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Archdruid Agathie
Home Settlement Stonelore Grove
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Stonelore Circle
Archdruid Agathie

Archdruid Agathie is a Breton druid and member of the Stonelore Circle who can be found at Stonelore Grove.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Once you arrive in the village to see Druid Audrine relay to the Elders what the Evergrowth has said to her about the corruption:

Druid Audrine: "Archdruid, elders, this outsider helped me. And the Evergrowth, it spoke through me."
Elder Karic: "The spirit of the grove? It hasn't manifested like that in many generations. Are you sure?"
Archdruid Agathie: "Druid Audrine has never given us reason to doubt her observations. Tell us, child, what did the spirit say?"
Druid Audrine: "It warned us that nature was out of balance. That a druid was responsible for this trouble."
Archdruid Agathie: "Out of balance? That explains the corruption. But to blame a druid? I cannot accept that without proof."
Druid Audrine: "Then we will find that proof. Friend, meet me at the circle's ritual site."

Speaking to her before you meet up with Audrine, she will be in disbelief:

"Young Audrine makes a bold proclamation. While I believe the spirit of this grove spoke through her, I find it hard to imagine that one of our druids could be responsible for unbalancing nature. That goes against everything we believe."
What does an archdruid do exactly?
"Mostly what you would expect. I oversee the druids that care for this grove and help train the novices in the True Way. Elders Karic and Warrane advise me on matters related to my work."
Why don't you believe Druid Audrine?
"I have the utmost faith in young Audrine. What I do not trust is the word of a capricious nature spirit.
Go with Audrine. Get us proof that a druid is responsible for the corruption. Then we will take every action necessary to solve the problem."

After you collected proof that a druid is responsible for the corruption, you will look for the archdruid, only to witness her being the culprit that is spreading the corruption:

Druid Audrine: "The archdruid? What—oh no, she's spreading the corruption!"
Archdruid Agathie: "The Allwither…it's inside me…forcing me to do as it bids!"

<The Archdruids disappears in a flash>

Druid Audrine: "Where did she go?"

The Evergrowth will then take over Audrine's body again:

The Evergrowth: "Speak with me, mortal. The spirit of the grove has need of you."

When you're in the Undergrove, destroying the wards that hold the Evergrowth, the Allwither-possessed archdruid will comment on your progress:

Archdruid Agathie: "The Allwither is the natural end of all things."
Archdruid Agathie: "Corruption and decay are inevitable."
Archdruid Agathie: "We will spread beyond the grove. All the land shall wither and die."

Once you get to the central chamber, you'll find out she will be guarding the final ward. You have the choice of killing her to try to destroy the ward or trying to get past her without killing her.

In combat:

Archdruid Agathie: "You cannot resist our corruption!"
Archdruid Agathie: "We are the Allwither. This grove belongs to us!"
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