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Druid King Kasorayn
ON-misc-Druid King.png
Tales of Tribute Depiction
Race Breton Gender Male
Died Y'ffelon
Previous Ruler Galen
Resided in High Rock
The Systres
Appears in ESO

Kasorayn was the Druid King (or Archdruid),[1] specifically the last in a line of Druid Kings, and his position was of a druidic philosophical figure that is revered in High Rock.[2][3] He was active in the fourth century of the First Era. Kasorayn is the most well-known druidic seer,[4] and was listed alongside Sage Voernet and Gyron Vardengroet as one of the most powerful Breton mages in history.[5]


Kasorayn with his regalia

Kasorayn served as the Druid King when druids were united as one under the Druids of Galen banner. His rule was during a time of great turbulence, for different powers vowed to exert their influence over High Rock. The Druids of Galen attempted to hold onto their power with fearsome magic, either behind the scenes or directly.[6] They believed that civilization should live alongside nature and not time it, and thought themselves to be fighting for the soul of High Rock.[7] Ultimately, the Druids of Galen split from Bretondom around 1E 330. The Direnni Hegemony did not take kindly to the attempts for druidic governance of the province, and the Alessian Order persecuted the druids as they deviated from their religion.[3] Following the guidance of Y'ffre's visions,[8] a song, or an Elder Scroll,[9] Druid King Kasorayn led somewhere between an estimated few thousand to a million druids on an exodus to The Systres.[8][9] A few remained on the mainland.[7]

When the Druids of Galen arrived to the Systres, the Draoife (meaning druidic council) terraformed a barren volcanic island into a lush and verdant volcanic paradise and named it Y'ffelon. The druids then swiftly expanded across the rest of the archipelago,[10] sprouting life where it was once barren.[9] The dissolution of the Druids of Galen was brought about with the event known as the "three mornings of sail", when priest-navigators set out to sea on enchanted vessels outside the archipelago. Their outside experiences and their interactions with different races resulted in three sects developing, each with their own interpretation of Y'ffre's will; the Stonelore, Eldertide, and Firesong Circles.[7][9] Other sources claim Kasorayn caused the druidic schism when he foresaw a coming disaster in a prophecy now known as the Dream of Kasorayn.[11]

In truth, before the Druids of Galen ventured into the Systres, Kasorayn visited both the Beldama[12] and Glenmoril Wyrd Covens in preparation.[11] Together, they nurtured the nature spirit known as Frii from the dream of the Green.[13][14] Frii was the Sower, the entity that was to create sacred seeds which were to contain the regalia of the Druid King, royal symbols to be passed onto the future druidic circles.[13] Despite the religious schism, to symbolize their unity matters more and that they share the same goals, the druidic circles came to shaping knot-work into a triquetra,[15] a symbol that would become adopted by civilized Bretons.[16]

Druid King Kasorayn addressing the Druidic Circles

The druidic monarchy ended after heretics of the Allwither Order murdered the Druid King in their attempt to seize the Ivy Throne.[17] It is speculated that they wanted to go back to High Rock to enact revenge on their former Elven oppressors.[18] Before Kasorayn succumbed to his wounds, he reverted his regalia into seeds. The crown was given to the Eldertide, the gauntlet to the Firesong, and the staff to the Stonelore Circle for safekeeping until a new Druid King could rise. He then ordered those still loyal to him to rally against the Allwither Cult.[17] The druids were left with the Dream of Kasorayn detailing two possible futures, dependant on the morality of the next Druid King. When the druidic circles are reunited, they may bring the Green Renewal (also known as the Green Reward), in which they would teach everyone to live in harmony with nature. The other possibility was the Green Scourge, in which nature would run amok among the tyranny of the druids.[11] After Kasorayn's death, the regal symbology of the Druid Kings disappeared almost overnight.[19][20] Filling the leadership role afterwards was the Draoife, which consists of some of the most influential members of each druidic circle. They handle the leadership role for modern druids, settling disputes and handling concerns.[11]


Before his death, Kasorayn took on the role of an observer, only intervening in conflicts when necessary. He was also an architect for the early days of druidic habitation of the Systres, for his investments both magical and mundane were poured in to lay a framework, which is especially felt within the island of Galen, where strange phenomena such as chimeras and forest wraiths dwell. Even after Kasorayn's death, these defenses were put to good use during the Sinestral assault of 1E 660.[18] He also created the sanctuary known as Clohaigh, which explained the purpose of Frii, the Sower.[13]

Kasorayn's bloodline survived with House Merchad, whose heraldry is three cups spilling seeds.[21] One of the pieces of the Tales of Tribute, a popular card game originating from the Systres played continent-wide during the Interregnum in Second Era[22] bore the image of Kasorayn. A deck themed after him and druids was part of the game.[23]

The Dream of Kasorayn foretold of druids retaking their place on Tamriel and a possible future where the druidic circles reestablish themselves as the Druids of Galen after uniting under the banner of a new Druid King.[UOL 1][UOL 2][24][11] Attempts to forcibly reclaim the past glory of the druids led to bloodshed during the First and Second Era,[17][25] which prompted an outlook to instead look into a future where druids may not require a king or a prophecy to make the world a better place.[26] Indeed, the Druids of Galen may not be resurrected, for Kasorayn's dream may simply be a metaphor. Druidkind should live life like it is close at hand, however.[11] It is unknown what parts of the prophecy came true, but by the fifth century of the Third Era, druids were once again present in the regions surrounding the Iliac Bay.[27][UOL 3] "By the ArchDruid" is a common exclamation by Bretons of this era.[2][28]



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