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Lore:Viridian Sentinel

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Viridian Sentinel
ON-npc-Stenwick Gurles.jpg
The Viridian Sentinel circa 2E 582
Race Breton Gender Varies
Resided in Bangkorai
Appears in ESO

The Viridian Sentinel protects the human inhabitants of northern Bangkorai from the beasts and witches that live in the forest.[1] According to the legend of the Viridian Sentinel, long ago the Direnni forged a covenant with the Earth Bones to protect their settlements located throughout all of High Rock from the wild. The Bretons, who displaced the Direnni, had no such arrangement, and as a result their farms in Bangkorai were gradually overrun by the wilderness. The people were pushed to the brink of starvation, causing a young boy called Greenward to pray to Stendarr for salvation. Stendarr taught him to forge a new pact with the forest, giving him the power to restrain the natural creatures within. He thus became the first Viridian Sentinel.[1]

The Viridian Sentinel has great power over the forest, and can use this power to perform potent feats of magic. When the Glenmoril Wyrd became bound to the forest, they also gave some deference to the Sentinel due to that connection (though they had not been a party to the original pact).[2] Although Viridian Sentinels were known for their longevity, over time, the Sentinel ages like other mortals, and must pass on their power and title to a new mortal before death.[1] Their eyes age at a normal rate, however, and therefore a Sentinel usually requires a monocle when reading to counteract deteriorating eyesight.[3]

By 2E 582, both the spirits of the forest and the Glenmoril Wyrd had become resentful regarding the Viridian Sentinel's "unnatural" control of the woods, and the use of the forest's power to benefit humans. The Wyrd in particular questioned the legitimacy of the covenant that had created the Sentinel. Both spirits and wyresses continued to grudgingly honor the pact, performing their own parts in the rite that passed on power to a new Sentinel, but they attempted to delay the ritual, and even subtly encouraged an outsider to sabotage the process.[2][4]

Known Viridian SentinelsEdit