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Druid Ryvana
Location At a hut outside of Gonfalon Bay
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Stonelore Circle
Druid Ryvana

Druid Ryvana is a Breton member of the Stonelore Circle of druids who can be found at her hut outside Gonfalon Bay.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

High IsleEdit

Of Knights and KnavesEdit

When looking for the Guild Delegates, you will be directed to Ryvana's home where she can be found using a mortar and pestle:

"Greetings, traveler. Is there something I can do for you? Do you need a poultice, or perhaps an herbal tea?"
I'm looking for Guild Magister Valessea and Guild General Quentyn.
"Ah, yes. The curious mage and the stern warrior. They stopped by. When I mentioned that rogue knights had been making the countryside dangerous, they decided to investigate.
I told them where I'd last seen the knights and they set out at once."
Where did you send them?
"A clearing to the southwest. I'll mark the spot on your map. I saw a band of the knights gathering there the last time I went out to gather herbs. They forced me to retreat without them.
I warned Valessea and Quentyn it might be dangerous."

You now have a chance to ask Ryvana some questions about the Druids:

"I warned them that the rogue knights were dangerous, but they insisted on going to investigate. And Valessea assured me that she and Quentyn could take care of themselves.
I hope you find them well and unharmed."
Are druids common on High Isle? / So druids common on High Isle?
"Oh, you'll find druids throughout the Systres Archipelago. Not too many on the mainland, though. Long ago, we druids left Tamriel and its troubles behind us. But here, our ancient ways survived."
Why did the druids leave the mainland?
"Our forebears among the Bretons believed civilization should live alongside nature, not tame it. In the early years of the Direnni Hegemony, they struggled for the soul of High Rock."
What happened?
"They lost. Driven into exile, the druids left to seek a place where they could live according to their beliefs. Their wanderings brought them to the Systres.
The followers of the Wyrd remained behind. They walked a different path than the druids."
What exactly is a druid?
"We follow the old ways. Some call us priests of Y'ffre, but that is only part of our truth. We are children of the land, like the Wyrd. Guides and teachers to those who live in harmony with nature. People were not meant to bow before crowns of metal."
What does that mean?
"Our people—the Breton people—went astray when they forgot the ways of nature. Stone walls and empty titles separate folk from the True Way. We help them remember what their ancestors once knew.
Some circles see it differently, of course."
Are you some kind of wyress? (Appears after you have asked What exactly is a druid?)
"No, friend. We know the Wyrd and we respect their beliefs—druids and wyresses are two branches that grow from the same tree. But we are called to be in this world, not to withdraw from it."
Circles? What are they?
"Circles are fellowships of like-minded druids. Each interprets Y'ffre's will differently, but druids of the same circle share common traditions. And goals.
I belong to the Stonelore Circle. We seek to teach others by the example of our work."
Are there other circles in the Systres Archipelago?
"Yes. Travel far enough in the archipelago and you may meet druids of the Eldertide or Firesong circles. Although the Firesong rarely leave their island, and you should be wary of the Eldertide. They do not like city folk or mainlanders."
What are the Wyrd? (Appears after you ask one of the above questions)
"The Wyrd are Breton witches. They follow teachings and practices that share a common ancestry with the druids. Whereas we left the mainland, they remained behind to safeguard the forests of High Rock."
Any other differences?
"We have more in common than we have differences. The biggest that you would notice is that the Wyrds are all female, while we druids accept all genders in our ranks. And we organize in circles of common beliefs, while the Wyrd sisters form covens."

After you have found Guild Magister Valessea, you can meat her back at Ryvana's home where you will find them talking:

Druid Ryvana: "I understand, Valessea. Do what you must to find your friend."

Speaking with her before Valessea:

"Valessea told me what happened. I'm glad she wasn't harmed, but I fear for her friend, Quentyn.
You must help her find him. She blames herself for eluding capture while he did not."

When you talk to Valessea, she will use her medallion to scry Quentyn's location to the Abhain Chapel. Speaking with Ryvana before you go:

"Best of luck finding your friend. A rogue order of knights causing havoc across the island is bad enough, but this sounds worse than I imagined. A dark storm gathers over High Isle.
I will warn my circle and ask them to be on guard."

Deadly InvestigationsEdit

After the events at Castle Navire, you will need to investigate the areas marked on Steward Hercian's Map for Ascendant Order activity. Druid Ryvana and Valessea can be found at the western High Isle location.

Druid Ryvana: "The grove sings of its suffering. Something terrible happened here."
Guild Magister Valessea: "You can hear it? Incredible."
Guild Magister Valessea: "Ah, there you are."

Speaking to her:

"Valessea told me of your ongoing investigation into the Ascendant Order. I think these insurgents may be the cause of at least some of the grove's anguish."
Is this related to the corruption in Stonelore Grove? (If you have started the Stonelore Grove quest)
"I don't think so, though the arcane disturbance may have certainly contributed to that situation.
The corruption appears to be the result of an affliction to the spirit of the grove suffers, while this disturbance originates outside the grove."

Before you collect the reagents for the scrying ritual:

"Thank you for helping us. The bloomingsong flowers will strengthen my connection to the spirit of the grove, while the torchbug will light the way.
Just be sure to take care with the little creature. They are fragile things."

When you return:

"Let's see … the flowers are in good condition, and the torchbug is alive and well.
You treated nature with deep respect and you have my thanks. Perhaps the grove will repay us in kind. Let's begin."
Tell me about this ritual you're going to perform.
"All things are connected. Spirits of nature reside in the swaying trees, the blooming flowers, the glittering torchbugs.
It can be difficult to hear their songs, even for those of us who listen. But it's there. Can you hear it?"
I'm not sure. How does that relate to the ritual?
"The grove is in pain, projecting a sorrow that's felt by everything nearby.
This ritual will ask the rocks and the trees and the insects to simply share what they know. To lead us to the source of this disturbance. There, we might find answers."
I see. What happens now?
"I perform the ritual and we see where this trail leads.
Stand back. This will only take a moment."
I'll leave you to it.

She will start the scrying ritual:

Druid Ryvana: "Bones of the earth, spirits of the wild, sing unto your servants. Lead us to the source of your pain."
Guild Magister Valessea: "Look! The spirits have sent their messengers. How beautiful."
Druid Ryvana: "Follow the torchbugs, friend. They will lead you to the source of the disturbance."

Once the ritual is started, you will need to follow the blue lights:

"The spirits of nature have answered our call. It has been a long time since I last attempted such a ritual. I'm glad to see the spirits still recognize me as one of their own.
Follow the trail. Valessea and I will be along shortly."

The trail will lead you to an old but well-hidden druidic circle, which has seen recent use:

Druid Ryvana: "An old druid circle? Here? How did I not know of this?"
Guild Magister Valessea: "Errant magicka still lingers. A powerful spell was cast here. Let's look around."

Speaking to her before looking for clues:

"This is an old druid ritual circle, but it hasn't been used in quite some time. I didn't even realize it was here.
Someone performed magic here recently, though, but it is not the magic of nature. Not exactly, anyway."

Investigating the lava vent:

Druid Ryvana: "A fire burns deep beneath High Isle. The druids of old channeled its power…a dangerous temptation."

Investigating the expended lodestone:

Druid Ryvana: "That stone possessed ancient energy, but more akin to Valessea's magic than mine."

After you have found all the clues:

"An outsider made use of this place of power, I'm sure of it. It would require great arcane knowledge to forcefully bind the elements to their will, even if it didn't work exactly as they planned."

Once the site has been investigated, Valessea will help Ryvana dispel the ritual site:

Guild Magister Valessea: "Take the items back to Mandrake Manor, my friend. I can do a more thorough examination there."
Guild Magister Valessea: "Ryvana, if you'll allow me, I believe I can help you dispel the lingering disturbance."
Druid Ryvana: "My circle and I thank you, Valessea."

Once you have concluded the investigation of this area after speaking with Valessea:

"With Valessea's assistance, we will have this disturbance cleared in no time. Thank you for helping us to ferret out its source.
I hope what we learned will help you stop the villains who threaten our isle."

When you have investigated all three sites, you can find Ryvana at Mandrake Manor in Gonafalon Bay:

"Thank you for aiding Valessea and I in determining the source of the aberrant disturbance in the grove.
If there's anything I can do to further your investigation, please let me know."

After finding out the news of what happened to Prince Irnskar from Boatswain Islinn, Ryvana and Valessea will be back at Mandrake Manor:

"Thank you for aiding Valessea and I in determining the source of the abberant disturbance in the grove.
If there's anything I can do to further your investigation, please let me know."

To Catch a MagusEdit

After you have begun the quest, she will be conversing with Valessea on the medallions:

Guild Magister Valessea: "There. I recharged the medallions. They can be returned to the delegates"
Druid Ryvana: "What a strange magic."

Speaking to her:

"Valessea's arcane skills are very impressive, don't you think? The spells she imbued into the medallions demonstrate subtlety and power.
As she seeks to learn druidic magic, I am eager to study her techniques. We have much to teach each other!"


The Hidden LordEdit

Za'ji sent for Druid Ryvana to help treat Lady Arabelle's mysterious illness back at Mandrake Manor. When you go upstairs to check on Lady Arabelle, Ryvana is trying to get her to rest:

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Welcome back, dear. And wipe that expression off your face. I'm not dead yet."
Druid Ryvana: "Lady Arabelle, you need to rest."

Speaking to her before Lady Arabelle:

"I came as quickly as I could when I received Za'ji's message. I've done what I can, but ….
You should talk to Lady Arabelle. She won't rest until she explains what happened."

After speaking to Lady Arabelle, you speak to Druid Ryvana to see what kind of poison was used:

"Lady Arabelle is fortunate that Za'ji sent for me and not one of the Society of the Steadfast's menders. They wouldn't have been able to counteract the poison."
What do you mean?
"This poison smells slightly of garlic and has all the earmarks of a druidic compound, but its effects remind me of much older recipes. No healer without druidic training would have even recognized some of the ingredients that make up the poison."
So you were able to nullify the poison?
"No. But I have given Lady Arabelle a tincture that will keep her stable and slow down the poison's most deadly effects. I need to return to my workshop. Analyze the components and consult my ancient herbal apothecary. I'm sure I've seen this before."
What should I do?
"Just what Lady Arabelle asked. Discover where the poisoned wine came from and who sent it. I'll leave more of my tincture with Za'ji and give him exact instructions. Then I need to go do research of my own.
Meet me at my workshop as soon as you can."

Speaking to her again:

"That someone was so craven and cowardly as to poison the good Lady Arabelle….
Go on, my friend. Find out who the culprit is while I return to my workshop and prepare something to counteract the poison."

After discovering all three clues and before you speak to Lady Arabelle:

"Go ahead. Tell Lady Arabelle what you uncovered. We don't want her to get overly agitated right now. It could speed up the progress of the poison."

Before you head off to find Philian Ashcroft:

"Hopefully this merchant can tell you who poisoned Lady Arabelle. Meanwhile, I'll give Za'ji her orders before I head back to my workshop to create an antidote.
And I'll make sure Caska keeps an eye on things here. Arabelle is still in danger."

After speaking to Courier Finnona at Castle Navire, Ryvana sent Za'ji to have you come to see her at her workshop. Once you head inside her workshop:

Druid Ryvana: "Ah, there you are. I hope you've had more success than I, my friend."

Speaking to her about the antidote process:

"I thought that I'd be able to replicate an antidote using some of the old recipes in my ancient herbal apothecary. But nothing I've concocted thus far has worked. This poison is proving very resistant to our tried and true elixirs."
Were you mistaken about the ingredients used to make the poison?
"That's just it. I identified the various plants—root, stem, and leaf! But they aren't those plants. Not exactly."
I don't understand.
"Neither did I, at least not at first. But after careful study, I can see that someone with extensive agricultural knowledge created new and more potent versions of the rare plants used to prepare the poison.
Oh, did you discover who sent the wine?"
The wine came from Ashcroft's shop, but someone at Garick's Rest bought it and added the poison.
"Garick's Rest? Strange magic saturates the wildlife around those ruins. If that's the source of the poison, I'll need samples to craft an antidote. Meet me there.
I fear we could be dealing with another rogue druid—and a powerful one at that!"
I'll meet you at Garick's Rest.

She will mention the tincture can only delay Lady Arabelle's poisoning:

"We'll need to proceed carefully once we get to Garick's Rest. If we are dealing with a powerful druid, we won't be able to avoid them for long."
Why do you think a druid is behind this? The courier described a knight under a hooded cloak.
"Hmm. That sounds like the Ascendant Order. But only a skilled druid could alter plants and create this vile poison. We know they worked with the Eldertide Circle before. Maybe they still have some druid allies assisting them?"
How long can Lady Arabelle hold on without an antidote?
"The tincture I provided will slow the poison's spread, but it won't hold off the inevitable forever. She should be all right for a while longer, but I do recommend we hurry.
Once I have a sample of the plants, I know I can craft an antidote."

You'll meet her at a site near Garick's Rest:

Druid Ryvana: "Ah, friend, look! It appears something heavy was dragged up and down this hill recently."

Speaking to her before further examining the debris:

"Do you see? The ground is disturbed, suggesting heavy crates were dragged up and down the hillside. And see over there? Debris.
Let's take a closer look."

You will find a secret door to Garick's Rest Dungeons:

Druid Ryvana: "A door! That's definitely where whatever made the marks came from."

Before going inside:

"I can't tell if whatever was dragged here came out of those doors or went inside them. Perhaps both?
Proceed with caution, but I definitely want to look around in there."

While inside the dungeons:

Druid Ryvana: "Be careful. I don't think we're alone down here."

Speaking to her at this point:

"Someone is definitely using this place. Let's look around."

After fighting off an Ascendant Order ambush:

Druid Ryvana: "The Ascendant Order has been hiding her for awhile. Lord Bacaro was right to be concerned."

As you venture further through the dungeons, she will notice the note Welcome, Initiates!:

Druid Ryvana: "Take a look at that pile of paper."

After reading the note, you discover that the Ascendant Lord is recruiting druids to join his cause:

Druid Ryvana: "The Ascendant Lord is recruiting disillusioned druids after the events on Galen? Insidious!"

Speaking to her at this point:

"Rebuilding his ranks with disillusioned druids. The Ascendant Lord will say to recruit his army.
But to allude to a druidic prophecy…what exactly is the Ascendant Lord promising his followers?"

You will see a shipping label on a pile of crates:

Druid Ryvana: "Those must be the crates the courier delivered. Check the labels."

After checking the Shipping Label:

Druid Ryvana: "Those were intended for Steadfast Manor. Why deliver them here? See what's inside the open one."

Speaking to her before examining a crate:

"The crates the courier delivered were intended for Steadfast Manor. I wonder why she was hired to bring them here?"

After examining the shipping crate, it has Society of the Steadfast armor:

Druid Ryvana: "Society of the Steadfast armor! With that, the Ascendant Order could impersonate Steadfast knights."

When you see the note Orders from the Lord:

Druid Ryvana: "Look, over on that table!"

After reading the note, you will find out the Ascendant Lord recruited a druid to poison Lady Arabelle:

Druid Ryvana: "The Ascendant Lord gave clear orders to this druid alchemist. We need to find that garden!"

She will notice a key that leads to the alchemist's garden:

Druid Ryvana: "Hmm, is that a key over there?"

Before taking the key:

"Take the key. We might need it to reach the alchemist's garden."

Reviewing all the clues you uncovered with her:

"We didn't expect the Ascendant Order to wither away, but I had no idea its roots ran so deep. And it seems they have crept into our most trusted circles. Someone at Steadfast Manor diverted this armor shipment here.
Let's review what we uncovered."
We found recruitment handbills directed at disillusioned druids.
"We know that the Ascendant Lord allied with factions of the Eldertide and Firesong Circles, but to actively promote a sacred druidic prophecy to gain followers to his cause ….
What about those crates we found?"
The shipping label said they were destined for Steadfast Manor and contained suits of armor.
"Armor that the Ascendant Order can use to impersonate Steadfast knights. I know Captain Marguerite by reputation. We must talk to her about the shipments.
But first, I still need to gather samples of the plants used to make the poison."
The letter to the druid alchemist detailed the plan to poison Lady Arabelle and mentioned a garden.
"And I assume the key we found will grant us access to this alchemical garden. Then I can craft an antidote for Lady Arabelle.
She and Lord Bacaro will know how to best handle this situation once she recovers from the poison."

Speaking to her again before going to the garden:

"Let's find the alchemist's garden and finish with this dreadful place."

When you reach the entrance to the alchemical garden:

Druid Ryvana: "That door. See if the key we found will unlock it."

While inside the alchemical garden:

Druid Ryvana: "A druid alchemist's workshop. Let's look around."

Speaking to her while looking around:

"Let's see what they're growing down here."

She will notice a Systres cavebloom and will try to take a sample of it for the antidote:

Druid Ryvana: "That's what I was looking for! A Systres cavebloom. But I've never seen one with quite that color before. I'll take a sample."

Speaking to her before examining the druid ritual box:

"I just need a moment to gather samples of this plant. I spotted a druid ritual box over there. They're meant to hold important components and sacred relics. You should examine it and see what it contains."

You will find a green gem in the box:

Druid Ryvana: "With these, I should be able to craft an antidote. What did you find over there?"

Speaking to her to tell her that you found a gem:

"I gathered enough of the plant to craft an antidote for Lady Arabelle. She will soon be on her way to a full recovery!
Did you find anything interesting in the druid ritual box?"
I found this green crystal in the box.
"That's a Shard of the Green. I've never seen an intact one before. Long ago, druids used them to protect sacred locations. The practice withered like leaves on a dying vine, mostly because they were so hard to come by.
Hang on to that for now."
What now, Druid Ryvana?
"Now? Now we do exactly what Lady Arabelle would want us to. We follow the clues.
Head to Steadfast Manor. We need to talk to Captain Marguerite. I'll meet you there after I start the preparations for the antidote."

Speaking to her again before you head off to Steadfast Manor:

"Go on. I'll meet you at Steadfast Manor after I get the antidote started. It will need time to steep before it's ready to administer to Lady Arabelle. I gave Za'ji and Caska enough of my tincture to keep her stable until we can get back to the city."

When you arrive at Steadfast Manor with Druid Ryvana, the captain will be addressing a Steadfast Sentry:

Captain Marguerite: "That will be all, sentry. But what's this? A druid and Lady Arabelle's assistant?"
Druid Ryvana: "Forgive the intrusion, captain. My friend will explain."

Before speaking to Captain Marguerite:

"Captain Marguerite has a reputation for fairness and honesty. Even among the Society of the Steadfast, she's considered an exemplary knight and leader.
Talk to her and find out what she knows about the shipment and the Shard of the Green."

Before you head into the cellars:

"The Shard of the Green, clearly a druid relic, belongs to Lord Bacaro? I wonder how he came to possess such a rare and ancient item.
Let's see what else we can learn in the manor's cellars."

Trying to find the locking mechanism for the shard:

"A crystal such as a Shard of the Green. Some ancient druid sites could only be reached by placing the proper shard into a locking mechanism. I wonder ….
Look around. The locking mechanism could be anything."

She will notice an empty sconce:

Druid Ryvana: "Hmm. That empty sconce. See the druid symbols carved into it? Check if the shard fits into the socket."

After putting the shard into the druidic sconce:

Druid Ryvana: "Just as I suspected, a hidden door! Let's see what other secrets this manor is hiding."

Before you enter the secret entrance:

"It appears Lord Bacaro has a few secrets of his own. Let's see what awaits us through the now-revealed door."

The door leads to more tunnels:

Druid Ryvana: "A passage leading deeper beneath the manor. Let's see what Lord Bacaro is hiding down there."

Speaking to her at this point:

"An even older set of tunnels beneath the cellars? And locked by a Shard of the Green? What's Lord Bacaro hiding down here?"

She will realize that you've encountered an ancient druid circle:

Druid Ryvana: "A druid circle! And an ancient one, by the looks of it. I want to get a closer look."

You can speak to her:

"This place feels sacred, ancient. Did Lord Bacaro know it was down here? And why keep it a secret? Instead of answers, suddenly we have more questions."
Do you know where we are, Ryvana?
"Somewhere beneath Steadfast Manor. But if you're asking what purpose it serves, that's an ancient druid circle.
It's a place of power and meditation from long ago. As far as I know, the Stonelore Circle isn't aware this location even exists."
Why would Lord Bacaro keep a place like this a secret?
"I'm not sure. But stones as old as these, they hold memories, emotions from ages past. Some believe they can tap into that power. Use it for their own purposes.
There may be a perfectly benign reason to keep such a place secret."
You don't sound convinced.
"More often than not, places such as this are forgotten for a reason. Let's see what else we can learn and depart this ancient hall as soon as we can."

You will encounter several hostile Spriggans:

Druid Ryvana: "Powerful spirits often guard locations such as this. Be careful."

Speaking to her about this:

"These creatures were summoned to protect this place. There's more of them than can just be explained by the natural attraction of the circle. But who could have performed such a summoning?"

You will reach an alcove overlooking a study area:

Druid Ryvana: "Down there! Let's get a closer look."

Speaking to her:

"Can you feel it, the weight of countless seasons pressing down on us? This circle is old. Maybe one of the first established on the island."

When you head down to the area, you will notice scattered papers belonging to Lord Bacaro:

Druid Ryvana: "Those carvings! Definitely druidic."

You will soon learn that Lord Bacaro is the Ascendant Lord and aspires to become the Druid King. Ryvana will notice the suit of armor resembles that of the Ascendant Lord:

Druid Ryvana: "That armor…it looks just like the Ascendant Lord, doesn't it?"

Speaking to her on what you uncovered about Lord Bacaro:

"What's the connection here? Why does the Ascendant Order care about this place? And why does Lord Bacaro have a suit of the Ascendant Lord's armor?"
I found a journal written by Lord Bacaro. In it, he admits to being the Ascendant Lord.
"What? But Lord Bacaro is a man of peace. Why secretly control the very order of rogue knights that are actively trying to destroy everything he's worked for? I don't understand."
Lord Bacaro wanted the Firesong to unite the druids. He wants the circles to crown a new Druid King.
"So he helped foster the conflicts on Galen, then stepped in to help with the Steadfast after the dust settled. All while making alliances with the victors. But his plans failed. No new Druid King has been crowned."
I also found this genealogy. It indicates that Lord Bacaro is a descendant of the last Druid King.
"Let me see that. Could this be accurate? Could Lord Bacaro be a direct descendant of Druid King Kasorayn?
Oh no. The carvings. I think I know why this place is important to Lord Bacaro. Examine the carvings. I'll explain what I see in them."
I'll examine the carvings.

Before you examine the carvings:

"Examine the carvings, friend. Then I'll tell you what I think they mean."

Once you examined the druidic carvings, she will tell you what they mean:

Druid Ryvana: "Do you see. That's a stylized rendition of the Ivy Throne, with the Druid King's regalia—the crown, staff, and gauntlet—below it. Carved above the throne, that's the heraldry of House Merchad."

You can ask her more about why Lord Bacaro is pursuing this prophecy:

"So Lord Bacaro—the Ascendant Lord—believes he's descended from the last Druid King through his mother's bloodline. He wants to become the Druid King and reestablish the Ivy Throne.
That's why he went to Galen. He needs the Druid King's regalia!"
What's so important about the Druid King's regalia?
"In and of themselves, the regalia have no innate power. They're symbols, nothing more.
However, the very fact that the sacred seeds have been regrown into the crown, staff, and gauntlet give credence to the prophecy of the Druid King."
Remind me about this prophecy.
"The Dream of Kasorayn. The druids of the archipelago have debated its meaning since it was first uttered so long ago. With the regalia, Lord Bacaro can proclaim that the conditions of the prophecy have been met and that he's the new Druid King."
Would the druids really believe that?

She urges you to hurry back to Mandrake Manor to tell Lady Arabelle of this betrayal. You can speak to Ryvana about this more:

"The prophecy holds deep significance for druids. We've been waiting for its promise to manifest for a long, long time.
We have to hurry. I must administer the antidote to Lady Arabelle and warn her of this betrayal. Meet me back at Mandrake Manor."
What about Captain Marguerite? Should we tell her what we uncovered?
"Captain Marguerite's reputation is impeccable and she seemed unaware of all this. But the same could be said about Lord Bacaro.
Until we determine how far this corruption has spread into the Society of the Steadfast, we keep this to ourselves."

You will meet her at Mandrake Manor where she will give Lady Arabelle the antidote and urges you to share what you uncovered about Lord Bacaro:

Druid Ryvana: "Lady Arabelle, drink this. It will neutralize the poison."
Druid Ryvana: "We discovered the source of the poison and…something more. Our friend will tell you."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "I knew you wouldn't let me down. Tell me what you uncovered, dear."

Before speaking to Lady Arabelle:

"Tell Lady Arabelle what we learned. And remind her to give the antidote the time it needs to work. I'm sure she's going to want to be in the thick of things as soon as possible, but her body must recover from the affects of the poison."

If you exit out of the conversation with Lady Arabelle and before turning in the quest, she will say:

"The antidote is working faster than I expected. Lady Arabelle should be back to her old self before the next torchbug blinks."

After the quest is completed:

"When you speak to Lady Arabelle, remind her that she's still recovering from the effects of a powerful poison. The antidote I provided won't totally neutralize it if she doesn't give it time to do its work."

The Ivy ThroneEdit

After speaking to Lady Arabelle:

"I'll accompany Lady Arabelle to Glimmertarn and make sure the Druid King's staff is safe. We'll catch up with you in Vastyr.
Be careful, my friend."

You will be chasing Lord Bacaro in Y'ffre's Path, you will encounter Ryvana who was originally chasing down Bacaro:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Over here, my friend! Lady Arabelle followed them through that door!"

Speaking to Ryvana to see why Bacaro is interested in Y'ffre's Path:

"Lady Arabelle said you'd find us. Told me to wait here and point the way. She followed Bacaro, the Ascendant Lord, through that door over there.
Go help her. I'm still not sure she's fully recovered from the effects of the poison."
Za'ji and Caska said you might know why Bacaro has come to this location.
"Just speculation really. Y'ffre's Path is a sacred place, and such locations contain power if you know how to draw upon it. Bacaro is going to need all the power he can get if he wants to press his claim as the Druid King."
What do you mean?
"The Stonelore Circle at least will never accept his claim. Not unless forced to. Not to mention the three alliances. Bacaro is going to need more than the regalia and his small army of knights to accomplish his ultimate goal—to rule all of Tamriel."
How is Lady Arabelle doing, Ryvana?
"She's definitely on the mend, but she should be resting. Running after the so-called Ascendant Lord can be hazardous to her condition in a number of ways.
Go after her, my friend. Keep her safe and deal with Bacaro before things get worse."

Speaking to her again before you venture inside:

"Please find Lady Arabelle. She still isn't fully recovered from the effects of that poison."

At the Vastyr docks before you set sail to Y'ffelon to stop Bacaro:

"My particular skills lean more toward healing than battle, but I'll do whatever I can to help you stop Lord Bacaro."

At Y'ffelon:

"All my seasons as a druid, and this is my first visit to Y'ffelon. I just wish it was under better circumstances."

After speaking to Lady Arabelle:

"May Y'ffre guide your steps, my friend. And keep Lady Arabelle safe. She won't admit it, not even to herself, but the poison took a lot out of her. She should be back at the manor resting, not on her way to battle the Ascendant Lord."

She will be on the Perfect Pounce with the rest of your companions after Frii calms down the volcano. Speaking to her before Lady Arabelle:

"How did you manage to calm the spirit of the mountain, my friend? And how did you contain the volcano's eruption? The damage should have been much greater.
Go on, talk to Lady Arabelle. I can't wait to hear what happened over there."

Before you depart for Vastyr:

"What a season this has been, my friend. The Ascendant Order, rogue druids, a false druid king, and an ancient nature spirit…all because of a prophecy most of my people barely remember.
I'm just glad you were here to help set things right."

She will be back at Castle Mornard's throneroom watching the fireplace. Before you speak to Lady Arabelle:

"I'm not sure I can think of too many mainlanders who would have gone out of their way to help the archipelago, not to mention the druids, through these difficult times.
Thank you for everything, my friend."

After the quest is completed:

"You did so much for the islands, for the druids. I'll never forget how you saved us all. Thank you, my friend."

And Now, Perhaps, PeaceEdit

Lady Arabelle would like to invite Druid Ryvana to take part in the peace talks at All Flags Islet. You will find Ryvana back at her workshop in High Isle:

Druid Ryvana: "Friend, what a pleasant surprise!"

Letting her know that she has been invited to be a part of the peace talks:

"What brings you back here so soon, friend? Not another danger to the archipelago, I hope."
Lady Arabelle wants you to represent the Stonelore Druids of High Isle at the peace talks.
"I'm neither an elder nor an archdruid. Shouldn't Lady Arabelle invite one of them?
Hmm. Most of the surviving senior members of the circle are deep in discussions about the Draoife. Very well. Tell her I'll attend the talks."
Good. I'll see you on All Flags Islet.

Asking her about her future aspirations:

"I'm pleased that Lady Arabelle thought to include the druids of the archipelago in the peace talks. As you have seen, events on the mainland reach even to our distant shores.
Still, I wish we had archdruids or elders available for the task."
Are you interested in becoming an elder or an archdruid, Ryvana?
"Perhaps one day, but I'm much too young to be called an elder, don't you agree?
As for archdruid, one doesn't just receive that accolade. Only druids of immense presence and power ever achieve such a rank. Will I someday? We shall see."

Before you speak to Lady Arabelle inside the Memorial Hall Reception Hall:

"Lady Arabelle insisted I stay close, but I'm really not all that comfortable inside structures such as this. I prefer more humble dwellings or simply the open fields.
Anyway, she really wants to talk to you."

Once Count Stefan calls everyone to go inside the reception area, you can speak to her before the talks begins:

"After all the pain and suffering we've endured lately, I hope the various leaders negotiate in good faith. We've had enough betrayal for one season, I think."

After Lady Arabelle gives her opening speech:

"Now the discussions to resolve seasons of conflict begin. This is an important moment, friend. And you made it happen. Even if the peace talks fail, good things will come of this. They must.
And know that you always have a place with the Stonelore."


Mysterious and kind, Druid Ryvana welcomes the chance to teach others about the wisdom of the Stonelore Druids. What teachings has she for you? After adding Ryvana to your home, you can set her on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with her.
Druid Ryvana
Druid Ryvana
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 015001,500  
Availability July 21, 2022 - August 4, 2022

Druid Ryvana is also a houseguest. She was available in the Crown Store for 015001,500   from July 21 to August 4, 2022.


Appearances: 1

  • Crown Store — July 21, 2022 - August 4, 2022

Houseguest DialogueEdit

"Learn something and teach something every day, and you will make the world a better place."
"My house in Stonelore Grove serves as a place where people know they can find me. When I wish to be alone, I go into the wilderness."
"The Stonelore druids know old tales about other circles that once roamed Tamriel's forests. I sometimes wonder if any of them might still be out there, doing Y'ffre's will."
"The Systres Archipelago is my home, and to those islands I shall always return. But I wish to walk in many lands before I rest. Which is why I am grateful to receive shelter here."

On druidic beliefs:

"Eldertide druids listen to ocean and storm. Firesongs hear Y'ffre's voice in the restlessness of the mountain. We Stonelores find truth in the bones of the earth. Rocks tell stories, old and deep."
"I am a druid of the Stonelore Circle. As such, I shall not attempt to convert you to the ways of Y'ffre. I simply let my good works speak for themselves."
"Some assume druids are pacifists because we have little interest in the quarrels of kings and queens. That assumption is wrong. Violence and death are part of nature, too.
Which is why I always carry a weapon."
"Yes, we druids see death as the natural end for all living things. But we also fight fiercely for each day in the sun. That is also natural."

On nature:

"A great wide world waits outside that door, that is true. But in my travels I have found no place as beautiful as the hills and woods of High Isle."
"A person should attempt to spend as much time or more outside than in. Nature rejuvenates us, gives us life. Too many city folk pass their days under a roof of wood or stone and locked behind solid walls."
"Each day leaves its mark upon the living earth. Heat, frost, wind, rain—they write their tales in the rock so that we can read them."
"Nature is a most patient teacher, but some of Y'ffre's lessons can be very hard."
"People must learn to feed themselves. Even in a city, one can tend a garden or go catch fish. These acts remind us of Y'ffre's bounty."'
"The anger of Mount Firesong left many scars across High Isle. When I return home, I will do what I can to heal them."
"Three seasons ago I took passage on a ship bound for Southpoint to see the mighty Valenwood, greatest of forests. I almost didn't want to return home. What a marvelous place!"
"Y'ffre provides a banquet every day, free to all who heed his teachings."

On creatures:

"If you find a new variety of torchbug or butterfly, make a note of the location for me. I would like to go see them in their natural environment."
"I love torchbugs. Y'ffre's joy, or so my mentor once called them. I have a feeling there's more to these creatures than we suspect."
"No creature truly thrives when removed from the place where it belongs. This applies to people as well."'
"The fox does not live in its den. Its life happens out in the fields, and the den is only where it shelters. A fox is wise that way."

On the encroachment of modern civilization:

"Do not fell a living tree if deadwood will serve your purpose."
"I fear for the woods of the Systres islands. Many trees must die to make a ship, and the Dufort shipyards get busier every day."
"The great nobles of the Systres Archipelago distrust druids, but they have nothing to fear from the Stonelore Circle. We are content to outwait them. We know that rock endures."
"The laws of a king are strong, but the laws of nature are stronger. Does the storm heed a king? No, a king must bow before the storm."

Quest progress dependent:

"I am worried about Y'ffelon. The Firesong Circle guards the slumber of the volcano, and yet the volcano awoke. Did they relax their watch? The thought is … disconcerting."
"I heard that Eldertide druids aided the Ascendant Order at All Flags Islet. I want you to know that my circle—the Stonelore Circle—would never do such a thing."