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Triquetra Tattoo (around forehead)

The triquetra is an ancient symbol that can be described as a three-sided knot. Its origins primarily lie with the Bretons of the Systres Archipelago: sometime around 1E 330, the Druids of Galen dissolved due to a religious schism and split into the Stonelore, Eldertide, and Firesong Circles. The three druidic circles thus began shaping knot-work into the triquetra, to symbolize their shared goals and ultimate unity.[1][2][3] When mainland Bretons adopted the triquetra is unknown, but today it can be found emblazoned on many things associated with Bretons, such as their armor, weapons,[4] furniture,[5] and clothing. By the end of the Third Era, the triquetra was also used on Cyrodilic shortswords.[6]

The triquetra was also used as a symbol by the Ayleids. For them, it symbolized land, sea, and sky. It served as the emblem of House Dynar, the royal house of Nenalata; the symbol of a triquetra carved into meteoric iron has been found on torcs made by the Ayleid jewelcrafters of Nenalata.[7][8] The symbol is also present in Eld Angavar, an abandoned realm created by a clan of Barsaebic Ayleids.[9]

The Clever Women of Skyrim are keepers of an ancient ceremony whereby blood is bound to the tides through the use of runes, thereby transforming one's skin to mirror the sea's restless waters. They are the only group known to possess that knowledge and the secrets of the Runic Seabrume. One of the symbols engraved on the skin is the triquetra.[10]



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