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Druid Laurel
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Stonelore Circle

Druid Laurel is a Breton druid and member of the Stonelore Circle who can be found at (?). Her investigations on the Druids of Galen's voyage to the Systres is being aided by Dhulef of the Mages Guild.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

The Stonelore DefenseEdit

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"Attacked? Here in the Earthen Root Enclave? This can't be happening."
What happened to these druids?
"Archdruid Devyric and the Firesong circle, they attacked. My Stonelore siblings kept this land safe for centuries!
The archdruid here opened the enclave to them and Archdruid Devyric killed her. They killed everyone."
Why would another druid kill the archdruid?
"He's after the Stonelore's sacred seed. I'm sure he knew we wouldn't tell him where it was—his followers didn't even hesitate to attack.
That burnt crust Archdruid Devyric can't win. Stop him. I'll pay if that's what you need to convince you."
I'll stop Archdruid Devyric.
"Why is Archdruid Devyric doing this? Is that flaming blight trying to cleave the Circles apart? He said he's after the Stonelore seed … but why?
He's heading toward the Dais of Stonesight, that's where I'll meet you. Druid Lyam needs my help."
What is the Stonelore seed?
"A gift from the last Druid King. He gave the leaders of each of the circles a seed, to care for until such time as the seeds would be needed.
That's a very literal translation of the prophecy. I came here to learn more about the Stonelore seed."
What do the Druid King's seeds do?
"Our records of the Druid King's last days are limited. I've studied them—potentially more than anyone else—and even I don't know.
But, if Archdruid Devyric is willing to kill to get the Stonelore seed, then we can't let him have it."
You're a druid?
"I'm a historian in the Stonelore Circle. The Firesong and the Eldertide druids look down on us for accepting outsiders, but they've never been violent before.
These Stonelore druids treated me like family. I thought the Firesong were family, too."
You're a historian?
"I study the Druid King. I used to think that understanding the shared past of our circles would resolve our differences, but the mystery is what calls to me now.
Truthfully? I wish I was still unaware of all this. Then I'd still have hope."
There's a Druid King?
"There was, centuries ago. He led the druids of old to the Systres Archipelago.
But he foresaw something. The stories make it sound terrible. He's the reason the druids split into the three circles. And he gave us our sacred seeds."
Do you know Archdruid Devyric?
"His village housed me on Y'ffelon, the Firesong's island. It contains some of the most intact records about the Druid King's life. Archdruid Devyric was never friendly, but almost no one was.
The Firesong respect him. He is an archdruid, after all."
An archdruid?
"Each circle has many archdruids. I'm not sure how many the Firesong have. And they rarely leave their island.
We thought Archdruid Devyric was here to learn. But now he's going toward the Dais of Stonesight."
What's the Dais of Stonesight?
"This enclave hosts the spirts of Stone, Root, and Air. At their daises, druids can commune with the spirits and experience nature as they do.
Gaining Stonesight would allow Archdruid Devyric to see all that rests in the rock here."
How will that help him get the Stonelore seed?
"Maybe that path-traitor thinks it's planted in the ground.
The spirit won't help him anyway—not when the blood he's spilled still drips into the earth. Sky and dirt have long memories."
"Druids follow Y'ffre's teachings. We strive to find the True Way and live harmoniously with nature. Or, at least that's what I thought we did. This? This would disgust Y'ffre.
Archdruid Devyric and his ilk aren't on the path to the True Way."

At the Stone Dais:

Druid Laurel: :"The Dais of Stonesight! It's wrong, like a gale offshore."
Archdruid Devyric: :"Keep the corruption going."
Druid Laurel: :"Corruption? Stop this! Firesong, what are you doing?"
Druid Laurel: :"Here, get behind this stone shield!"

During first encounter:

Druid Laurel: :"Corruption? Stop this! Firesong, what are you doing?"
Druid Laurel: :"Spirit! Stop. Please stop!"
Druid Laurel: :"We can't let this corrupted spirit do more damage."
Druid Laurel: :"Behind the stone pillar. Quickly!"
Druid Laurel: :"Here, this pillar will shield you."
Druid Laurel: :"It's gathering power!"
Druid Laurel: :"I made another barrier, take cover!"

If you die:

Druid Laurel: :"Get back up! You have to get back up!

After killing it:

Druid Laurel: :"This poor stone spirit. I hope I can cleanse it of Archdruid Devyric's filthy magic."
Druid Laurel: :"Archdruid Devyric went down to the Deeproot. Follow him while I take care of this corruption."
"If I don't cleanse the corrupted Spirit of Stone before it reforms, it will just go on another rampage.
I'll take care of this. Hurry after Archdruid Devyric. Or that path-traitor's going to do this to the next spirit too."
That was the Spirit of Stone?
"No, Archdruid Devyric did something to it—changed it, made it aggressive. The Spirit of Stone was gentle and patient. It barely even moved."
Archdruid Devyric can corrupt the spirits?
"I've heard of magic twisting nature spirits, but it's never happened to the ones here. They're old and powerful, dating back to when the first druids landed here. Corrupting them … I don't know how Archdruid Devyric managed it."
Are you sure you can cleanse it?
"No amount of magic can make a tree forget its roots. Spirits can be pushed into imbalance, but their nature is not erased. All I have to do is remind it of what it once was.
This is the art of studying Y'ffre's True Way."
Are all corrupted nature spirits aggressive?
"No amount of magic can make a tree forget its roots. Spirits can be pushed into imbalance, but their nature is not erased. All I have to do is remind it of what it once was.
This is the art of studying Y'ffre's True Way."
"They … can be. Everything Archdruid Devyric plants grows pain and death. First he attacks fellow druids and now he corrupts nature itself?
He has to be stopped."
What is the Deeproot?
"It's a cavernous place where the voices of the roots can be heard. Some druids like to sit with the mushrooms and the pools of water and listen to the song of the plants.
I learned the darkness down there holds no comfort for me."
Voices of the roots?
"Plants talk to one another. The Spirit of Root speaks with all those plant voices. Spend enough time down there and you might start to hear the rootsong yourself.
I don't want to hear what it sounds like after Archdruid Devyric corrupts it."

In the Deeproot:

"Root rot and waste! Archdruid Devyric raised a barrier. We can't get through."
"This spell is too strong to break on my own. Destroy the nearby trellis sentinels!"

Speaking to her:

"Roots and thorns confound it! Destroy the trellis sentinels over there! Breaking this spell is a lot harder than it has to be with them in the way."
What's a trellis sentinel?
"They support the Deeproot and protect the spirit inside from collapses. Archdruid Devyric did something ….
He tied the magic of these barriers into the sap of the sentinels. I can't open the way through while the sentinels live."
Why did Archdruid Devyric go through here?
"The Dais of Rootspeak grants knowlege through the Spirit of Root. It allows druids to hear the realm through interconnected roots of all plants."
Will the Spirit of Root help Archdruid Devyric find the Stonelore seed?
"The seed isn't in the Deeproot, but he doesn't know that.
He's probably corrupting the Spirit of Root as we speak. I don't know if we can stop him, but a corrupted Spirit of Root will twist us in vines and buy that unrelenting parasite more time."
Where's the seed?
"I really can't tell you that. The secret is the only thing that's currently protecting the seed from Archdruid Devyric. If he found it ….
Let's just stop him before that happens."

After destroying it:

"It's down! Archdruid Devyric, stop right where you are!"
Druid Laurel: :"Archdruid Devyric, stop this madness!"
Archdruid Devyric: :"Laurel, you know where the seed is, don't you? Come with me."


Druid Laurel: :"He's killing the spirit. He has the seed. Stop him. Please stop him!"

After killing Archdruid Devyric:

"He was a blight and a thorn, but still. May the dirt take Archdruid Devyric into its embrace."

Talking to her:

"Each of the druid circles has their own seed, why would the Firesongs kill for ours?
It doesn't matter, Archdruid Devyric will never get his rotting hands on the Stonelore seed now. I just hope the Eldertide's seed is safe too."
So we stopped the Firesong druids?
"We stopped Archdruid Devyric. But I doubt he was working alone. This isn't the end of … whatever those conflagrations started. No, they won't stop here.
We would have lost the Stonelore sacred seed without you. Thanks for helping me. Take this."

After you complete quest:

"There will be an investigation! I'll make sure of it.
This enclave will be restored, as much as it can. It'll be difficult. They've lost so many … but stone is eternal, it doesn't give up. No matter how much work it takes."
What will you do about the seed?
"I'll take it to Galen. It's our duty to keep this seed safe, and it's not safe here—not after what happened. What we do with it, that's the archdruid's decision. But I'm sure it will be secreted away again.
Did Archdruid Devyric ever say why he wanted the seed?
"All he said was that his leader made him one of Y'ffre's chosen. But Y'ffre would never select that foul-smelling sack of root rot for anything.
Still, I wonder why he cared about this seed. If he wanted to study it, the Firesong have their own."
You're going to restore the enclave?
"Not me, unfortunately. I only came here to study the sacred seed. If I tried to help, I'd be more likely to pluck the flowers than the weeds.
No, the enclave's keepers will restore this place. They'll care for the spirits now."
Will you tell the other druid clans?
"I need to ask our archdruids, but it may be useful to reach out to the Eldertide Circle. They could have information and insight.
With what just happened, I doubt we'll talk to the Firesong. But the Draoife will hear of this. I'll make sure of it."
What's the Draoife?
"A council of some of the most influential druids from each circle. They settle disputes and handle concerns across all three circles. I'll bring this to their attention and let them decide what to do about Archdruid Devyric and the Firesong."

Sojourn of the Druid KingEdit

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If you meet her in Davon's Watch, Daggerfall, or Vulkhel Guard, she will say:

"If I just knew this land better, I'd go find him myself! Blighted Firesong!"

If you accepted the quest from the Crown Store and met her at the Mine of Khuras:"

"You received my letter then? Thanks for coming."
"Ah, you got my letter? Thanks for meeting me. My good friend, Dhulef of the Mages Guild, is in danger. I can't protect him from the Firesong on my own."

If you met her before, she will instead say:

"My friend! You're a welcome sight. You remember Dhulef of the Mages Guild? That old barnacle is pursuing a lead for me and apparently ran into some Firesong. I need to go help him, but I can't take on the Firesong by myself."

Either way, you will then ask about the Firesong:

The Firesong?
"A circle of druids that usually stick to their own island. Lately, however, they've been turning up all over and attacking people. I hoped I was done with them after Earthen Root Enclave, but Dhulef spotted them while investigating a lead."
What kind of lead was he looking into?
"I'm a historian. Dhulef's helping me trace the movements of the Druids of Galen after they left High Rock in ages past. I'm not familiar with this land, so Dhulef went on ahead. Now he's in trouble. Can you help? I'll find a way to reward you."
I'll help you and your friend Dhulef.

If you are at your starter city:

"In his letter, Dhulef mentioned he was headed to the Ilessan Tower just outside of Daggerfall. Let's move as quickly as wind between bare branches. We must reach him before the Firesong do. I refuse to lose another friend to them."

At your starter city, you are offered more dialogue than if you are already at the Mine:

What's so important about tracing the path of the Druid King?
"I'm a druid. The Druid King's path reveals the origin of my people. Why we departed High Rock, how we found the archipelago, what divided us into the three circles—it's all connected. So much of our history was lost over the generations."
So it's your responsibility to recover the lost history of the druids?
"No one ever said as much. But sure, maybe that's why I've always been so interested. And why not me? I've already learned so much. I need to see where this search takes me.
And I won't be intimidated by the Firesongs into abandoning my research."
Why are the Firesong druids after Dhulef?
"I'm not actually sure they are. Dhulef just said he noticed them while he was conducting his investigation. The last time I ran into them those path-traitors attacked the Earthen Root Enclave and killed people I cared about. That won't happen again."

If you did Graven Deep dungeon:

'Does Dhulef's investigation have anything to do with the logbook we found at Graven Deep?:
"Right. Dhulef mentioned you helped him at Graven Deep. It was sheer luck that he found that old logbook at all. It contained an entry indicating the Druid King met with the wyrds before departing High Rock. Dhulef went on ahead to meet with a wyress."
Why is a meeting between the Druid King and the wyrds significant?
"We may share the same roots, but back then wyrds and druids wanted nothing to do with each other. Our oral history contains no stories about such a meeting, so of course I was intrigued.
Hopefully, the wyrds remember something the druids forgot."
You mentioned circles. Tell me about those.
"There are three distinct circles of druids that live throughout the Systres Archipelago. The Stonelore Circle druids, the circle I come from, have enclaves on High Isle and Galen. The Eldertide mainly stick to Galen, but they're not isolationists."
Why didn't you go with Dhulef to meet with the wyrds?
"Bad timing. He arrived before I did, so he left me a letter and went on ahead. When he mentioned spotting the Firesong, I couldn't help but worry about him.
Now that you're here, we can go to the meeting place and make sure Dhulef's all right."

If you did Earthern Root Enclave:

How have you been since Earthern Root Enclave?
"Better. I'm afraid you saw a pretty vulnerable side of me at Earthen Root Enclave. The Firesong tore me from the ground and tossed me aside like a blighted weed. Honestly, I'm still recovering. Dhulef's been a big part of that."
How has Dhulef helped with your recovery?
"By taking my mind off those terrible events. Keeping me focused on my research and helping me learn more about Druid King Kasorayn.
His friendship is also a comfort. The Mages Guild hasn't changed him. He's still a bolt of lightning on a clear day."
Do you really think Dhulef's in danger?
"Dhulef is no water lily, but you've seen what the Firesong are capable of.
If the Firesong and him wind up crossing paths … well, I don't want to leave him on his own for any longer than we have to."
Didn't we deal with the Firesong druids at Earthen Root Enclave?
"Some of them. But when Dhulef wrote that he spotted more of them here on the mainland ….
I don't know what changed, but the Firesongs went from the most isolated circle to the most violent faster than a tree sheds leaves in the autumn chill."

If you accepted the quest from the starter city and met her at the Mine of Khuras:

"Over here. Dhulef should be somewhere inside."

Regardless of how you accepted her quest, she will say the following:

"According to Dhulef's letter, he headed inside here. We need to find him before the Firesong do … if they haven't already. Root and thorn, let's hurry and get inside! I'll hang behind just a bit and watch your back."

Inside the Mines of Khuras:

Dhulef: :"Over here! Just getting a charcoal rubbing of this tablet."
Druid Laurel: :"Dhulef! Y'ffre's grace, the Firesong didn't get you!"
Dhulef: :"You know better than to worry about me, Laurel. But look, I found something."
Druid Laurel: :"Fill in our friend, I'll keep watch back here."

After speaking to Dhulef:

"Looks like I was worried about nothing. Dhulef has weathered far worse storms than a handful of Firesong. Still, those druids are ruthless. I feel better now that we're all together.
Talk to Dhulef. See what he's found."
"We'll meet you at the camp shortly, friend. I want to take a look at this tablet first."
"Dhulef and I will meet you at the Beldama wyrd camp. I just want to examine this tablet first. That's definitely a drawing I've seen used in connection with the Druid King before. Hopefully the wyress can tell us more about the rest of the tablet"

At Beldama Wyrd camp:

Wyress Joslin: :"Another druid! Are you with them? Stay back!"
Dhulef: :"What happened Here?"
Wyress Joslin: :"Druids … called themselves the Firesong. They attacked us!"
Druid Laurel: :"Blight and thorns! Please, friend, talk to her and find out what happened."
"Those blighted Firesong attacked the Beldama wyrds! Just like they attacked my people at Earthen Root Enclave.
Speak to Wyress Joslin. Find out what she knows. I don't think she trusts me, and I can't say I blame her."
Druid Laurel: :"Firesong camps, on the mainland? We need to figure out where they took Wyress Tola."
"Investigate the camps. Try to find any trace of Wyress Tola, or where the Firesong might have taken her. And if you find any Firesong, run them through. Those path-traitors need to be cut down like the invasive weeds they are!"

After investigating enclaves:

Druid Laurel: :"You're back! What of Wyress Tola?"
"Roots and thorns confound it! What took you so long? I had half a mind to go after the two of you myself for a moment there.
Did you find anything? Do you know where the Firesong took Wyress Tola? Is she all right?"
We didn't find the wyress, but we found a map that indicates they're interested in Hag Fen.
"Hag Fen? The marsh to the northeast? Well, if the Firesong marked a location on their map, it must be important. We need to head there and fast! I don't trust that path-traitor Archdruid Michiel to not hurt the wyress.
Did you find anything else?"
We found orders that Archdruid Michiel received. An archdruid named Orlaith sent him here.
"Orders? Let me see that. Hmm. Archdruid Orlaith is one of the most respected elders in the Firesong Circle. But why did she send Michiel here to get a nature spirit? We have plenty of our own in the archipelago.
Anyway, is that everything?"
We also found this totem in one of the Firesong camps. Dhulef thinks it's a wyrd totem.
"Interesting. We druids use totems and fetishes in our rituals. Does this serve a similar purpose? And what's this word inscribed here? Frii? Never heard of it.
We have no other choice. We need to see if the Firesong took Wyress Tola to Hag Fen."
All right, let's head to Hag Fen.
"The mark on the map is quite clear. Shouldn't be too hard to find that spot in Hag Fen. I wonder what's there.
I'm sick of being one step behind those blighted cowards. First they tried to take our sacred seed and now this? What does it all mean?"
Tell me more about the sacred seeds.
"The Dream of Kasorayn. I've been fascinated by the stories of the Druid King since I read the prophecy inscribed on the Telling Stone. Of course, each of the circles interprets its meaning differently.
Just one of the many things we disagree about."
Why would the Firesong try to take your circle's sacred seed?
"Who knows why those foul sacks of root rot do anything? Obviously, they wanted to take possession of the Stonelore sacred seed. But why they want to acquire a nature spirit from the mainland … I have no idea.
Maybe we're all just chasing legends."

At cave:

Druid Laurel: :"Clear a path ahead, friend. We'll follow behind you."
"I sense a strange energy here. The plants tremble with it. Blight, be careful in there. The Firesong are dangerous."

After defeating Archdruid Michiel's summons:

"Archdruid Michiel, that unrelenting parasite! Good thing we showed up when we did.
Go check on Wyress Tola. After what the Firesong put her through, another druid is probably the last person she wants to see. Dhulef and I will keep watch."
"So the Druid King didn't just meet with the Beldama Wyrd to perform a ritual, he had the help of the Glenmoril Wyrd, too? And the Firesong somehow knew this as well? Blight! Was I the only one who didn't know about this? We need to stop them."
So you agree we need to go to Bangkorai and talk to Wyress Sorcha of the Glenmoril Wyrd?
"As sure as Rain's Hand's showers give rise to Second Seed's flowers! Let's hurry to Bangkorai and find that Glenmoril camp the wyress told you about.
We need to keep Archdruid Michiel from desecrating the second ritual site."
"Wyress Tola gave us a faster way to Bangkorai. Good. Let's take that and make our way to the Glenmoril Wyrd camp near the Viridian Woods.
We'll deal with whatever we find at the camp together."

At Glenmoril Wyrd camp

Wyress Matilde: :"Stay back, druid. Your threats of violence are not welcome here."
Druid Laurel: :"Please, I'm not one of the others you encountered. My friends and I are here to stop them."
Wyress Matilde: :"Oh, really. And why should I trust you?"

After speaking to Wyress Matilde:

Druid Laurel: :"Thank you, wyress. We'll find Wyress Sorcha and stop the Firesong. I promise."
"We need to enter the Sunken Road and find that ritual site before Archdruid Michiel frees the nature spirit. And we have to save Wyress Sorcha. Roots and thorns, why are the Firesong so intent on all this violence and mayhem?
Come on, let's go!"

At Sunken Road:

Druid Laurel: :"No! We were too late. Archdruid Michiel killed Wyress Sorcha. We need to get inside and stop him, now."
Dhulef: :"My apologies, poor lass. Ruptga, help us avenge her death!"

Talking to her:

"They must have killed the wyress as soon as she opened the path. Archdruid Michiel is getting impatient. Rotten path-traitor.
Whatever purpose this ancient spirit serves, we can't let the Firesong have it. Let's put an end to this."

After defeating Archdruid Michiel:

Druid Laurel: :"Friend, help me release the spirit!"
Frii: :"Bright. Awake. The flesh fades."
Druid Laurel: :"The spirit! Can … they understand us?"
Frii: :"Loud … ugh, too loud. Writhing."
Dhulef: :"Zeht's tears! Friend, maybe you could talk to the spirit? They seem … confused."

After Frii is revealed:

"By the root … the spirit, they're beautiful! I think they want to communicate with us. You saved them from Archdruid Michiel and the Firesong. Why don't you see if you can get through to them?"
"We actually did it. We learned why the Druid King met with the wyrds before leaving High Rock. It was to summon this nature spirit. But as to their purpose, that remains a mystery.
Perhaps the Stonelore elders can help me figure it out."
What do we do now?
"We need to return to the Glenmoril Wyrd camp and let them know what happened here. They deserve to hear about Wyress Sorcha from us, as well as about the fate of Archdruid Michiel. We can discuss our next steps back there after we give them the news."
"Use Dhulef's portal and meet us at the Glenmoril Wyrd camp. We'll explain what happened and then figure out what to do with Frii.
We couldn't save Wyress Sorcha, but hopefully us stopping Archdruid Michiel will make things right with the wyrds."

Back at Glenmoril Wyrd camp:

"Like I was telling Dhulef, I want to take Frii to Galen. An island in the Systres Archipelago. They should be with the Stonelore Druids. If anyone can help them find their purpose and keep them safe, it's us."
What about the Firesong? Do you think they'll attempt to go after Frii again?
"After their actions here on the mainland, I wouldn't put it past them. The Firesong revealed themselves as the path-traitors they are. I need to warn my circle and get Frii to Galen.
Take this, friend. Maybe we can work together again in the future."

After completing quest:

"I hope Frii feels comfortable on Galen. I know the Stonelore Druids will do everything we can to help them and make them feel welcome.
And I hope to see you again, my friend. You should visit us on Galen the next time you travel to the archipelago."
Tell me more about Galen.
"It's a beautiful island in the Systres Archipelago. Galen may be a bit less tame High Isle, but I like it. House Mornard oversees the main city of Vastyr, but the rest of the island is wild and free. In that wilderness, the Stonelore make their home."
Do the Stonelore have cities, too?
"No, not like you mean. We have enclaves, small communities of druids working together to keep the True Way.
We have a larger camp which should serve as a safe haven for Frii—at least until we know what Frii wants to do next."
Why did you decide to take Frii to Galen?
"Frii was asleep for so long, they need time to adjust and remember who they are. And to figure out the purpose that the Druid King and the ancient wyrd had in mind when they summoned them.
On Galen, they'll be safe among the Stonelore Druids."
How do you think the rest of your circle will react to Frii?
"That's a good question. We work with nature spirits all the time, but Frii is unique. They're connected to our past in ways I can only guess.
I'll do my best to make sure my people help Frii in any way we can."
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