."

You will meet Druid Laurel and Frii near Ivyhame. Speaking to Frii before Laurel:

"We are close. The seeds sing loudly here. Yet the hearts of the druids in this place are dark. Filled with death and hate. They do not hear the song.
Speak with Druid Laurel. She will know what to do."

Frii will mutter some words while you're still speaking to Laurel:

Frii: "The seeds are together now. Close. Just beyond the old stones dreaming in this vale."

Speaking to Frii at this point:

"These ancient stones have a song of their own to sing. Memory. Mourning. A lesson to teach, yet the druids in this place do not listen.
That way we must go. Where the sun rises. The seeds are not far."

As you progress through the area:

Frii: "The seeds are near. Their presence calls. Be cautious. We will soon be upon them."

You will reach a hiding spot where Frii alerts you that Orlaith is coming:

Frii: "The seeds! Archdruid Orlaith approaches. Hide, friend of Laurel. Hide!"

<Frii takes cover behind the rock.>

Frii: "Here. Behind this rock!"

After overhearing Archdruid Orlaith's frustrations at accessing the Ivy Throne, speak to Frii:

"The seeds … gone. So close, but now out of reach. Archdruid understands nothing. The seeds cannot be commanded. They must be asked. Invited.
I sense another song here. Very old. It calls to me."
Another song? What do you mean?
"Long ago, mortal hands taught the stones of this place a song. A promise. A greeting. Not a song for mortals. A song for … me.
I must look upon the door in the hillside."
You mean the door to the Ivy Throne?
"Yes. The sealed door that Laurel spoke of. The door the Firesong archdruid could not open. At the top of these steps.
The song of this place calls to me. There must be a way inside. Let us find it."
All right. Let's go.

Speaking to Frii again:

"This place remembers the one who called me from the Green. Let us look upon the door the Firesong could not open."

When you approach the entrance to the Ivy Throne:

Frii: "Locked by ancient power, but the stones sing me the key. Find the three druid stones nearby and wake them, Laurel-friend."

You have a chance to speak to Frii to see what they meant by druid stones:

"Listen to the song only I can hear. Find the three druid stones and awaken them. On the hills around us. Search north, west. Find. Turn.
Then the door will open. Open, for me."
A song only you can hear told you how to open the sealed door?
"Yes, friend of Laurel. Powerful magic anchored by druid stones. I hear them. They are not far.
Find the stones and awaken them. Two north, one west. Let them know I am here. Then the door will open for me."
And you think you can open the door that Archdruid Orlaith couldn't?
"The song is not for Archdruid Orlaith. It is for me. The door will not open for anyone. It is waiting for me.
Come, Laurel-friend. Help Frii awaken the druid stones. Then we can see what else the song wants to tell me."
All right. Let's look around for druid stones.

When you turn one druid stone:

Frii: "The stone awakens! The song grows louder!"

When you turn the second stone:

Frii: "Good. That stone wakes, too."

Activating the last stone:

Frii: "The stones awake, the door calls to me."

After activating the last stone:

"Come, friend of Laurel. The druid stones are awake. The door in the hillside will answer me now. We can go inside."

You return back to the entrance to the Ivy thronehall, Frii will be able to unlock the sealed door:

Frii: "All these long seasons, the door has waited just for me."
Frii: "Let us go inside, friend of Laurel."

Speaking to Frii inside Ivyhame:

"I have never been here. Yet it feels … familiar. These stones were told to remember King Kasorayn. And to wait for me."
Told to wait for you? You mean the song that you hear?
"Yes, the song is louder in here. More … insistent. It wants to fulfill its purpose. Like me. Like the seeds.
The song is from King Kasorayn's season, but it is not from the Druid King. Not exactly …."
Do you remember King Kasorayn?
"A little. His voice calling me from the Green. The song of his magic, strong and good. He gave me into the care of the wyrds before my eyes ever opened to the light of this world. They tended me while I dreamed.
Until the Firesong woke me."
The Firesong woke you? (If you haven't completed the Firesong prologue)
"The Firesong found my bower. They tore me from my slumber with words of binding. Compulsion. I was young. I could not refuse.
But Druid Laurel stopped them. They did not bind me. I can still choose. She brought me to Galen. Let me grow."
I remember. We saved you back in High Rock. But what do you think you'll find here? (If you completed the Firesong prologue)
"Understanding. I was summoned to quicken the seeds. Crown, staff, and gauntlet. But I do not know why King Kasorayn made them sleep. So how can I know when to wake them?
We should explore. Learn. I will follow you."
What do you think you'll find here? (Appears if you haven't completed the Firesong prologue)
"Understanding. I was summoned to quicken the seeds. Crown, staff, and gauntlet. But I do not know why King Kasorayn made them sleep. So how can I know when to wake them?
We should explore. Learn. I will follow you."
Very well. Let's go.

Asking more:

"The song I feel in these old stones. It comes from somewhere ahead. We should keep going. Explore. Listen. Learn."
What else can we expect to find in here?
"I sense spirits called from the Green. Bound into the shapes of fauns and darker forms to defend this place.
They … may not know me. They have waited a very long time. Forgotten themselves and grown wild. Be careful, Laurel-friend."

You will encounter a mote, which Frii asks you to touch:

Frii: "The song calls to me. Touch the mote, Laurel-friend."

After you activate the dancing mote, a vision of Elder Aiven appears:

Elder Aiven: "Welcome, Sower of the Dream. I am Aiven, apprentice to the Druid King. King Kasorayn bid me to prepare for this day. Follow this passage to the Ivy Throne."
Frii: "The Druid King's apprentice? He is the singer of the song. He will guide us."

Speaking to Frii at this point:

"Follow the passage. Elder Aiven said the Ivy Throne is ahead. Watch for more motes. Dreams. Memories."

While fighting past the fauns:

Frii: "These creatures were called to protect this place. They have grown wild. Fierce."

As you progress through Ivyhame:

Frii: "A hall within the hill. The court of the Druid King."

After encountering Spriggan Bears and Forest Wraiths:

Frii: "The song is clearer now. Above us. Toward the rising sun."

You will get closer to the Ivy Throne, a faun guardian named Sika Redhorn will appear:

Frii: "The Ivy Throne. Careful, friend of Laurel. I sense a powerful guardian nearby."

Speaking to her after Sika Redhorn appears:

"The Ivy Throne. Once the Green blessed this place and those who reigned here. It sleeps, with dreams dark and dim. But it is not dead.
Look around. There is another message for us here."

Another dancing mote will appear as you progress:

Frii: "The song is strong here. Touch the mote and see what I see."

When you activate the mote, Elder Aiven appears again and shows the entrance to the garden, which prompts Frii to go inside:

Elder Aiven: "This stone tablet records Kasorayn's Final Dream. Dark betrayal followed by seeds of hope. We punished the guilty. Stricken their names. To heal, we forget. But the Sower must remember. Enter the garden."
Frii: "Come, friend of Laurel. The garden is this way."

There will be another dancing mote inside the Druid King's Garden, Frii will ask you to touch it:

Frii: "Why did the song lead me here? Touch the mote, Laurel-friend."

Before touching the mote:

"Elder Aiven spoke of betrayal. Punishment. Hateful words. What did the druids choose to forget? What must I remember?
Touch the mote, Laurel-friend, and we shall see together."

When you interact with the mote, Elder Aiven appears and mentions about the preparation of the Elixir of Y'ffre's Thoughts, which gives a reminder to Frii:

Elder Aiven: "I prepared a cauldron and planted three herbs in this garden. The Sower knows the Elixir of Y'ffre's Thoughts. Mix, drink, and see what I saw the day the Druid King died."
Frii: "I am the Sower and I remember this elixir. Come talk with me, Laurel-friend."

Frii will remember the elixir that has to be prepared to see into the dream:

"The elder foresaw this day, when I would be drawn to his song. And that I would not be alone.
This elixir. It is the same as a potion the wyrds used to commune with me while I slumbered. It connects the now to the then. The here to the there."
This elixir, you know how to make it?
"Though I slumbered, I learned much from my time with the wyrds. They would drink the elixir and commune with me. Teach. Talk. Listen.
Gather herbs from each part of the garden and I will create the elixir."
And what will the elixir do?
"It will show us what the elder wants us to see. We will become a dream. A memory. And in that way, we will remember.
But it is you who must drink. Only a mortal vessel can understand a mortal memory. I will see, too. Through you."
I'll gather the herbs.

Before you gathered any herbs:

"The herbs in this chamber were preserved for this moment. Gather them, friend of Laurel. We must make the elixir to see why the song drew us here."

When you gather Deathbell Blossom:

Frii: "Death bell. A taste lets you dream with your eyes open."

When you gather Foxglove Root:

Frii: "Foxglove. A mere pinch weakens the boundary between now and then."

When you gather Faun's-Tongue Leaf:

Frii: "Faun's-tongue. A potent ward against evil."

After gathering all the herbs:

Frii: "Good. Now place the herbs into the cauldron."

Before you place the herbs in the cauldron:

"Place the herbs in the cauldron. Our guide made all this ready before the door to the Ivy Throne was sealed. So many seasons ago."

After placing the herbs, Frii will grab an herb from herself to complete the elixir:

Frii: "Something else is needed. Something of mine."
Frii: "Now drink. Together we will walk in Elder Aiven's memories."

After placing the herbs into the cauldron and before you drink it:

"Drink from the cauldron. Drink and dream. We will remember what the warden remembered. I do not know what we will see, but we will see it together."

In the dream, Frii will have a voice presence while you're escorting Druid Kasorayn:

Frii: "I am with you, Laurel-friend. You are Elder Aiven. And there is King Kasorayn. I remember him."

They will comment on Druid Kasorayn while you're progressing to the ritual chamber:

Frii: "The Druid King is older. Careworn. Many seasons passed since he left me with the wyrds."

After the dream is completed, you will return back to Ivyhame, Frii will want to speak to you:

Frii: "From the then to the now. Come, let us speak of what we saw."

Speaking to them about the dream that they need to find Druid Laurel for further assistance:

"Dream. Memory. I walked with Elder Aiven, just as you did. I saw the one who called me from the Green. Kasorayn, the Druid King. I understand much more now.
Was not Urdiir the Guardian wonderful?"
The spirit Elder Aiven summoned? I guess so.
"Wild and fierce. A spirit called from the Green, like I was.
It is bound to protect crown, staff, and gauntlet. The Firesong risk much to awaken its anger."
You think Urdiir the Guardian is still there?
"Urdiir waits, as I did. The Firesong must return the seeds to the place we saw in the then. The Temple of Y'ffelon.
I know how to call Urdiir. A song of defense. It is my choice."
Archdruid Orlaith knew about you. Does she know about the guardian?
"Perhaps. She may think she can bind Urdiir. Command it with crown, staff, and gauntlet. But King Kasorayn told some spirits to make their own choices. I am one. Urdiir is another.
We should find Druid Laurel. She will know what to do next."
Let's find Druid Laurel.

Speaking to them further:

"Druid Laurel studies the old lore. Young, yet wise. We must tell her what we learned from the elder's memory.
Let us try this passage. I sense gentle wind and open sky beyond."
You said you have a choice. What do you mean?
"Spirits are bound to purpose. We do not change. But the purpose King Kasorayn gave me was to make a choice for him. He could not know how to make the choice, so he did not bind me. I can grow. Learn. Decide."
What choice did Druid King Kasorayn want you to make?
"To know the worthy. I am the Sower. But I can choose when to quicken the seeds … and for whom."
Where's the Temple of Y'ffelon?
"Druid Laurel talked about it. It stands on the island of Y'ffelon. A cathedral of the Green, long ago. Still sacred. Now we know Urdiir waits there.
I have never been in that place. But I remembered it in the elder's memory."
Why did those druids turn against Druid King Kasorayn?
"We saw the same memory. The choices that led the Druid King and Elder Verline to the temple are forgotten now. But I know the Allwither. It is of the Green, yet it hates what it is. It hungers for what it is not."
If the Firesong betrayed him, why give them one of the sacred seeds?
"Some betrayed. Not all. Only those in the grip of the Allwither. Those are the ones that were stricken. Forgotten. The rest were … forgiven.
I think Orlaith remembers. Knows what others forgot. And so sees the Dream differently. A path to power."

You will reach a site where there are two dead Firesong druids and Druid Laurel's staff is left behind, indicating a struggle which Laurel has been captured:

Frii: "Firesong druids. Dead. Laurel's staff. Where is Laurel? Take the staff, Laurel-friend. She would not leave it unattended."

Before taking the staff:

"Druid Laurel's staff. I know it well. Hold it for her, please. I do not think she meant to leave it here unattended."

Speaking to Frii that you need to let Sir Stefan know that Laurel has been taken by the Firesong Circle:

"I understand the pattern of what occurred. Druid Laurel was scouting. Came upon these Firesong druids. They fought. She was overpowered. Taken away.
The leaves tremble for her. So do I."
We need to find Druid Laurel.
"I no longer sense Druid Laurel nearby. If the Firesong took her, they would go to Archdruid Orlaith. To Y'ffelon.
A ploy, I think. To capture me."
What do you think we should do?
"I would like to see the city of stone. Find Laurel-friend Stefan. He can help us. Laurel trusts him. Likes him.
I will meet you in Vastyr, Laurel-friend."
All right, I'll meet you in Vastyr.

Speaking to Frii again:

"I will see you in Vastyr soon. Tell Laurel-friend Stefan what happened here. What we learned. Where we think Laurel has been taken.
I will wait in the city, where the druids gather."

Guardian of Y'ffelonEdit

Frii wielding the Druid King's Staff

You will be looking for Frii to have them agree to serve as a distraction in order to save the prisoners from the Firesong Circle on Y'ffelon. When you approach them in the Vine District in Vasytyr:

Frii: "Look. The Green has not forsaken this place of stone. There are flowers. Insects. Life."

Speaking to Frii about the plan:

"Laurel-friend, I have been thinking. How can we help Druid Laurel? I do not wish to see her come to harm, but no flowers blossom. No seeds of thought sprout. I am … sad."
Sir Stefan has a plan, if you're willing to help.
"I have grown much since my awakening. Blossomed. Made friends. Druid Laurel is my friend.
What can I do to help?"
Archdruid Orlaith demands we send you to her or she'll kill Druid Laurel and her other captives.
"Others would come to harm? Because of me? No, that is not my purpose. That is wrong.
But the archdruid needs me to grow the seeds. To reforge the regalia. To make her the Druid King. That is wrong, too."
We don't want you to do that. Just stall her. We'll rescue the captives then come to get you.
"Ah. Understanding cuts like the sun through clouds. Deception.
Archdruid Orlaith will try to compel me. Force me to do as she wants, not as King Kasorayn intended. But Urdiir the Guardian is there. They will help me. So I will help you."
Dhulef is coming to take you to a ship. Go with him. The rest of us will take a different vessel.
"I will go with friend-Dhulef. Give myself to Archdruid Orlaith. Then I will wake Urdiir the Guardian. Call them to fulfill their ancient duty.
Please. Find Druid Laurel. Save her. Too much blood has watered these islands already."
Thank you, Frii. Sir Stefan and I will find you on Y'ffelon.

Frii will agree on helping out with this plan, you can ask them further about the Guardian and the seeds:

"I am not the same Frii who emerged from the bower. I will not be so easily bound by the Firesong or their archdruid. Not again."
Tell me about Urdiir the Guardian.
"Urdirr, the spirit we saw in the vision. Their purpose is to protect. The seeds. The temple. Perhaps even me.
When the moment comes, I think I can wake the guardian. Will that be enough to stop the archdruid? I do not know."
Can you still sense the sacred seeds?
"Yes. They are together, but distant. Far away. At the Temple of Y'ffelon.
They stir. Become restless. Soon they must grow. Sing."
Can't you choose not to regrow the seeds?
"Perhaps. Perhaps not. For good or ill, the season of their awakening draws close.
And if Archdruid Orlaith hurts others to compel me … I do not want to see blood spilled because of me."

After Frii agrees to help out with the plan on being a distraction, Dhulef will arrive at the Vine District to escort them to the galleon:

Dhulef: "Hello, Frii. Are you ready to go to Y'ffelon with me?"
Frii: "Yes, friend-Dhulef. I am ready."

When you reach Druid King Kasorayn's Tomb where Archdruid Orlaith is forcing Frii to perform the ritual. Sir Stefan will signal Frii to summon Urdiir to distract the Firesong while you're going to stop Orlaith:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Wait, friend! I'll signal Frii to call upon the guardian. Then we can make our move!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "It is time, Sower. Quicken the seeds."
Frii: "Song and forest, Y'ffre's breath, let the sacred seeds blossom."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Frii! We're here! Awaken the guardian!"
Frii: "The regalia are not for you, false king!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Wait! What are you doing?"
Frii: "Urdiir, Guardian of Y'ffelon! Awake from your slumber!"

<Urdiir will be summoned in front of the Firesong Circle forces and will incinerate them before climbing up the balcony of the chamber to engage more Firesong druids. Archdruid Orlaith will try to penetrate Frii's barrier.>

Archdruid Orlaith: "Firesong, destroy this creature!"
Druid Laurel: "Strike, friend! Stefan, help me protect Frii!"

Once you vanquished Archdruid Orlaith, Druid Nhevin will surrender to Frii and begs the spirit to forgive the Firesong:

Druid Nhevin: "The Firesong yield. Orlaith led us to…dark places. Forgive us, Sower of the Dream."
Frii: "Forgiveness is for the Draoife to decide. Laurel-friend, I need your wisdom, please."
Druid Laurel: "Look! Frii holds the regalia of the Druid King!"

You will speak to Frii since they seek your guidance:

"My purpose was to regrow the seeds. To help crown, staff, and gauntlet blossom once again. But it is not for me to wield them."
What happens now, Frii?
"I do not know. It is not the place of a spirit of the Green to decide for mortals. It is a question for the Draoife, I think. Like intertwined roots, wisdom must come from counsel taken together."
But the leaders of the three druid circles are dead.
"Yet the three circles still live. Eldertide, Stonelore, Firesong. From their surviving elders, a new Draoife can be called. They can decide whether the season of a new Druid King is truly upon us or not."
What about the Druid King's regalia?
"I will carry the crown, staff, and gauntlet until the druids decide what to do. But not here. This place has served its purpose.
We should leave this place, friend of Laurel. Urdiir the Guardian is ill at ease with so many trespassing in the tomb."
As you say, Frii.

Speaking to them some more before returning back to Vastyr:

"Urdiir the Guardian is awake, but the danger is past. We should depart before the great spirit turns its attention to us. We are intruders here, too, after all.
Let us return to Vastyr and finish our talk there."
Do you think we can trust the Firesong Circle now?
"We saw Elder Aiven give the Firesong a seed in the ancient then. They overcame the blight of the Allwither. In the now, they will overcome Orlaith's darkness.
They must if the druids are to be made whole."
What will become of Urdiir the Guardian?
"Urdiir's task was to guard this place until a new Druid King claimed crown, staff, and gauntlet. The seeds are regrown, but there is no king yet. Urdiir's purpose is now … cloudy. Unclear. Rootless.
As is mine."
What do you mean?
"King Kasorayn saw much in his Dream, yet I do not think he saw this. I quickened the sacred seeds as foretold. That task is done, yet I am still here. Unbound. Free to choose.
I must find a new purpose. A new choice."

You will be back at Castle Mornard after taking Dhulef's portal. The Druid King's regalia will go into separate custody until a new Draoife will be called:

Frii: "Crown, staff, and gauntlet are whole again. What do I do with them."
Druid Laurel: "Together they make too tempting a target. Let's separate them until a new Draoife can be called. I'll hold the staff. Stefan, the crown. And Lord Bacaro, would you guard the gauntlet?"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "The crown will be safe here in Castle Mornard."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I am honored by your trust. The Society of the Steadfast will protect the gauntlet."

Speaking to Frii before Sir Stefan:

"The season of darkness and wrath ends. What comes next? Hopefully a season of warm sun and gentle rain.
We have all shared counsel. Friend-Stefan wants your counsel, too."

After the quest is completed:

"How strange. My purpose has been fulfilled, yet I still grow.
Tell me, Laurel-friend. How do you choose a purpose? Mortals have none naturally, I am told."
That's a complicated question. Find something you like and do it?
"Something I like? I … I like being with Druid Laurel. I like to walk in the woods and listen to songs as old as the world. To care for the gentle creatures of the forest. Tend seedlings that fall on hard soil."
Those are all good places to start.
"Then I will do that. Listen, tend, learn. I am old in seasons, but young in understanding. Perhaps I will come to understand more of this world with the passing seasons.
Thank you, Laurel-friend. I am glad our roots intertwined."

The Ivy ThroneEdit

After uncovering the revelations that he is the Ascendant Lord and plans of becoming the Druid King to bring in the Green Scourge. He will end up stealing the Druid King's Regalia and has taken Frii to Y'ffre Path Ruins to make Frii perform the ritual that will grant him the powers of the Druid King. You will overhear him through the caverns of his plans to take over Tamriel:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Ascendant knights! Firesong allies! Witness the awakening!"
Frii: "Wrong. Bad. Do not do this."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Obey your king, Sower! The spirit here will awaken and do my bidding. The prophecy demands it!"
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "You would oppose me, my friends? Don't you see? I will bring peace to Tamriel!"

Frii will be binded by Firesong druids inside Mount Firesong, they will conjure up a wind vortex to escape while you're protecting them:

Frii: "Wind vortex. Must summon. Keep them back while I sing."

The wind vortex is ready and lava is spewing in:

Frii: "Now, friends! Step into the wind vortex!"
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "The lava is rising. We don't have much time!"

Speaking to Frii before going into the vortex:

"The wind vortex. Step into it and it will get you to safety, friend of Laurel."

After using the wind vortex to escape the lava:

Frii: "Bacaro wields the regalia. He commands the spirit to awaken and now the volcano awakens, too."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Lord Bacaro is truly insane. Stay with Frii, my friend. I need to warn the others."

<Lady Arabelle conjures a portal and leaves.>

Frii: "The false king is farther up the mountain. I will help in any way I can."

Speaking to Frii at this point:

"Lord Bacaro wields the Druid King's regalia with such force. I could not resist his commands. He forced me to awaken the mountain's spirit. But he is not the true Druid King. Not until the three circles become one and proclaim him as such."

While fleeing from the rising lava:

Frii: "When Mount Firesong erupts, many lives will be lost. Lava will consume the archipelago."

Eventually, you will see Bacaro has successfully awakened the spirit of Mount Firesong to do his bidding:

Frii: "The spirit of Mount Firesong!"
Spirit of Mount Firesong: "Druid King, speak and I obey."
Frii: "Ancient pacts, broken. Ancient promises, ignored. The false king will pay."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I can't be stopped. Not by you. Not by the nature spirit. Look how the mountain obeys me!"
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Spirit of the volcano! Send your avatar to destroy my enemies!"

<Spirit of Mount Firesong summons an avatar in its making.>

Speaking to Frii before facing the Avatar of Mount Firesong:

"The spirit of the mountain has created an avatar to defend itself and the false king. Interesting.
You must defeat them to get to Lord Bacaro."

After defeating the avatar, he will merge with the spirit to gain more power and cause the volcano to erupt soon:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Give up, my friend. We both want the same thing. An end to this stupid war and something better than the Ruby Throne!"
Frii: "The spirit is too powerful. Once unleashed, it cannot be controlled.""
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Spirit of Mount Firesong, lend me your strength. Give me the power to destroy my enemies!"

<Lord Bacaro will merge with the Spirit of Mount Firesong, transforming into the Ascendant Lord Bacaro.>

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I am Lord Bacaro, the Ascendant Lord, the Druid King! Soon the alliances will be nothing but cinders and ash!"
Frii: "He joined with the spirit. Now the volcano will follow its nature. It will explode."

Speaking to them again when the lava is rising:

"The false king awakened and unleashed the spirit of the mountain. He draws upon its power. Soon, nothing will be able to stop the eruption.
We must hurry."

They will summon another wind vortex to escape after fighting off waves of Firesong:

Frii: "Over there! I will summon another wind vortex."
Frii: "Step into the wind before the lava consumes us."

Escaping the rising lava:

Frii: "The spirit has been restrained for too many seasons. It wants to unleash the full power of the volcano."

Speaking to them before fighting Bacaro:

"As the wind clears the air and rain washes the land, I will help stop the false king."

During the fight against the Ascendant Lord Bacaro, Frii will call in wind vortexes to help you escape the lava that Bacaro calls forth. You will need to destroy Shards that are lingering:

Frii: "I need energy to help you. Destroy the shards and I will absorb their essence."

After destroying enough Shards:

Frii: "The wind vortex is ready."

After vanquishing Lord Bacaro, Frii will mention the volcano is still at unrest:

The Ascendant Lord Bacaro: "I am the Druid King! The birthright is mine! How dare you defy the…."
Frii: "You are not worthy of the regalia, false king."
The Ascendant Lord Bacaro: "The spirit of Mount Firesong fled when the false king died. The volcano has no spirit to calm it now."

Speaking to them, Frii will bind themselves to the mountain to save the archipelago:

"The false king is gone, but so is the spirit of the mountain. Without a spirit to calm it, Mount Firesong's rage will continue unchecked."
Isn't there any way to stop it?
"Perhaps, if the balance is restored. A new spirit must fill the void in Mount Firesong's heart.
I will be that spirit."
What does that mean, Frii?
"It means I will calm the volcano before it destroys the archipelago. Attempt to contain most of the damage to Y'ffelon.
But I will need your help, friend of Laurel. Friend of Frii."
What do you need me to do?
"Place the regalia to form a circle around me. Then command me to bind myself to the mountain. You are not the Druid King, but with the regalia and my willingness, the binding should hold.
Then I will do what I can to quiet the volcano."
What happens to you after that, Frii?
"I will remain, but I will be different. As the seed becomes a tree, I shall become the spirit of the mountain. And I will slumber, as will Mount Firesong.
Now take the crown and the gauntlet and place them around me."
I'll do as you ask, Frii.

Frii will begin the binding ritual:

Frii: "Quickly, friend. Place the gauntlet and crown to form a ritual circle."

Speaking to them before they make the sacrifice:

"Tell Druid Laurel that I will miss her, friend. I will miss you all."

After placing the regalia, Frii will become the new spirit of Mount Firesong and will teleport you back to safety off the island:

Frii: "Now Frii is the spirit of Mount Firesong. Now the volcano will be still. Goodbye friend. And thank you."