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Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Region The Systres
Appears in ESO
Y'ffelon and Mount Firesong
"Y'ffelon's bad dreams can rattle windows and shake shelves here, all the way over here on High Isle." —Orbiana Octavianus[1]

Y'ffelon is a volcanic island of the Systres archipelago, which is located north of High Isle and east of Galen.[2] Amenos is found to the east, separated by the Amenos Passage.[3] Y'ffelon is found in the center of the archipelago, and is dominated by the sacred volcano of Mount Firesong,[4] whose roots run all through the Systres.[1] The entire archipelago is volcanic, with many steam vents, hot springs, and other such features found in the island's back country,[5] and tapping into the earth-energies of the island can lend immense magical power.[6] The Druids of Galen were able to instill magic on Y'ffelon to balance nature and bring life to the land.[4][7]

The northwestern part of the isle is known as the Cinderwash Point.[8][9][10]

The Firesong Circle controls Y'ffelon and do not welcome outsiders. They "hear Y'ffre's voice in the restlessness of the mountain" and work to keep it from erupting, rarely ever leaving the island of Y'ffelon.


A map of the Systres

After leaving High Rock, the druids made the perilous voyage to the Systres. According to legend, this was either by following a mysterious "song" the eldest druids heard on the wind, or by carrying an Elder Scroll with them and following its guidance to the shores of their new adopted home, Y'ffelon.[4] In druid orthodoxy, the first Draoife harnessed the power of the Earthbones to transform the scarred, volcanic island into a verdant paradise.[4][7] These "three mornings of sail" witnessed the rise of the druidic Circles, with the oldest being the Firesong Circle.[4]

The Lefthanded Elves arrived on Amenos from Yokuda in 1E 660 and began their conquest of the archipelago, laying siege to Y'ffelon.[7] Hundreds of fighters on both the Elvish and Druid sides perished during the protracted siege of the Systres.[4] Ultimately, the islands themselves interfered. In 1E 676 Mount Firesong, the sacred volcano erupted,[7] causing deaths of countless druids and Elven invaders in a fiery cataclysm.[4] This is suspected to be the catastrophic result of a miscalculated spell spiraling out of control.[6] It was comparable to the Sun's Death catastrophe of 1E 668, and may have even been related given the corresponding dates.[4]

The long dormant Mount Firesong erupted a second time in 1E 2484.[4]

During the Three Banners War, the Dreadsails had been operating in Y'ffelon.[11] The island was granted to House Dufort after Ranser's War,[12] though they cared little for what occurred on what they considered a "wild and desolate" territory.[11] Captain Silengos was ordered to suspend operations in Y'ffelon and travel to Skulltooth Cove.[13] Circa 2E 582, the island was "waking up" and tremors could be felt in High Isle.[14]

Notable PlacesEdit

Cinderwash Point
Mount Firesong
Temple of Y'ffelon

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