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Druid Laurel
Location Earthen Root Enclave
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Stonelore Circle
Druid Laurel

Druid Laurel is a Breton druid and member of the Stonelore Circle who can initially be found in the Earthen Root Enclave. Her investigations on the Druids of Galen's voyage to the Systres is being aided by Dhulef of the Mages Guild.

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Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Lost DepthsEdit

The Stonelore DefenseEdit

When you arrive in the Earthen Root Enclave you will find several Storelore Circle druids dead and Archdruid Devyric taunting Druid Laurel and Druid Lyam:

Archdruid Devyric: "We'll kill anyone who gets between us and our prize. That's your last warning, Laurel."
Druid Laurel: "We invited you in. We welcomed you!"
Druid Lyam: "The seed, we can't let him take it!"

Speak with Druid Laurel ask what is going on and to begin the quest:

Unknown Trigger
Haven't completed Graven Deep
"There's no need for this violence. All druids are welcome to come here and commune with the spirits!"
"Attacked? Here in the Earthen Root Enclave? This can't be happening."
What happened to these druids?
"Archdruid Devyric and the Firesong circle, they attacked. My Stonelore siblings kept this land safe for centuries!
The archdruid here opened the enclave to them and Archdruid Devyric killed her. They killed everyone."
Why would another druid kill the archdruid?
"He's after the Stonelore's sacred seed. I'm sure he knew we wouldn't tell him where it was—his followers didn't even hesitate to attack.
That burnt crust Archdruid Devyric can't win. Stop him. I'll pay if that's what you need to convince you."
I'll stop Archdruid Devyric.

After you agree to help, you can ask Druid Laurel some questions:

"Why is Archdruid Devyric doing this? Is that flaming blight trying to cleave the Circles apart? He said he's after the Stonelore seed … but why?
He's heading toward the Dais of Stonesight, that's where I'll meet you. Druid Lyam needs my help."
What's the Stonelore sacred seed? / What is the Stonelore seed?
"A gift from the last Druid King. He gave the leaders of each of the circles a seed, to care for until such time as the seeds would be needed.
That's a very literal translation of the prophecy. I came here to learn more about the Stonelore seed."
What do the Druid King's seeds do?
"Our records of the Druid King's last days are limited. I've studied them—potentially more than anyone else—and even I don't know.
But, if Archdruid Devyric is willing to kill to get the Stonelore seed, then we can't let him have it."
You're a druid?
"I'm a historian in the Stonelore Circle. The Firesong and the Eldertide druids look down on us for accepting outsiders, but they've never been violent before.
These Stonelore druids treated me like family. I thought the Firesong were family, too."
You're a historian?
"I study the Druid King. I used to think that understanding the shared past of our circles would resolve our differences, but the mystery is what calls to me now.
Truthfully? I wish I was still unaware of all this. Then I'd still have hope."
There's a Druid King?
"There was, centuries ago. He led the druids of old to the Systres Archipelago.
But he foresaw something. The stories make it sound terrible. He's the reason the druids split into the three circles. And he gave us our sacred seeds."
Do you know Archdruid Devyric? / How do you know Archdruid Devyric?
"His village housed me on Y'ffelon, the Firesong's island. It contains some of the most intact records about the Druid King's life. Archdruid Devyric was never friendly, but almost no one was.
The Firesong respect him. He is an archdruid, after all."
An archdruid?
"Each circle has many archdruids. I'm not sure how many the Firesong have. And they rarely leave their island.
We thought Archdruid Devyric was here to learn. But now he's going toward the Dais of Stonesight."
What's the Dais of Stonesight?
"This enclave hosts the spirts of Stone, Root, and Air. At their daises, druids can commune with the spirits and experience nature as they do.
Gaining Stonesight would allow Archdruid Devyric to see all that rests in the rock here."
How will that help him get the Stonelore seed?
"Maybe that path-traitor thinks it's planted in the ground.
The spirit won't help him anyway—not when the blood he's spilled still drips into the earth. Sky and dirt have long memories."
"Druids follow Y'ffre's teachings. We strive to find the True Way and live harmoniously with nature. Or, at least that's what I thought we did. This? This would disgust Y'ffre.
Archdruid Devyric and his ilk aren't on the path to the True Way."

When you are at the Dais of Stonesight, Druid Laurel will arrive:

Druid Laurel: "The Dais of Stonesight! It's wrong, like a gale offshore."
Archdruid Devyric :"Keep the corruption going."
Druid Laurel: "Corruption? Stop this! Firesong, what are you doing?"
Druid Laurel: "Spirit! Stop. Please stop!"
Druid Laurel: "We can't let this corrupted spirit do more damage."

After pleas for the spirit to stop fail, you will need to defeat the Corruption of Stone. During the fight, Druid Laurel will create stone pillars to protect you:

Druid Laurel: "Behind the stone pillar. Quickly!"
Druid Laurel: "Here, this pillar will shield you."
Druid Laurel: "It's gathering power!"
Druid Laurel: "I made another barrier, take cover!"
Druid Laurel: "Here, get behind this stone shield!"
Druid Laurel: "Get ready, here it comes!"
Druid Laurel: "Get behind this stone pillar!"

If you die:

Druid Laurel: "Get back up! You have to get back up!

After slaying the spirit, Druid Laurel will approach the remains:

Druid Laurel: "This poor stone spirit. I hope I can cleanse it of Archdruid Devyric's filthy magic."
<Druid Laurel raises her staff and green light surrounds the remains.>
Druid Laurel: "Archdruid Devyric went down to the Deeproot. Follow him while I take care of this corruption."

At the point, you have the opportunity to ask questions:

"If I don't cleanse the corrupted Spirit of Stone before it reforms, it will just go on another rampage.
I'll take care of this. Hurry after Archdruid Devyric. Or that path-traitor's going to do this to the next spirit too."
That was the Spirit of Stone? / What's the Spirit of Stone?
"No, Archdruid Devyric did something to it—changed it, made it aggressive. The Spirit of Stone was gentle and patient. It barely even moved."
Archdruid Devyric can corrupt the spirits?
"I've heard of magic twisting nature spirits, but it's never happened to the ones here. They're old and powerful, dating back to when the first druids landed here. Corrupting them … I don't know how Archdruid Devyric managed it."
Are you sure you can cleanse it?
"No amount of magic can make a tree forget its roots. Spirits can be pushed into imbalance, but their nature is not erased. All I have to do is remind it of what it once was.
This is the art of studying Y'ffre's True Way."
Are all corrupted nature spirits aggressive?
"They … can be. Everything Archdruid Devyric plants grows pain and death. First he attacks fellow druids and now he corrupts nature itself?
He has to be stopped."
What is the Deeproot? / What's the Deeproot?
"It's a cavernous place where the voices of the roots can be heard. Some druids like to sit with the mushrooms and the pools of water and listen to the song of the plants.
I learned the darkness down there holds no comfort for me."
Voices of the roots?
"Plants talk to one another. The Spirit of Root speaks with all those plant voices. Spend enough time down there and you might start to hear the rootsong yourself.
I don't want to hear what it sounds like after Archdruid Devyric corrupts it."

When you enter the Deeproot, you will attempt to chase Archdruid Devyric, but he will have blocked the way:

Druid Laurel: "Root rot and waste! Archdruid Devyric raised a barrier. We can't get through."
Druid Laurel: "This spell is too strong to break on my own. Destroy the nearby trellis sentinels!"

Talking with Druid Laurel:

"Roots and thorns confound it! Destroy the trellis sentinels over there! Breaking this spell is a lot harder than it has to be with them in the way."
What's a trellis sentinel?
"They support the Deeproot and protect the spirit inside from collapses. Archdruid Devyric did something ….
He tied the magic of these barriers into the sap of the sentinels. I can't open the way through while the sentinels live."
Why did Archdruid Devyric go through here? / What's important about this place?
"The Dais of Rootspeak grants knowlege through the Spirit of Root. It allows druids to hear the realm through interconnected roots of all plants."
Will the Spirit of Root help Archdruid Devyric find the Stonelore seed?
"The seed isn't in the Deeproot, but he doesn't know that.
He's probably corrupting the Spirit of Root as we speak. I don't know if we can stop him, but a corrupted Spirit of Root will twist us in vines and buy that unrelenting parasite more time."
Where's the seed?
"I really can't tell you that. The secret is the only thing that's currently protecting the seed from Archdruid Devyric. If he found it ….
Let's just stop him before that happens."

Defeating the first Trellis Sentinel:

Druid Laurel: "I'm sure there's some way to fix the sentinels. Hurry, bring down the next one."

After destroying the second, Druid Laurel will confront Archdruid Devyric near the Corruption of Root:

Druid Laurel: "It's down! Archdruid Devyric, stop right where you are!"
Druid Laurel: "Archdruid Devyric, stop this madness!"
Archdruid Devyric: "Laurel, you know where the seed is, don't you? Come with me."

At this point, she will be taken away by the Archdruid and you will first need to defeat the Corruption of Root before you can chase after Druid Laurel by entering the Path of Salt Spray.

Druid Laurel will call out, as Archdruid Devyric will be "questioning" the Spirit of Air:

Archdruid Devyric: "Stay up here, Laurel. This spirit will tell me what I want to know."
Druid Laurel: "Think you'll find the seed? Your ego is blinding."
Archdruid Devyric: "Blinding? The seed is here. Well, there's no reason to keep you or the spirit now."

As you approach the Dais, Druid Laurel will call out a warning:

Druid Laurel: "He's killing the spirit. He has the seed. Stop him. Please stop him!"

After killing Archdruid Devyric, Druid Laurel will come down to retrieve the seed:

Druid Laurel: "He was a blight and a thorn, but still. May the dirt take Archdruid Devyric into its embrace."

Talk to Druid Laurel to complete the quest:

"Each of the druid circles has their own seed, why would the Firesongs kill for ours?
It doesn't matter, Archdruid Devyric will never get his rotting hands on the Stonelore seed now. I just hope the Eldertide's seed is safe too."
So we stopped the Firesong druids?
"We stopped Archdruid Devyric. But I doubt he was working alone. This isn't the end of … whatever those conflagrations started. No, they won't stop here.
We would have lost the Stonelore sacred seed without you. Thanks for helping me. Take this."

After you complete quest, you can ask more questions:

"There will be an investigation! I'll make sure of it.
This enclave will be restored, as much as it can. It'll be difficult. They've lost so many … but stone is eternal, it doesn't give up. No matter how much work it takes."

If you have completed Graven Deep, she will instead initially respond with:

"I hope Dhulef is all right. I won't be able to contact him for a while, not with everything that's happened.
Why would Archdruid Devyric and the Firesongs do this? So many dead and the enclave is in ruins! Rebuilding alone will take so long."
You know Dhulef?
"I discovered a logbook covering a portion of the druids' journey to Galen. It's strange. Why only document part of the route? I asked Dhulef if he could investigate.
I hope he's off on an adventure. I certainly miss his company and stories now."

The dialogue will continue as normal:

What will you do about the seed?
"I'll take it to Galen. It's our duty to keep this seed safe, and it's not safe here—not after what happened. What we do with it, that's the archdruid's decision. But I'm sure it will be secreted away again.
Did Archdruid Devyric ever say why he wanted the seed?
"All he said was that his leader made him one of Y'ffre's chosen. But Y'ffre would never select that foul-smelling sack of root rot for anything.
Still, I wonder why he cared about this seed. If he wanted to study it, the Firesong have their own."
You're going to restore the enclave?
"Not me, unfortunately. I only came here to study the sacred seed. If I tried to help, I'd be more likely to pluck the flowers than the weeds.
No, the enclave's keepers will restore this place. They'll care for the spirits now."
Will you tell the other druid clans?
"I need to ask our archdruids, but it may be useful to reach out to the Eldertide Circle. They could have information and insight.
With what just happened, I doubt we'll talk to the Firesong. But the Draoife will hear of this. I'll make sure of it."
What's the Draoife?
"A council of some of the most influential druids from each circle. They settle disputes and handle concerns across all three circles. I'll bring this to their attention and let them decide what to do about Archdruid Devyric and the Firesong."

Firesong PrologueEdit

Sojourn of the Druid KingEdit

As you approach her after accepting the quest from Evermore or the Crown Store:

Druid Laurel: "You received my letter then? Thanks for coming."

Speaking to her if you read her letter:

"Ah, you got my letter? Thanks for meeting me. My good friend, Dhulef of the Mages Guild, is in danger. I can't protect him from the Firesong on my own."

If you met her before, she will instead say:

"My friend! You're a welcome sight. You remember Dhulef of the Mages Guild? That old barnacle is pursuing a lead for me and apparently ran into some Firesong. I need to go help him, but I can't take on the Firesong by myself."

Either way, you will then ask about the Firesong:

The Firesong?
"A circle of druids that usually stick to their own island. Lately, however, they've been turning up all over and attacking people. I hoped I was done with them after Earthen Root Enclave, but Dhulef spotted them while investigating a lead."
What kind of lead was he looking into?
"I'm a historian. Dhulef's helping me trace the movements of the Druids of Galen after they left High Rock in ages past. I'm not familiar with this land, so Dhulef went on ahead. Now he's in trouble. Can you help? I'll find a way to reward you."
I'll help you and your friend Dhulef.

If you're in the Daggerfall Covenant:

"In his letter, Dhulef mentioned he was headed to the Ilessan Tower just outside of Daggerfall. Let's move as quickly as wind between bare branches. We must reach him before the Firesong do. I refuse to lose another friend to them."

If you're in the Ebonheart Pact:

"In his letter, Dhulef mentioned he was headed to the Ebon Crypt in northern Glenumbra. Let's move as quickly as wind between bare branches. We must reach him before the Firesong do. I refuse to lose another friend to them."

At your starter city, you are offered more dialogue than if you are already at the Mine:

What's so important about tracing the path of the Druid King?
"I'm a druid. The Druid King's path reveals the origin of my people. Why we departed High Rock, how we found the archipelago, what divided us into the three circles—it's all connected. So much of our history was lost over the generations."
So it's your responsibility to recover the lost history of the druids?
"No one ever said as much. But sure, maybe that's why I've always been so interested. And why not me? I've already learned so much. I need to see where this search takes me.
And I won't be intimidated by the Firesongs into abandoning my research."
Why are the Firesong druids after Dhulef? (If you didn't complete Earthen Root Enclave)
"I'm not actually sure they are. Dhulef just said he noticed them while he was conducting his investigation. The last time I ran into them those path-traitors attacked the Earthen Root Enclave and killed people I cared about. That won't happen again."

If you did Graven Deep dungeon:

Does Dhulef's investigation have anything to do with the logbook we found at Graven Deep?
"Right. Dhulef mentioned you helped him at Graven Deep. It was sheer luck that he found that old logbook at all. It contained an entry indicating the Druid King met with the wyrds before departing High Rock. Dhulef went on ahead to meet with a wyress."
Why is a meeting between the Druid King and the wyrds significant?
"We may share the same roots, but back then wyrds and druids wanted nothing to do with each other. Our oral history contains no stories about such a meeting, so of course I was intrigued.
Hopefully, the wyrds remember something the druids forgot."
You mentioned circles. Tell me about those.
"There are three distinct circles of druids that live throughout the Systres Archipelago. The Stonelore Circle druids, the circle I come from, have enclaves on High Isle and Galen. The Eldertide mainly stick to Galen, but they're not isolationists."
And the Firesongs? (Only if you completed Earthen Root Enclave)
"Up until now, you'd rarely see them outside of Y'ffelon. The Eldertide druids aren't quite as engaged with the world as my circle, but they don't actively obscure themselves. The Firesong were truly reclusive. Which is why this shift is so odd."
Why didn't you go with Dhulef to meet with the wyrds? (If you didn't complete Earthen Root Enclave)
"Bad timing. He arrived before I did, so he left me a letter and went on ahead. When he mentioned spotting the Firesong, I couldn't help but worry about him.
Now that you're here, we can go to the meeting place and make sure Dhulef's all right."

If you did Earthen Root Enclave:

Didn't we deal with the Firesong druids at Earthen Root Enclave?
"Some of them. But when Dhulef wrote that he spotted more of them here on the mainland ….
I don't know what changed, but the Firesongs went from the most isolated circle to the most violent faster than a tree sheds leaves in the autumn chill."'
How have you been since Earthern Root Enclave? / How have you been since we last saw each other?
"Better. I'm afraid you saw a pretty vulnerable side of me at Earthen Root Enclave. The Firesong tore me from the ground and tossed me aside like a blighted weed. Honestly, I'm still recovering. Dhulef's been a big part of that."
How has Dhulef helped with your recovery?
"By taking my mind off those terrible events. Keeping me focused on my research and helping me learn more about Druid King Kasorayn.
His friendship is also a comfort. The Mages Guild hasn't changed him. He's still a bolt of lightning on a clear day."
Do you really think Dhulef's in danger?
"Dhulef is no water lily, but you've seen what the Firesong are capable of.
If the Firesong and him wind up crossing paths … well, I don't want to leave him on his own for any longer than we have to."

When you meet her at the destination where Dhulef is at:

Druid Laurel: "Over here. Dhulef should be somewhere inside."

Regardless of how you accepted her quest, she will say the following:

"According to Dhulef's letter, he headed inside here. We need to find him before the Firesong do … if they haven't already. Root and thorn, let's hurry and get inside! I'll hang behind just a bit and watch your back."

Inside the delve:

Dhulef: "Over here! Just getting a charcoal rubbing of this tablet."
Druid Laurel: "Dhulef! Y'ffre's grace, the Firesong didn't get you!"
Dhulef: "You know better than to worry about me, Laurel. But look, I found something."
Druid Laurel: "Fill in our friend, I'll keep watch back here."

Before speaking to Dhulef:

"Looks like I was worried about nothing. Dhulef has weathered far worse storms than a handful of Firesong. Still, those druids are ruthless. I feel better now that we're all together.
Talk to Dhulef. See what he's found."

After speaking to Dhulef:

Druid Laurel: :"We'll meet you at the camp shortly, friend. I want to take a look at this tablet first."

Speaking to her:

"Dhulef and I will meet you at the Beldama wyrd camp. I just want to examine this tablet first. That's definitely a drawing I've seen used in connection with the Druid King before. Hopefully the wyress can tell us more about the rest of the tablet"

At Beldama Wyrd camp:

Wyress Joslin: "Another druid! Are you with them? Stay back!"
Dhulef: "What happened Here?"
Wyress Joslin: "Druids … called themselves the Firesong. They attacked us!"
Druid Laurel: "Blight and thorns! Please, friend, talk to her and find out what happened."

Before speaking Wyress Joslin:

"Those blighted Firesong attacked the Beldama wyrds! Just like they attacked my people at Earthen Root Enclave.
Speak to Wyress Joslin. Find out what she knows. I don't think she trusts me, and I can't say I blame her."

After speaking to the wyress, Dhulef will ask Laurel to stay behind while he will assist you to find Wyress Tola:

Druid Laurel: "Firesong camps, on the mainland? We need to figure out where they took Wyress Tola."
Dhulef: "Stay here, Laurel. I'll follow our friend but stay out of their way. Let's go see what the Firesong are up to."

Speaking to her again:

"Investigate the camps. Try to find any trace of Wyress Tola, or where the Firesong might have taken her. And if you find any Firesong, run them through. Those path-traitors need to be cut down like the invasive weeds they are!"

After investigating enclaves:

Druid Laurel: "You're back! What of Wyress Tola?"

Sharing your findings with her:

"Roots and thorns confound it! What took you so long? I had half a mind to go after the two of you myself for a moment there.
Did you find anything? Do you know where the Firesong took Wyress Tola? Is she all right?"
We didn't find the wyress, but we found a map that indicates they're interested in Hag Fen.
"Hag Fen? The marsh to the northeast? Well, if the Firesong marked a location on their map, it must be important. We need to head there and fast! I don't trust that path-traitor Archdruid Michiel to not hurt the wyress.
Did you find anything else?"
We found orders that Archdruid Michiel received. An archdruid named Orlaith sent him here.
"Orders? Let me see that. Hmm. Archdruid Orlaith is one of the most respected elders in the Firesong Circle. But why did she send Michiel here to get a nature spirit? We have plenty of our own in the archipelago.
Anyway, is that everything?"
We also found this totem in one of the Firesong camps. Dhulef thinks it's a wyrd totem.
"Interesting. We druids use totems and fetishes in our rituals. Does this serve a similar purpose? And what's this word inscribed here? Frii? Never heard of it.
We have no other choice. We need to see if the Firesong took Wyress Tola to Hag Fen."
All right, let's head to Hag Fen.
"The mark on the map is quite clear. Shouldn't be too hard to find that spot in Hag Fen. I wonder what's there.
I'm sick of being one step behind those blighted cowards. First they tried to take our sacred seed and now this? What does it all mean?"

Asking her more about the sacred seeds:

Tell me more about the sacred seeds.
"The sacred seeds were given into the care of the three Druidic circles by Druid King Kasorayn, to keep and guard until the time they would be needed. That's what the prophecy says, but the actual meaning has been debated for centuries."
What prophecy?
"The Dream of Kasorayn. I've been fascinated by the stories of the Druid King since I read the prophecy inscribed on the Telling Stone. Of course, each of the circles interprets its meaning differently.
Just one of the many things we disagree about."
Why would the Firesong try to take your circle's sacred seed?
"Who knows why those foul sacks of root rot do anything? Obviously, they wanted to take possession of the Stonelore sacred seed. But why they want to acquire a nature spirit from the mainland … I have no idea.
Maybe we're all just chasing legends."

At Eimhir's Cavern, she will be clearing the vines at the cave:

Druid Laurel: "Clear a path ahead, friend. We'll follow behind you."

Speaking to her before you go inside:

"I sense a strange energy here. The plants tremble with it. Blight, be careful in there. The Firesong are dangerous."

Once you have searched the Firesong's nearby camps, you will be led to Eimhir's Cavern. Deep inside the cavern, you will witness Archdruid Michiel speak to Wyresses Tola as his underlings corrupt the pillars of the ritual site.

Archdruid Michiel: "The ritual is nearly complete. The spirit will be ours soon enough."
Wyress Tola: "How dare you disturb a sacred spirit of nature!"
Archdruid Michiel: "Careful, wyress. The spirit will belong to the Firesong. The prophecy decrees it!"
Druid Laurel: "Down there! Hurry!"

Speaking to her before rushing to stop Archdruid Michiel:

"Don't waste your time talking to me! We need to help the wyress! I won't let the Firesong hurt another innocent!"

When you enter the ritual chamber, you will first need to fight off Ruairi the Thorn Piercer and an Ursauk Tairnan before you can reach Wyress Tola.When you arrive, Tola will have her hands up as Archdruid Michiel levels his strung bow at her:

Wyress Tola: "No, stay back!"
<Archdruid Michiel lowers his bow when he notices you arriving.>
Archdruid Michiel: "Bah! I don't have time for distractions. The second ritual site awaits."
<Archdruid Michiel opens a portal and leaves.>
Druid Laurel: "Wyress Tola, are you all right?"
Wyress Tola: "Ah, Dhulef. You and your friends arrived just in time. Thank you."

Speaking to her before speaking to Wyress Tola:

"Archdruid Michiel, that unrelenting parasite! Good thing we showed up when we did.
Go check on Wyress Tola. After what the Firesong put her through, another druid is probably the last person she wants to see. Dhulef and I will keep watch."

After speaking to Wyress Tola, Laurel wants to discuss about the next plan:

Druid Laurel: "The Glenmoril Wyrd, hmm? Let's discuss our next steps."

Hearing her out:

"So the Druid King didn't just meet with the Beldama Wyrd to perform a ritual, he had the help of the Glenmoril Wyrd, too? And the Firesong somehow knew this as well? Blight! Was I the only one who didn't know about this? We need to stop them."
So you agree we need to go to Bangkorai and talk to Wyress Sorcha of the Glenmoril Wyrd?
"As sure as Rain's Hand's showers give rise to Second Seed's flowers! Let's hurry to Bangkorai and find that Glenmoril camp the wyress told you about.
We need to keep Archdruid Michiel from desecrating the second ritual site."

After Wyress Tola opened a portal to expedite the trip:

"Wyress Tola gave us a faster way to Bangkorai. Good. Let's take that and make our way to the Glenmoril Wyrd camp near the Viridian Woods.
We'll deal with whatever we find at the camp together."

After you have rescued Wyress Tola from Archdruid Michiel and the Firesong Circle, she will have you travel to the Glenmoril Wyrd to speak with Wyress Sorcha. Sorcha knows where the second ritual site is and you need to stop it from being corrupted. However, when you arrive at the camp, you will find an angry Wyress Matilde speaking with Druid Laurel:

Wyress Matilde: :"Stay back, druid. Your threats of violence are not welcome here."
Druid Laurel: :"Please, I'm not one of the others you encountered. My friends and I are here to stop them."
Wyress Matilde: :"Oh, really. And why should I trust you?"

Before speaking to Wyress Matilde:

"The Firesong have been here, these poisonous thorns. I don't blame the wyress for being cautious. The distinction between myself and them might not be so obvious to these wyrds.
Could you speak with her? Try to convince her we're here to help?"

After speaking to Wyress Matilde:

Druid Laurel: "Thank you, wyress. We'll find Wyress Sorcha and stop the Firesong. I promise."

Speaking to her before going to the Sunken Road:

"We need to enter the Sunken Road and find that ritual site before Archdruid Michiel frees the nature spirit. And we have to save Wyress Sorcha. Roots and thorns, why are the Firesong so intent on all this violence and mayhem?
Come on, let's go!"

At Sunken Road, Laurel and Dhulef will find out that Wyress Sorcha was murdered:

Druid Laurel: "No! We were too late. Archdruid Michiel killed Wyress Sorcha. We need to get inside and stop him, now."
Dhulef: "My apologies, poor lass. Ruptga, help us avenge her death!"

Talking to her:

"They must have killed the wyress as soon as she opened the path. Archdruid Michiel is getting impatient. Rotten path-traitor.
Whatever purpose this ancient spirit serves, we can't let the Firesong have it. Let's put an end to this."

Once inside the Glenmoril Ritual Site, you can speak to her again:

"Archdruid Michiel must be stopped. Once we find him, you know what has to be done.
I'm sure he's already begun his final ritual. We don't have any time to waste. Let's keep moving."

After defeating Archdruid Michiel, Laurel asks you to release the spirit:

Dhulef: "Well done, sailor! Archdruid Michiel didn't stand a chance against you."
Druid Laurel: "Friend, help me release the spirit!"

After releasing the spirit:

Frii: :"Bright. Awake. The flesh fades."
Druid Laurel: :"The spirit! Can … they understand us?"
Frii: :"Loud … ugh, too loud. Writhing."
Dhulef: :"Zeht's tears! Friend, maybe you could talk to the spirit? They seem … confused."

After Frii is revealed before you speak to the spirit:

"By the root … the spirit, they're beautiful! I think they want to communicate with us. You saved them from Archdruid Michiel and the Firesong. Why don't you see if you can get through to them?"

After speaking to Frii, Druid Laurel will come forward:

Druid Laurel: "Frii, I'm a druid. I'll take you someplace safe after I talk to my friend."
Frii: "Like the Druid King? Sunlight on leaves. Yes, Frii will go with you."

After speaking to Frii:

"We actually did it. We learned why the Druid King met with the wyrds before leaving High Rock. It was to summon this nature spirit. But as to their purpose, that remains a mystery.
Perhaps the Stonelore elders can help me figure it out."
What do we do now?
"We need to return to the Glenmoril Wyrd camp and let them know what happened here. They deserve to hear about Wyress Sorcha from us, as well as about the fate of Archdruid Michiel. We can discuss our next steps back there after we give them the news."

Before using Dhulef's portal:

"Use Dhulef's portal and meet us at the Glenmoril Wyrd camp. We'll explain what happened and then figure out what to do with Frii.
We couldn't save Wyress Sorcha, but hopefully us stopping Archdruid Michiel will make things right with the wyrds."

At the Glenmoril Wyrd camp, you will find Frii surround by Druid Laurel and the Wyresses Mathilde and Senna:

Dhulef: "We could bring Frii to the Mages Guild. I'm sure they'd be safe there, Laurel."
Druid Laurel: "No, Dhulef. I think I need to take Frii to the Stonelore Circle. They belong with the druids."
Frii: "Frii belongs with druids, yes, yes. Purpose and stone, rain and sun."

Speaking to Laurel to hear her thoughts on this new situation:

"Like I was telling Dhulef, I want to take Frii to Galen. An island in the Systres Archipelago. They should be with the Stonelore Druids. If anyone can help them find their purpose and keep them safe, it's us."
What about the Firesong? Do you think they'll attempt to go after Frii again?
"After their actions here on the mainland, I wouldn't put it past them. The Firesong revealed themselves as the path-traitors they are. I need to warn my circle and get Frii to Galen.
Take this, friend. Maybe we can work together again in the future."

After completing quest:

"I hope Frii feels comfortable on Galen. I know the Stonelore Druids will do everything we can to help them and make them feel welcome.
And I hope to see you again, my friend. You should visit us on Galen the next time you travel to the archipelago."
Why did you decide to take Frii to Galen?
"Frii was asleep for so long, they need time to adjust and remember who they are. And to figure out the purpose that the Druid King and the ancient wyrd had in mind when they summoned them.
On Galen, they'll be safe among the Stonelore Druids."
How do you think the rest of your circle will react to Frii?
"That's a good question. We work with nature spirits all the time, but Frii is unique. They're connected to our past in ways I can only guess.
I'll do my best to make sure my people help Frii in any way we can."
Tell me more about Galen.
"It's a beautiful island in the Systres Archipelago. Galen may be a bit less tame High Isle, but I like it. House Mornard oversees the main city of Vastyr, but the rest of the island is wild and free. In that wilderness, the Stonelore make their home."
Do the Stonelore have cities, too?
"No, not like you mean. We have enclaves, small communities of druids working together to keep the True Way.
We have a larger camp which should serve as a safe haven for Frii—at least until we know what Frii wants to do next."


A Sea of TroublesEdit

When you arrive at Tuinh on the east coast of Galen, you find it has been attacked and Druid Laurel will be there as well:

Druid Laurel: "Blight, what a slaughter!"

Speak with Druid Laurel to see what is going on:

Met Druid Laurel before:
First time meeting:
"I didn't expect to see you again so soon, friend, but I never refuse the gifts that Y'ffre is willing to give me.
I came to help the Eldertide druids, but I was too late. This battle is already lost, blight take it!"
"Blight take it! I came to help the Eldertide druids defend their village, but I was too late. This battle is already lost.
You're not an islander, and you're certainly not a Sea Elf. What are you doing here, stranger?"
Sir Stefan Mornard sent me. He was concerned that the druids never answered his call.
"Sir Stefan's a dear friend of mine, and practically a druid himself! We studied together under Archdruid Rahval when we were younger.
It's not unlike him to worry about the druids—even the Eldertide."
What happened here?
"The Dreadsails happened, but it makes no sense. The Eldertide have no riches—druids don't care about such things. And they command formidable magic.
What pirate attacks a target that can fight back for no obvious profit?"
I ran into Eldertide druids who helped the Ascendant Magus on High Isle. (If you completed the High isle questline)
"Druids choose their own paths. The Eldertide of High Isle are bitter, resentful. But as long as the Mornards don't push into druid territory, the Eldertide of Galen are content to live in peace.
It was foolish of the Dreadsails to provoke them."
Sir Stefan said that the Dreadsails were unusually determined.
"That's strange. It makes me wonder what the Sea Elves really hope to gain by these attacks.
Let's look around. Watch for anything that looks interesting or out of place. With any luck, we can figure out why the Sea Elves attacked Tuinh."

At this point, Druid Laurel will be come your follower as you investigate the village. Speaking with her during this:

"We may be too late to save the Eldertide druids here, but we can try to learn what attracted the Dreadsails to this village. Let's look around."

As you find items, Druid Laurel will comment:

Reading the Dreadsail Orders:

Druid Laurel: "A lorekeeper? What relic could they be searching for?"

Finding the burnt Emberblooms:

Druid Laurel: "Emberblooms? The Firesong use them to cast certain spells. Are they involved in this, too?"

Examining the Eldertide Altar:

Druid Laurel: "The candles are still burning. The Eldertide druids who tend this altar have not been gone for long."

Once you have found all three clues:

Druid Laurel: "Let's take a look in the lodge. There might be something about the relic there."

Speaking with Laurel before entering the lodge:

"Let's look inside the lodge. That's where the village elders gather. Maybe we'll find out more there."

When you are inside the lodge, you will find someone already in there and Druid Laurel recognizes them:

Druid Laurel: :"Archdruid Orlaith! What are you doing here?"
Archdruid Orlaith: :"Confirming a suspicion, little Laurel."
Archdruid Orlaith: :"Archdruid Rahval was right to call the Draoife together. Tell him the Firesong will attend."
Archdruid Orlaith: :"The time has come to gather the seeds. The prophecy of the Druid King is at hand."
<Archdruid Orlaith teleports away.>
Druid Laurel: :"The seeds? Is that what this—oh, blight! She's gone. Friend, we should talk."

Speak with Druid Laurel to find out what is going on:

"Root and rot! That was Archdruid Orlaith, leader of the Firesong Circle. I think I know what really happened here, and I don't like it at all!"
What do you mean, Laurel?
"The relic the Dreadsails sought is the sacred seed of the Eldertide. A gift of the last Druid King. Each circle was granted one. That's what Archdruid Orlaith meant by gathering seeds.
Could she be the druid mentioned in the Dreadsails orders?"
Completed Earthen Root Enclave and Firesong Prologue:
Completed Firesong Prologue only:
Completed Earthen Root Enclave only:
The Firesong attacked Earthen Root Enclave and tried to capture Frii in Glenmoril.
"I thought Devyric and Michiel were Firesong renegades, acting of their own accord. But the orders we found, and what Orlaith just said. The Firesong want all the sacred seeds.
Archdruid Orlaith leads the Firesong. This is her doing."
Was Archdruid Orlaith behind the Firesong attack on the Glenmoril Wyrds?
"Maybe? I'm not sure why they wanted to wake Frii, but other Firesong tried to take the Stonelore seed right around the same time. And now this.
Archdruid Orlaith mentioned the Druid King's prophecy. Could that be what this is all about?"
Didn't Firesong druids try to take the Stonelore seed from Earthen Root Enclave?
"I thought Archdruid Devyric and his followers were renegades—a splinter group. But those orders we found, and what Orlaith just said—the Firesong want all three sacred seeds.
Archdruid Orlaith is the leader of the circle. This is her doing."
Why are the seeds so important? Are they powerful?
"Not as far as I know. The seeds are mentioned in the Dream of Kasorayn—the prophecy of the last Druid King. The Firesong seem to believe its time has come. The other circles, not so much.
Perhaps the Draoife can make sense of all this."
The Draoife?
"A council of druids, elders from all three circles. Archdruid Rahval of the Stonelore has summoned the Draoife to address grievances against the Firesong, but up till now Orlaith ignored him.
Tell Stefan about this. Pirates aren't his only problem."
All right. I'll tell Sir Stefan what we learned here.

After you agree to pass on what you learnt to Sir Stefan, Druid Laurel will let you go. If you speak with her again before leaving:

"Thank you, friend. If you have any other tasks, take care of them swiftly and report back to Sir Stefan in Vastyr.
If the Firesong and the Dreadsails are working together, he needs to know."

Once you have investigated all three locations, you can report your findings to Sir Stefan in Castle Mornard. He will then ask if you can attend the druid's Draoife along with him, and asks you to speak with Laurel in the Vine District about it. She will notice you as you approach:

Druid Laurel: "Oh, hello again. What brings you to the vine district?"

Speak with Druid Laurel, her dialogue will differ depending on whether you previously completed the Firesong Prologue:

"I hoped to see you again, my friend, but I need to prepare for the Draoife. The elders really must deal with the strife that has come between the circles."
Sir Stefan wants me to join you at the meeting of the Draoife.
"You know, that's not a bad idea. Few outsiders are permitted to attend the council meetings, but you can attest to what we saw at Tuinh. The Firesong Circle is willing to use force to gather the three sacred seeds, and that's just wrong."
Can you tell me more about these sacred seeds?
"The last Druid King gave one seed to each circle long ago. He also gave us a prophecy, the Dream of Kasorayn. Some druids consider it a warning, but Archdruid Orlaith and others believe it's a call to action."
Completed Firesong Prologue:
Did not complete Firesong Prologue:
What exactly does this prophecy say?
"Hmm. Meet me at the Telling Stone, the landmark near the center of the island. It would be easier to simply show you the prophecy, and close to Draoife Dell.
Besides, Frii might be there. They will want to see you again."
Frii the nature spirit? All right, I'll meet you at the Telling Stone.
What exactly does this prophecy say?
"Hmm. Meet me at the Telling Stone, the landmark near the center of the island. It would be easier to simply show you the prophecy, and it's close to Draoife Dell.
Besides, there's someone at the stone you should meet."
All right, I'll meet you at the Telling Stone.

Speaking with Druid Laurel again before leaving:

"You can find the Telling Stone on a high ridge north of Vastyr, at the very heart of Galen. The Draoife Dell is close by."

When you arrive at the Telling Stone, Druid Laurel will be there with Sir Stefan and they will be listening intently to Frii:

Frii: "Darkness stirs, roots tremble, druids gather. I am the nourisher, the sower. Needed?"
Druid Laurel: "I don't think that's wise, Frii. I don't trust the Firesong."
Frii: "Firesong … pulsing, ripping, torn free from the ground. Blood in leaves. A memory."

Speak with Druid Laurel to see what is going on and to learn about Frii. Again, her dialogue will differ depending on whether you had previously encountered Frii or not:

Have not met Frii before:
Met Frii before:
"Welcome to the Telling Stone, my friend. These runes tell the prophecy we call the Dream of Kasorayn. Almost nothing survives from the time of the Druid King, but we have this.
And now Frii, as well."
What exactly is Frii?
"A nature spirit, called from the Green by King Kasorayn and hidden with the wyrd in High Rock. They slept since the time of the last Druid King until the Firesong Circle sent an archdruid to find Frii and awaken them."
What did the Firesong druids want with Frii?
"Welcome to the Telling Stone, my friend. These runes tell the prophecy we call the Dream of Kasorayn. Almost nothing survives from the time of the Druid King, but we have this.
And now Frii, as well."
Have you been hiding Frii?
"You saw what Archdruid Michiel did to the wyrds. Druids who are ready to hurt others like that shouldn't get what they want. So I've been keeping Frii safe and helping them learn about people.
They grow more every day. It's … incredible."
Have you figured out why the Firesong druids want Frii?
"I probably know more about the Druid King than any other druid alive, but so much remains a mystery.
The Dream of Kasorayn describes a mountain shaking and a Sower awakening. I think it's talking about Mount Firesong and Frii."
How do the sacred seeds fit in?
"So much has been lost, so I can only guess. Maybe Archdruid Orlaith believes the seeds must be united to make the prophecy come true? Until they end their violent ways, though, I plan to keep Frii a secret.
Let's go see what happens at the Draoife."
Where will the Draoife take place?

Druid Laurel will tell you where the Draoife will be held, but you can ask her questions about the Druid King and prophecy before you leave:

"The Draoife will begin soon. Three archdruids from each circle meet in a dell within the hills across the valley, just to the south of here. We should make our way there. I don't want to miss anything."
What do you think the Dream of Kasorayn means?
"Someday a new Druid King will appear to take the Ivy Throne. Kasorayn led our withdrawal from the mainland, but he also saw a day when druids would once again take their place in Tamriel.
For good or ill."
Good or ill? You think the return of the Druid King might be bad?
"The dream is a promise and a warning. Some druids believe we're destined to bring a Green Renewal to Tamriel. To teach everyone to live in harmony with nature.
Others fear a Green Scourge, when nature runs amok and the tyranny of druids takes hold."
Which interpretation do you think is correct?
"I think the dream is a metaphor. Kasorayn was reminding us of where we came from. The day he describes will never come, but we should lead our lives as if it's close at hand. Make the right choices. Do the right things.
That's how I see it."
According to the prophecy, how would this Green Scourge come about?
"Hard to say. So much is open to interpretation. I think it warns of a usurper who claims the kingship by force and treachery. It may be related to the end of Kasorayn's rule. I found one reference to an Allwither death cult active at that time."
Tell me about the Druid King.
"Kasorayn was the last of the druid kings. In an age long past, he led our people from High Rock to Galen. They hoped to find a land where druids could live in peace and follow Y'ffre's teachings as they understood them."
Why was Kasorayn the last druid king?
"He chose no successor before he died. Instead, Kasorayn recognized the three circles and told them to govern themselves. Together, in peace. And so the Draoife, the council of druids, came into existence.
The Draoife has guided us ever since."

When you arrive at the Draiofe Dell, Archdruid Orlaith will be speaking with both Archdruid Rahval and Archdruid Ellic:

Archdruid Orlaith: "The day is upon us. The Draoife must crown a new Druid King!"
Archdruid Rahval: "Perhaps, but you have no right to claim the sacred seeds by force."
Archdruid Orlaith: "You hide your seeds and keep the Sower of Kasorayn's Dream for yourself. You declared this war, not the Firesong."
Archdruid Ellic: "No Druid King can be crowned until the circles are united! The Telling Stone is quite clear …."
Archdruid Orlaith: "This Draoife is a sham! If I must burn away the old to reveal the new, so be it!"
<Firesong druids and Dreadsails will teleport in and slay most of the attending druids.>
Druid Laurel: "Orlaith killed most of the Draoife! She's getting away!"
<Druid Laurel runs down a tunnel.>
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Laurel, wait! Damn. I'll go after her. Friend, protect the remaining archdruids!"

In the meantime, Dhulef will shield the surviving Rahval and Ellic while you fight off the attackers. Once you have won, you can follow Laurel and Stefan down the tunnel but when you catch up you find things have gone wrong. Sir Stefan has been captured by both Sealord Nalos and Archdruid Orlaith:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Flee, Laurel! Save yourself!"
Druid Laurel: "Stefan!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Mainlanders should not meddle in druid affairs. Deal with them, Branagh!"

You will then need to fight Druid Branagh and his ursauk companion. When you win, Archdruid Orlaith will give you an ultimatium, Count Mornard stays out of their business or Stefan will be killed. The others then catch up and you can speak with Druid Laurel:

"Orlaith was going to take me, but Stefan intervened. He put himself in danger to save me and protect my circle.
We need to tell Count Mornard what happened. And then we have to help Stefan!"
Why do you think Archdruid Orlaith attacked the Draoife?
"Archdruid Orlaith never intended the Draoife to judge her actions. Root and rot! She only agreed to come so she could have the Dreadsails kill the archdruids!
She meant to leave the Stonelore and the Eldertide crippled and without their leaders!"
We saved Archdruid Rahval and Archdruid Ellic from the Dreadsails.
"So I see. Thank you. That was more good than I could do. I chased after Orlaith and ran directly into her hands. Worse yet, I brought Stefan right to her.
Now the Firesong Circle has a hostage."
What will Archdruid Orlaith do with Sir Stefan?
"I don't know, but Count Mornard will be furious.
Archdruid Orlaith might demand the sacred seeds in exchange for Stefan. Or she could make House Mornard stand down until her allies collect the seeds for her. This … is bad."

Tides of RuinEdit

After speaking with Count Leonard Mornard about what happened at the Draiofe, he will ask you to handle the rescue of Stefan while he publicly does nothing. He will also ask you to speak with Archdruids Rahval and Ellic. They can be found east of Vastyr and Laurel will be with them, you can hear the end of their conversation as you approach:

Archdruid Rahval: "No, Laurel. Archdruid Orlaith demanded the nature spirit, too. You must find Frii and keep them safe."
Druid Laurel: "But Stefan is in danger! I have to—what's that?"
<There is a grumble and the ground shakes, ash pours out of the nearby Mount Firesong.>
Archdruid Rahval: "Mount Firesong stirs. Archdruid Orlaith and her circle ignore their duties."

Speaking with Druid Laurel before the Archdruids:

"Archdruid Rahval is right. I must protect Frii. But this is all my fault. If I hadn't rushed ahead to confront Orlaith, Stefan wouldn't have been captured.
I couldn't bear it if Stefan comes to harm because of me."
You and Sir Stefan seem close. / You seem close to Sir Stefan.
"You could say that. We studied together under Archdruid Rahval when we were both young. He remains a dear friend."
Just a friend?
"You … you see through me. There was a time when we were more than friends. Those feelings never truly leave you. But Stefan is the son of Count Mornard. There could never be anything more than daydreams for us."
Why not?
"I have no family to speak of. To a great house, I'm little better than a vagabond. Poor and common, as nobles measure such things. Stefan's father would never allow us to marry. So I broke it off.
A kindness for both of us in the end."
Why does Frii need your protection?
"Because Archdruid Orlaith demanded the nature spirit along with the sacred seeds. She thinks Frii is mentioned in the prophecy, the Dream of Kasorayn. That Frii is the Sower.
I don't think they could hurt Frii, but we don't want them taken, either."
Do you think Frii is part of the prophecy?
"I'm not sure what I think. I know Frii has no desire to wield power and wouldn't harm a fleshfly. Frii doesn't understand such impulses. They're not a child or a fool, but they are naive to the ways of the mortal world and could be easily misled."

After you have spoken with the Archdruids:

"I wish I could go with you, but Archdruid Rahval is right. The Firesong druids must be scouring Galen for Frii. The spirit trusts me. I have to keep Frii safe.
Please, friend, save Stefan."

Seeds of DestructionEdit

After you rescue Sir Stefan, Druid Niraya and retrieve the Eldertide Seed, you return to Vastyr with the knowledge that it will be attacked by the Dreadsails soon. He asks you to convince the Druids to help, Archdruid Rahval agrees and asks you to meet with Druid Laurel in Glimmertarn. When you arrive, you find Druid Laurel tending to the injured:

Druid Laurel: "You'll be all right, just lie still."

Speak with Druid Laurel to find out what has happended:

If you haven't completed the Firesong Prologue:
If you completed the Firesong Prologue:
"Damn those path-traitors and their Dreadsails lackeys! They're everywhere! The Firesong attacked these Eldertide before they could reach the shelter of this camp. But you look like you came with a purpose. Tell me what news you bring."
"Thank Y'ffre it's you. I need someone I can trust. The Eldertide ran afoul of the path-traitor Firesong and their parasitic Dreadsails in the area.
I'm doing what I can to help their wounded. Blight. You look like you have news. What is it?"
Archdruid Rahval sent me. Sir Stefan requested that the druids help defend Vastyr and he agreed.
"That's … unexpected. We normally don't get involved with wars and politics. But the Firesong started this, so I guess that makes it a druid problem.
Look, we're practically surrounded by the Firesong and Dreadsails out here. I could use your help."
What do you need me to do?
"We need to light the beacon that will gather every Stonelore druid on Galen to Glimmertarn. However, the Dreadsails grabbed the everflame torch in a recent raid on the village. We need that enchanted torch to ignite the beacon."
Where did the Dreadsails take the everflame torch?
"The Dreadsails have a beachhead at Broken Oar Cove, just northeast of here on the shore. Retrieve the everflame torch and meet me at Veil's Bluff to the west. That's where we need to go to light the beacon."
I'll recover the everflame torch and meet you at Veil's Bluff.

After you agree to retrieve the Everflame Torch, you can ask Druid Laurel some questions before you leave:

"Head to Broken Oar Cove and retrieve the everflame torch. There's a path to the east that leads down to the shore. Then meet me at the beacon at Veil's Bluff.
Be careful. Our enemy is as thick as weeds once you leave the safety of this village."
Are the Eldertide druids here going to be all right?
"I've helped the worst of the wounded. Most of them are more shaken than they are hurt. But I doubt they would have survived if they hadn't made it to Glimmertarn."
Tell me more about this torch and beacon?
"The beacon is used in times of danger to alert the Stonelore druids spread across the island and summon them back to Glimmertarn. The enchantment contained in the everflame torch allows the beacon's light to be seen from anywhere on Galen."
When was the last time the beacon was lit?
"Many, many seasons ago. I was so young I barely remember it. I recall being scared. There was some sort of rabid creature roaming the northern half of the island.
Anyway, it's rarely used and only in extreme emergencies. I think this counts."
Archdruid Rahval said he gave your circle's seed to Frii. Is it still safe?
"I think so, but I lost track of Frii when the Eldertide started pouring into the village. I'm sure they found somewhere safe to hold up.
Let's trust in Frii. We can check on them after we light the beacon."

Once you have the Everflame Torch in hand, Druid Laurel will be waiting for you on the stone stairs of Veil's Bluff:

Druid Laurel: "The beacon's ready. Do you have the torch?"

Speak with Druid Laurel:

"It's worse than I thought. I saw more than my fair share of bodies on the way here. I'm sure you did, too. If we don't hurry, those poisonous thorns will have the numbers to overwhelm Glimmertarn.
You think the Dreadsails plan to attack Glimmertarn?
"Of course. Why else surround us? Why else steal the everflame torch?
At least they haven't made it to the beacon. It's ready. It will call the Stonelore to Glimmertarn like a songbird guiding them home. Did you get the torch?"
Yes, I retrieved the everflame torch.
"Good. Then go ahead and ignite the beacon. Hurry, before any of those Dreadsails spot us."

You can then light the beacon which has a blue flame, Druid Laurel will begin to pray as orbs of blue light shoot out of the flames:

Druid Laurel: "It's done. Let's head back to Glimmertarn and prepare my people for war."

Talking to Laurel before heading back:

"Let's head back to Glimmertarn. I need to give the druids instructions and make preparations to depart for Vastyr.
Be on your guard. The trees hide many evils. The Dreadsails and Firesong get bolder by the moment."

When you arrive back in Glimmertarn, many more Stonelore druids will have arrived, including Archdruid Rahval:

"Archdruid Rahval has arrived, and other Stonelore will show up shortly. Go ahead and talk to the archdruid. He wants to speak to you."

Archdruid Rahval askes you to retrieve Frii from the nearby Clohaigh, Laurel will accompany you:

"I'll meet you at Clohaigh. It's a cave almost directly east of Glimmertarn. Wait for me by the entrance and we'll head in together."

She will meet up with you once you reach Clohaigh and calls you over:

Druid Laurel: "Hang on, let's talk."

Talk to Druid Laurel and see what is going on:

"Blight! I saw a group of Dreadsails and Firesong enter the cave just as I arrived. Not sure if they spotted Frii or simply got curious, but this isn't good.
We need to get in there. Frii and the seed are in danger!"
Is there anything besides Frii that the Firesong would want in there?
"Not that I'm aware of. There are some druid carvings and such, but I haven't had a chance to study them. The whole place is overgrown with vegetation.
The cave did fascinate Frii though. Something kept drawing them back here."
The archdruid said you came here with Frii?
"A few times, yes. I'd try to clean up a little while Frii looked around. Sometimes they'd sit and meditate for long stretches. When we find them, this time I'm going to ask what that was all about.
Now let's go help Frii!"

Before you enter into Clohaigh:

"Let's get inside and find Frii."

Once you enter Clohaigh, Druid Laurel will comment on its appearance:

Druid Laurel: "Frii cleared out a lot since I was last here. That, or the Firesong have been tearing things down."

Speaking with Laurel as you search:

"Stay focused and be on guard. The Firesong I saw could be anywhere in here."

She soon notices something different:

Druid Laurel: "Wait. Vines covered that section before."

Druid Laurel soon finds a carved pillar and asks you to examine it:

Druid Laurel: "Is that … Frii? And those are wyrds around them. What does it mean?"

Speaking with her afterwards:

Completed Firesong Prologue:
Did not complete Firesong Prologue:
"These marks are old. Similar to the tablet Dhulef found in High Rock. I doubt that's a coincidence. And it clearly shows Frii, or a spirit very much like them.
Let's see if there are any more drawings while we look for Frii."
"I didn't know these markings were here. They're extremely old. But that's Frii, or a spirit very much like them.
Let's keep an eye out for more drawings while we try to find Frii."

You soon come across another carving:

Druid Laurel: "Look, another marking! We need to examine it."
<You examine it.>
Druid Laurel: "Are those … yes, the sacred seeds! And Frii, growing them into a crown, a staff, and a gauntlet! Let's keep looking."

Speaking with Druid Laurel afterwards:

"The Stonelore seed, the Eldertide seed, and the Firesong seed … all in this drawing. And Frii makes the seeds grow to become … regalia?
Is this what the Druid King created them for? There has to be more to this. Let's keep looking."

You find a third carving:

Druid Laurel: "Another marking. Examine it, but watch out for the Firesong."
<You examine it.>
Druid Laurel: "A druid, holding the staff and gauntlet. And Frii places the crown upon their head, just like in the prophecy. We need to find Frii, now."

Start of conversation with Druid Laurel:

Completed Firesong Prologue:
Did not complete Firesong Prologue:
"Frii … crowning a new Druid King? The Dream of Kasorayn says "When mountain shakes and Sower wakes, the throne shall bloom again."
Come on, we need to find Frii. I have so many questions."
"I never knew these markings were here. I don't think anyone did. But Frii was drawn to this place. I'm sure that's no coincidence. We need to find them.
Once we make sure Frii's safe, maybe they can explain all this."

Eventually you come across a warded door and Captain Liondil will be standing outside it:

Druid Laurel: "Look, a ward protects that far door. Did Frii cast that? We need to find a way to open it."

Speaking with Druid Laurel:

"I think Frii set that ward. They must be somewhere beyond that door. At least the Firesong haven't been able to get past it yet.
Let's look around and hope we're smarter than they are. Or at least a little luckier."

Soon you find a pillar and begin moving the stones:

Druid Laurel: "Frii used an ancient druid trick. I've seen this before. There should be two druid stones in here. If we turn them, the ward should dissipate."

Talking with Laurel afterwards:

"I've seen magic like this in old druid ruins before. We need to turn both stones to dissipate the ward and open the door."

After rotating one of the stones:

Druid Laurel: "There should be another stone nearby. Let's look around."

Once the door to the inner chamber is opened:

Druid Laurel: "That did it. The door should be open now."

Talking with Laurel afterwards:

"The ward should be gone now. Let's go through that door and find Frii."

You can then enter the inner chamber which leads to the Stonelore Shrine:

Druid Laurel: "Look! That's Frii on the other side of the chamber!"

Talking to Laurel before continuing:

"Thank the Green, Frii doesn't seem to be hurt. Go ahead and speak with them."

When you approach Frii, you will find they had been guarding the Sacred Stonelore Seed:

Frii: "It worked. Secrets remain buried."

Once you finish speaking to Frii:

Druid Laurel: "You did good, Frii, but you look exhausted."
Frii: "Frii is fine. All regrows. Laurel-friend, take the seed."

Speaking with Druid Laurel here:

"Retrieve the sacred seed and take it to Archdruid Rahval. Frii trusts you with it, and so do I."

Once you have spoken with Frii and taken the seed:

Druid Laurel: "Return to Glimmertarn with the seed. I'll make sure Frii gets out of here safely."

Talking to Druid Laurel before leaving Clohaigh

"Go on ahead to Glimmertarn, my friend. Frii and I will be right behind you. I want to make sure they get out of here safely."

When you arrive in Glimmertarn, Archdruid Rahval will be preparing to leave:

"Looks like Archdruid Rahval is just about ready to head out. There hasn't been an army of druids like this in many, many seasons.
Go on. Give him the sacred seed."

After you had over the seed, Sir Stefan will arrive with some of his knights. Speaking with Laurel before him:

"Stefan? What's he doing here? Talk to him, friend. Find out what made him risk leaving the city to come all the way out here."

If you exit out of the conversation with Sir Stefan before turning in the quest, she will say:

"Stefan still wants to talk to you, friend. You better see what he came all this way to say."

The Siege of VastyrEdit

Speaking with Sir Stefan, he will suggest you track down Captain Siravaen and ask for her help. Speaking with Laurel before leaving:

"So you're going to help Captain Siravaen? I suppose we could us a Sea Elf warship when the battle starts.
Go, friend, with Y'ffre's blessing."
Will you and Frii be all right here?
"Don't worry about us, we'll be fine. We'll make sure any stragglers and the remaining wounded Eldertide get to Vastyr safely. And those who don't make it in time before the attack gets underway we'll keep safe here."
So you're not coming to Vastyr?
"I don't want to leave Glimmertarn totally defenseless. There will undoubtedly be more druids arriving, delayed by something or other. That, and I'd rather not have Frii in the middle of a battle. They're capable, but far too valuable to be lost."

The Dream of KasoraynEdit

Sir Stefan wants you to warn Druid Laurel that the Firesong have control of all three sacred seeds and is now looking for Frii. You will head over to Glimmertarn to warn her.

Druid Laurel: "Friend, what news of Vastyr? Why are the spirits of the island in such distress?"

Speaking to her to tell her about the bad news:

"The very spirits all around us cry out in fear and sorrow. Even Frii says they sense a change in the sacred seeds. Tell me about the battle in Vastyr. Is Stefan all right?
I fear something terrible has happened."
Sir Stefan's fine, but Count Mornard was killed, as was Archdruids Rahval and Ellic.
"Archdruid Rahval is dead? I … I knew something had gone wrong. The spirits of nature that surround Glimmertarn were acting so strangely.
But if the archdruids are dead, what happened to the sacred seeds?"
Archdruid Orlaith murdered Rahval and took the Eldertide and Stonelore seeds.
"Blight and damnation! Frii told me they sensed the seeds stirring. Moving. I couldn't think of any good reason to account for that, and neither could Frii.
But what about Vastyr? Does the city still stand?"
We defeated Sealord Nalos and drove off the remaining Dreadsails. The city is safe for now.
"At least something good has come of all this. But poor Stefan. His father wasn't a friend to the druids, but he mostly left us alone … unlike some of his predecessors.
Frii said they felt the seeds calling. Maybe they can help us track them down."
When Archdruid Orlaith took the seeds, she said she was going to become the new Druid King.
"I knew this had to do with the prophecy, the Dream of Kasorayn, but for anyone to proclaim themselves the Druid King—even an archdruid—it's just unheard of. That isn't how it's supposed to work.
Talk to Frii. See if they still sense the seeds."
With Archdruid Rahval dead, who leads the Stonelore Circle?
"I … I don't know. And our other archdruids died in the attack on the Draoife. At some point I'll need to send for an elder or archdruid from High Isle, but for now we're on our own. In the meantime, I'll do my best to lead the way Rahval taught me."

After speaking with Frii:

Druid Laurel: "Go on ahead. Frii and I will meet you near Ivyhame."

Seeing if she knows more about the task:

"Ivyhame? I know that place. It's to the east, on the most-eastern tip of the island.
Frii and I will meet you there, friend. Go with Y'ffre."
What can you tell me about Ivyhame?
"Kasorayn, the last Druid King, didn't reign from a fine palace or grand keep. Instead he set the Ivy Throne in a sacred vale, Ivyhame. It was the heart of the druid realm in the early days of Galen. It fell into ruin after Kasorayn's death."
Do any of the druidic circles still use Ivyhame?
"While the location rightly belongs to all druids, it was abandoned long ago. The Ivy Throne was sealed away after the Druid King died, but druids of all circles once wandered the vale and dreamed of the past.
That is, until recently …."
What happened recently?
"Ivyhame has always been a symbol. The Firesong took control of the vale when Archdruid Orlaith began to demand the sacred seeds.
In hindsight, we should have seen that as the first sign of trouble."
Should we leave Frii here while we look for the seeds?
"No, that doesn't feel right. I think we should bring Frii along. If Frii can sense where the seeds are, they can lead us straight to them. Or tell us if Archdruid Orlaith takes the seeds somewhere else.
There's another reason, too."
What other reason?
"Archdruid Orlaith has demonstrated a talent for getting what she most desires. She found the Stonelore and Eldertide seeds. Multiple times, in fact. To protect Frii, to keep them safe, we need to keep them with us."

Once you meet Druid Laurel and Frii near Ivyhame:

Druid Laurel: "Firesong coming and going bold as you please! Orlaith is up to something.v

Speaking to her, she will note the recent activities of the Firesong:

"Be careful. There are more Firesong druids here than I expected. Archdruid Orlaith must be planning something big to bring this many of her circle from Y'ffelon."
Are you sure Archdruid Orlaith and the sacred seeds are here?
"Frii senses the seeds within the vale. After all the trouble Orlaith caused to get them, she won't let them out of her sight.
There's a door at the heart of Ivyhame. A place of the Druid King. It hasn't been opened in centuries. Maybe she's there?"
What's on the other side of this door?
"The Ivy Throne, or so the legends say. Where the last Druid King held court. If she really seeks to become the new king, that's a good place to start.
You and Frii check out the door while I scout the rest of the vale. I'll catch up with you later."
All right. Frii and I will try to find this Ivy Throne.

Asking more about the Ivy Throne:

"While I take a look around the rest of the vale, you and Frii find the door to the Ivy Throne. It's east of here, almost to the coast. We need to find Archdruid Orlaith and recover the sacred seeds.
Good luck, friend. And guard Frii well."
What exactly is the Ivy Throne?
"For all my time studying the history of Druid King Kasorayn, that's been one of my primary questions. Is the Ivy Throne a metaphor? Is there an actual throne, like the one High King Emeric sits upon? We just don't know for sure."
Why don't you know?
"Because so many of our records have been lost. The druids were almost wiped out a number of times in our history. And the Druid King's sanctum in Ivyhame has been sealed since his death. No one has passed through that door in countless seasons."
If the door can't be opened, how could Archdruid Orlaith be inside?
"We shouldn't take any chances. Orlaith has accomplished things we never expected. If she made her way to the Ivy Throne—or whatever waits behind that door—we need to find out.
And Frii might sense something, like they did at Clohaigh."

After experiencing the dream of Druid King Kasorayn at Ivyhame, you will find Druid Laurel is abducted by the Firesong Circle and have taken as a hostage on Y'ffelon. You and Sir Stefan plan a rescue mission to save her and the other prisoners.

Guardian of Y'ffelonEdit

You will make your way through the Temple of Y'ffelon, you will overhear Druid Laurel's defiance against her captors:

Druid Laurel: "Let go, blight take you! Someone has to stop this madness!"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "The passage to the right! That's Laurel's voice!"

You will reach Laurel's cage and free her where she informs you that the ritual is beginning:

Druid Laurel: "Thank you, friend. Archdruid Orlaith has already started her ritual! We have to get to the tomb!"

Taking the chance to speak to her before heading off to stop Orlaith:

"Archdruid Orlaith has Frii and has started the ritual. She's trying to regrow the sacred seeds into the Druid King's regalia. We have to stop her!"
Tell me about Druid King Kasorayn's tomb.
"All I know is the legend. How after the Druid King died, they decided to bury him in the temple's shrine. Then they sealed the place and it's been closed off ever since. Well, until now.
Orlaith has Frii and is forcing them to regrow the seeds."
How did you manage to get captured, Laurel?
"I was scouting the vale when I ran into too many Firesong to deal with. They overpowered me, dragged me here, and presented me to Archdruid Orlaith. She threatened to hurt me if Frii didn't cooperate, then locked me in here.
Hey, is that my staff?"
Yes. Frii and I found it. Here you go.
"Thanks. You don't realize how much you rely on something until it's gone.
We need to get into the tomb, but it isn't going to be easy. Orlaith's got an army in there. Frii said something about waking the guardian, but they didn't explain further."
Frii has a plan. Let's go.

After speaking to her:

"Archdruid Orlaith has Frii and has started the ritual. She's trying to regrow the sacred seeds into the Druid King's regalia. We have to stop her!"

Sir Stefan will check on Druid Laurel to see if she's alright:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Laurel! I wasn't sure I'd see you again. Are you hurt?"
Druid Laurel: "Good to see you, too, Stefan, but never mind about me. We need to help Frii."

Speaking to Laurel before Frii summons the guardian:

"Wait. Give Frii a moment."

When you reach Druid King Kasorayn's Tomb where Archdruid Orlaith is forcing Frii to perform the ritual. Sir Stefan will signal Frii to summon Urdiir to distract the Firesong while you're going to stop Orlaith:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Wait, friend! I'll signal Frii to call upon the guardian. Then we can make our move!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "It is time, Sower. Quicken the seeds."
Frii: "Song and forest, Y'ffre's breath, let the sacred seeds blossom."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Frii! We're here! Awaken the guardian!"
Frii: "The regalia are not for you, false king!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Wait! What are you doing?"
Frii: "Urdiir, Guardian of Y'ffelon! Awake from your slumber!"

<Urdiir will be summoned in front of the Firesong Circle forces and will incinerate them before climbing up the balcony of the chamber to engage more Firesong druids. Archdruid Orlaith will try to penetrate Frii's barrier.>

Archdruid Orlaith: "Firesong, destroy this creature!"
Druid Laurel: "Strike, friend! Stefan, help me protect Frii!"

Speaking to her before you confront Orlaith:

"Now, friend! Strike at Archdruid Orlaith while the guardian distracts the Firesong!"

Once you vanquished Archdruid Orlaith, Druid Nhevin will surrender to Frii and begs the spirit to forgive the Firesong:

Druid Nhevin: "The Firesong yield. Orlaith led us to…dark places. Forgive us, Sower of the Dream."
Frii: "Forgiveness is for the Draoife to decide. Laurel-friend, I need your wisdom, please."
Druid Laurel: "Look! Frii holds the regalia of the Druid King!"

Speaking to her before Frii:

"I don't believe it. Archdruid Orlaith did it. She made Kasorayn's Dream come true. The crown, staff, and gauntlet are returned to us. But I don't think it happened in the way anyone foresaw.
You better talk to Frii."

After defeating Archdruid Orlaith and speaking to Frii about the future of the Druid King, Dhulef will appear in the tomb and will conjure up a portal to let everyone leave Y'ffelon:

Dhulef: "There you are! Everyone else is aboard the Mad Maiden and sailing for Galen, Stefan. I can open a portal to Vastyr, unless you plan to swim."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "A portal will do nicely, Dhulef. Let's meet at Castle Mornard."
Druid Laurel: "Come along, Frii. We shouldn't linger here."

Speaking to her before you use Dhulef's portal:

"Portal travel is perfectly safe. And Dhulef is a good mage. Go on. I'll see you in Vastyr."

You will be back at Castle Mornard after taking Dhulef's portal. The Druid King's regalia will go into separate custody until a new Draoife will be called:

Frii: "Crown, staff, and gauntlet are whole again. What do I do with them."
Druid Laurel: "Together they make too tempting a target. Let's separate them until a new Draoife can be called. I'll hold the staff. Stefan, the crown. And Lord Bacaro, would you guard the gauntlet?"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "The crown will be safe here in Castle Mornard."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I am honored by your trust. The Society of the Steadfast will protect the gauntlet."

Speaking to her before Stefan:

"I was sure I was going to die on Y'ffelon. I'm still trying to sort out what happened. What it all means. Why, the—oh, that can wait for later.
It looks like Stefan wants to talk to you."

After the quest is completed:

"You've done so much for us, friend. I just wish Archdruid Rahval were here to guide us. I hope we made the right decision to separate the regalia. And that the circles can form a new Draoife sooner rather than later.
Everything is so different now."
Who's going to lead the Stonelore Circle now?
"I haven't spoken with our surviving elders and archdruids about that yet. I did briefly consider asking to be part of the new Draoife, but I'm not sure that's a good idea. I'm a much better historian than I am a councilor.
But if I'm asked, I will."
What's going to happen to Frii?
"Frii will always have a place among the Stonelore, but without a purpose, I'm not sure what they'll decide to do. Most nature spirits are bound to a particular location. Not Frii. They can come and go as they please.
But I hope they decide to stay."

The Ivy ThroneEdit

After the Ascendant Order has stolen the Druid King's Crown, you head to Glimmertarn to try to prevent Lord Bacaro from stealing the staff but it's too late. You will see Druid Laurel tending to a wounded Druid Aiden.

Speaking to her to find out what happened during the theft:

"Rot and damnation! Lord Bacaro, he betrayed us!"
Tell me everything that happened, Laurel.
"Lord Bacaro and a contingent of Steadfast knights arrived with their usual crates of supplies. He took me aside. Warned me that the Ascendant Order was after the Druid King's regalia. He wanted to make sure the staff was still safe."
What did you do then?
"Blight it all, but I did just what you'd expect. He's our ally! Or I thought he was.
I showed him that the staff was safe and he grabbed it. Ordered his knights to hold us back. He has all three of the regalia, friend. All three!"
Then what happened, Laurel?
"We tried to resist, but we were no match for his knights. Then Bacaro displayed the regalia, proclaimed himself the Druid King, and commanded Frii to follow him. And they did! That's when Lady Arabelle arrived.
Wait, Stefan! Is he all right?"
Count Stefan is fine. Where's Lady Arabelle now?

You find out Lady Arabelle and the companions accompanying her chased after Bacaro. Frii decided to follow Lord Bacaro after he declared himself Druid King:

"As soon as I explained what happened, Lady Arabelle and her companions went after Bacaro. I told them we saw him leading Frii toward Y'ffre's Path.
I stayed behind to tend to the wounded, but this smacks of the Green Scourge! I'll go with you."
Any idea why Lord Bacaro would take Frii to Y'ffre's Path?
"How should I know how that blighter thinks? Lady Arabelle told me that he's the Ascendant Lord. Which now makes sense. As soon as he revealed his treachery, his knights threw off their cloaks and revealed themselves to be the Ascendant Order."
You said he claimed to be the new Druid King. What happens now?
"I'm not sure. Other than Orlaith, no one else has ever attempted to claim the title. At least not to my knowledge. Is it enough to just possess the regalia? Is that why he needs Frii, to legitimize his claim? I'm not sure.
Still, this is bad."
Bad in what way, Laurel?
"In every way! Everything I know tells me the Druid King can command nature. Wield it like a tool or a weapon. If the title is taken by force, the prophecy tells us it begins an age of destruction.
The Green Scourge."
Tell me about the Green Scourge.
"It's from the Dream of Kasorayn, the prophecy of the Druid King. "One choice, one will, one binding word, shall bless or scourge all lands."
Since those lines were carved into the Telling Stone, they've become the basis for our two possible futures."
And those two possible futures are?
"The blessing of the Green Reward or the curse of the Green Scourge. One ushers in an age of harmony with nature. The other predicts a world under siege by an angry and vengeful wilderness.
Two possibilities, one Druid King."
And what determines which of these two futures comes about?
"The druids have argued about that for generations. From what you found at Ivyhame, it's clear Kasorayn believed the Reward would come when the circles reunited and selected a new king, while a usurper would summon the Scourge. A tyrant like Bacaro."

After speaking to Druid Laurel about what Lord Bacaro did to steal the Druid King's staff and where he headed off to with Frii, Druid Nyron will inform Laurel that the Stonelore lost the Ascendant Order's trail:

Druid Nyron: "We lost Bacaro in Y'ffre's Path. Lady Arabelle is still out there."
Druid Laurel: "Thank you, Nyron. The druid-kin and I will take it from here."

Druid Laurel will accompany you to find Lady Arabelle:

Druid Laurel: "This is the trail they took into Y'ffre's Path."

Speaking to her at this point:

"As soon as I explained what happened, Lady Arabelle and her companions went after Bacaro. I told them we saw him leading Frii toward Y'ffre's Path.
I stayed behind to tend to the wounded, but this smacks of the Green Scourge! I'll go with you."

Eventually when you continue down the path, she will spot Za'ji:

Druid Laurel: "Over there! That's one of Lady Arabelle's companions!"

Speaking to her before checking up on Za'ji:

"That Khajiit was with Lady Arabelle when she arrived at Glimmertarn, and he went with her when she chased after Lord Bacaro. Let's find out what he knows."

After Za'ji tells you that Lady Arabelle and the others were still chasing down Lord Bacaro:

"Let's keep going. I won't feel better until we find Frii and figure out exactly what Bacaro is up to."

Following the trail:

Druid Laurel: "They went this way."

She will then spot Caska in the middle of the valley:

Druid Laurel: "Look! That's the giant cat that accompanied Lady Arabelle!"

Speaking to her before Caska:

"Y'ffre's Path is an Eldertide site. The druids of that circle tend to the ancient ruins on the western side of the hollow. That's probably where Lord Bacaro headed."

After speaking to Caska:

Druid Laurel: "The ruins on the western wall of the hollow. That's got to be where everyone headed."

During the search, she will spot Druid Ryvana:

Druid Laurel: "There's a druid ahead!"

Speaking to her before Ryvana:

"I've visited Y'ffre's Path many times. This passage used to be covered in thick vines and thorns. Lord Bacaro must have cleared them away to reach that door.
Let's go inside and see what he's after."

When you approach the entrance of Y'ffre's Path Ruins:

Druid Laurel: "All these plants were recently torn away. This door must have been hidden for ages."

Speaking to her at this point inside the ruins:

"How did Lord Bacaro know this passage was here, I wonder."

She will spot Lady Arabelle trying to avoid spiked traps:

Druid Laurel: "That's Lady Arabelle! What's she doing?"

Before you get a closer look at what Lady Arabelle is doing:

"Why is Lady Arabelle just standing there? We should check on her."

Speaking to her before speaking to Lady Arabelle:

"Oh blight! Lady Arabelle triggered one of the ruins old defenses. If she steps off that pressure plate, something unpleasant will happen. To all of us."

After speaking to Lady Arabelle, Laurel will try to disarm the pressure plate:

Druid Laurel: "Don't move, Lady Arabelle. Let me see what I can do."
lady Arabelle Davaux: "Not a muscle, dear lady. Go, my friend. Find Bacaro and Frii!"

Speaking to her before resuming the chase:

"I think I can disarm the trap, but it will take time. Go find Frii and stop whatever mad scheme Lord Bacaro is planning."

After defeating the summoned spirit that was called by Lord Bacaro, Lady Arabelle, Laurel and Caska will show up:

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Come back here, Bacaro, you coward!"
Druid Laurel: "Interesting. An old druidic summoning chamber. I want to examine these carvings."

Speaking to her before Lady Arabelle:

"Ancient druids used places like this to call upon the spirits of the Green, but such techniques were lost a long time ago. I wonder how Bacaro accomplished it."

After speaking to Lady Arabelle, Druid Laurel wants you to check the carvings:

Druid Laurel: "These carvings tell an interesting story. Take a look, my friend."

Before you examine the carvings:

"Examine the carvings and I'll tell you what I think they mean."

Examining the first carving:

Druid Laurel: "This carving shows the Druid King binding a spirit into Mount Firesong."

Examining the second carving:

Druid Laurel: "This carving depicts the spirit slumbering within a volcano. See the Druid King's regalia?"

Examining the final carving:

Druid Laurel: "This carving indicates a possible future. See how the spirit awakens and the volcano erupts? It's a warning."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "I always say, when someone gives you a warning, it's best to take heed."

Hearing her out about the purpose of the carvings:

"Ancient druids called upon the spirits of the Green at their own peril. Only the Druid King was ever able to do so safely. It's why we abandoned the practice long ago.
This is where they did it. At least, where some of them did it."
What do you think the stone carvings are meant to tell us?
"Like so much of the ancient knowledge that remains, these carvings are open to interpretation.
Obviously we can see the spirits of the Green, forces of nature in the bosom of Y'ffre. Then we see a spirit slumbering beneath Mount Firesong."
The way Frii slumbered before the Firesong awakened them?
"Very much so. And the spirit must be extremely powerful, due to how sacred Mount Firesong is.
I think that's what the final carving tells us. Let the sleeping spirit lie. For generations, that's been one of the Firesong's primary purposes."
What do you think all this means?
"I think Bacaro plans to call forth the spirit of Mount Firesong with the Druid King's regalia. With a spirit of that magnitude, the armies of Tamriel won't stand a chance.
Go to Vastyr and tell Stefan to prepare his ships. We must go to Y'ffelon."

Speaking to her again:

"Lord Bacaro's going to Y'ffelon. There, he will attempt to use the Druid King's regalia to awaken the spirit that slumbers beneath Mount Firesong. We need to warn Stefan and reach the island before that happens."

While at the Vasytr docks and before you set sail to Y'ffelon to stop Bacaro:

"I'm worried about Frii and what Lord Bacaro may be doing to them. The sooner we can get to Y'ffelon, the better as far as I'm concerned."

At Y'ffelon:

"Even though the Firesong surrendered after Archdruid Orlaith's death, it's evident that Lord Bacaro still has the support of some of the circle's more ardent members. Not to mention his own Ascendant knights.
We need to proceed cautiously, friend."

After speaking to Lady Arabelle to find a way into Mount Firesong:

"We'll do our best to hold the Ascendant Order's attention while you and Lady Arabelle find another way into the mountain. Look for a cave to the right of the main entrance. I remember that from when Stefan and I visited as initiates many seasons ago."

If you exit out of Y'ffelon and return back to the island:

"I never suspected the leader of the Society of the Steadfast had such ill intentions. We were all deceived."

Before speaking to Lady Arabelle on the Perfect Pounce:

"I'm glad to see you, friend, but where's Frii? No, talk to Lady Arabelle. Tell her what happened and the rest of us will listen in."

Speaking to her before departing for Vastyr:

"I'm glad you were with Frii inside the mountain, my friend. I'll never forget what they did to save us all."
Is Frii gone for good, Laurel?
"Frii isn't gone, friend. They've just become something … more. As a tree grows from seed to sapling to massive oak, so too has Frii transformed.
They're still with us, asleep in Mount Firesong, keeping us safe from the power of the volcano."
But will we ever see Frii again?
"Whenever you want to see Frii, just look toward Mount Firesong. They're a part of it now. The spirit of the mountain.
I need to tell the druids what happened here. Let them learn the last lesson the Sower had to teach us. Sacrifice."

She will be back at Castle Mornard and speaking to her before Lady Arabelle:

"I can't thank you enough for all your help, friend. Remember that the Stonelore Circle owes you a great debt. Hopefully, one day we can repay it."

After completing the quest, both her and Count Stefan will express their thanks to you:

Count Stefan Mornard: "Galen and the entire archipelago owe you a debt, my friend. You have my thanks."
Druid Laurel: "The druids will never forget what you and Frii did to save us."

Speaking to her after the quest:

"So much death and destruction over a few ancient words carved into stone. I longed to learn the truth of the last Druid King, but now….
Thanks for all your help, friend. I just wonder if the druid circles can recover from these events."

And Now, Perhaps, PeaceEdit

Lady Arabelle will ask you to help Druid Laurel with a task while the peace talks are being organized. Speaking to her to find out what she needs help with:

"Lady Arabelle said she could spare you and I appreciate the help.
Before Frii was taken by Lord Bacaro, they gave me something. Told me what to do with it if they didn't return. I thought Frii was just being cautious, but I think they knew."
What do you think Frii knew?
"That they weren't coming back. Frii gave me a pouch of soil. They said it was special. That they prepared it as part of their purpose. You remember how Frii would go on and on about that.
Anyway, they asked me to do something after they were gone."
What did Frii ask you to do?
"They asked me to go to the overlook north of Glimmertarn. To sprinkle the soil from the pouch there.
I made a promise and I'd like you to fulfill it with me. I think Frii would want you to be a part of this. Will you help me, friend?"
I'll meet you at the overlook north of Glimmertarn, Laurel.

Taking to the pouch of soil and asking a couple more questions about what Frii wanted:

"Here, take the pouch of soil. There's a beautiful tree by the overlook. Tall and majestic. I think that's the perfect place to honor Frii's wishes. I'll meet you there."
Is there anything special about the soil in this pouch?
"Frii said they spent a long time preparing it. That it was a part of them, a part of Galen. A part of the druids. I don't know if they meant that literally or figuratively. It wasn't always easy to understand Frii and the ways of a nature spirit."
Anything else I should know about the tree?
"Frii enjoyed sitting under it. I think they felt a connection to it, but I'm not really sure. The ways of nature spirits are very different from the things we know.
They said to sprinkle the soil, and I think that's the perfect place to do it."

When you meet her at the overlook:

Druid Laurel: "That's the tree. Frii was quite fond of it."
Druid Laurel: "Go ahead and sprinkle the soil around its base."

Before you sprinkle the soil:

"Go ahead, friend. Honor Frii's last request and sprinkle the soil around the base of the tree."

Once you sprinkle the soil, flowers will sprout on the tree bed:

Druid Laurel: "I thought for sure something would happen, but this is wonderful!"
Druid Laurel: "Friend, let me tell you what Frii has done."

Speaking to her:

"Did you see what happened, friend? What Frii asked us to do with that pouch of soil? It's a miracle!"
You need to explain this to me, Laurel.
"Of course. After everything you've done for us, I still forget sometimes that you're not a druid.
Frii had a special connection to the sacred seeds. They used their power as a nature spirit, as the Sower, to put some of that magic into the soil."
So that means …?
"It means that the sacred seeds aren't gone. That the Druid King's regalia will return … some day.
Until that time, we'll need to protect this tree. Nurture it. I'll make sure that all the circles know. We'll find a way to do it together."
Do you think all the druid circles can be trusted?
"Trust has to start somewhere. But we still need to gather the elders and form a new Draoife. After that, I'll broach the subject.
In the meantime, I'll commune with the tree. With the growing seeds. And I'll be here when they finally blossom."
Is there anything else I can help you with, Laurel?

Speaking to her some more before heading back to High Isle:

"I think that's everything, my friend. Thanks again for helping me honor Frii's request. I hope they find peace and happiness inside the volcano.
Anyway, I think you should head back to High Isle now. I know Lady Arabelle is eager to begin the talks."
Is there anything we can do for Frii?
"Frii made their decision. Without their sacrifice, none of us would have survived the volcano's eruption.
I'll find time to go to Mount Firesong. To commune with the new spirit of the volcano. Sometimes bound spirits respond. Sometimes they don't."
You don't think Frii will talk to you?
"Oh, Frii will commune with me if they're able, but every spirit binding is different. Some can communicate freely. Others can only share impressions. And then there are the ones that more or less slumber, as Frii did before they were awakened."

When you reached the Vines District in Vastyr to invite Druid Laurel to be part of the peace talks. Druid Laurel is trying to mediate discussions between her, Druid Niraya and Druid Nhevin.

Druid Laurel: "Blight it all! We have to find a way for the circles to work together!"
Druid Niraya: "The Eldertide are willing, but we have yet to choose new leaders. And we still distrust the Firesong."
Druid Nhevin: "The Firesong are aware of our mistakes. We don't expect forgiveness, but we want a chance to make amends. I promise, our next leader will have less aggressive aspirations."

Informing her that she has been invited to the peace talks:

"Blight and damnation, trying to get the druid circles to agree on anything is like trying to herd Fauns!
But you're not here to deal with my problems. Not this time. What can I do for you, my friend?"
Lady Arabelle wants you to represent the druids of Galen at the peace talks.
"Really. After you just saw my negotiating skills in action? Wait, you're serious?
Well, why not? I definitely want what's best for my people. And maybe I can learn something watching the alliance leaders. I'll be happy to attend."
Good. We'll see you at All Flags Islet on High Isle.

Asking her how is everything else with her life:

"And just between us, the talks with the druid circles aren't going too badly. I just lose patience sometimes. I want everything to happen right now, but flowers blossom when they're ready, am I right?"
How are you and Count Stefan getting along, Laurel?
"What? Did Stefan say something? What are you asking?
Count Stefan and I are getting along fine. Never better. And I'd rather not talk about this at the moment, if that's all the same to you."

After inviting your allies to the peace talks, you can find her outside of Memorial Hall Reception Hall:

"You know, this is my first visit to this islet. It was closed off and abandoned for so long. I'm glad to see the efforts they've done to renovate it and make it presentable.
Don't mind me. I ramble when I get nervous."

You will find Laurel inside once Count Stefan has called for everyone to enter inside the reception area before the talks begin:

"This is so … exciting! I've always wanted to attend a function such as this. Stefan used to tell me stories about them. He seemed to hate these sorts of events, but to me they sounded fascinating!"

After Lady Arabelle gives her opening speech, Laurel will look forward to the future:

"So much death and destruction because a man spoke a few words in the ancient past. I think I may have learned as much as I care to about the Druid King. Now I need to look to the future. We all do.
And we can, thanks to you."
So you're going to stop studying druid history, Laurel?
"Well, not completely. There are still mysteries to solve, secrets to learn. But I also need to concern myself with the present, the future. What's next for the Stonelore and the druid circles? How do we move forward from here?
I do love a challenge!"
Do you think we'll ever see Frii again?
"Frii isn't gone, they just found a new purpose. And by their actions, they calmed the volcano and saved us all. I'll go to Y'ffelon, try to commune with Frii. Sometimes bound spirits respond, sometimes not. But they'll know I remember. That I care."
What's next for the druids of the archipelago?
"The remaining elders and archdruids are talking. They'll call a Draoife soon. Then … we'll see. We have to make sure the Firesong return to the true path. And we have to learn to trust them—to trust each other—again. Y'ffre will guide us."
And what about Count Stefan?
"Stefan suffered some great losses. We all did. But he's strong. He'll make a good leader for Galen. And the druids are already responding to his overtures.
Oh. You mean …. That's rather personal. Even for us. But Stefan and I … we'll see."


Lost Depths Gameplay TrailerEdit

Druid Laurel narrates the Lost Depths Gameplay trailer:

"High Isle has been home to my people, the Druids, for centuries."
"Living in peace with nature and one another."
"But now the Firesong Circle are sowing seeds of destruction, attacking fellow Druids and corrupting nature itself!"
"To know their motives, we must search our shared past, hidden secrets buried in the earth, and sunken places deep in the Lost Depths."
"We need to discover the truth before it's unleashed against all of us."
"Sea and earth have long memories and deep roots."


Druid Laurel: "If I just knew this land better, I'd go find him myself! Blighted Firesong!"
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