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This article is about the NPC. For Tales of Tribute Patron, see Druid King.

Druid King Kasorayn
(lore page)
Location Temple of Y'ffelon
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 25,974
Other Information
Faction(s) Druids of Galen
Kasorayn wearing his full regalia

Druid King Kasorayn is the former leader of the Druids of Galen, but still leads his people who are now split into druidic circles. Some among them have taken up worship of the Allwither, and so he faces a religious schism that threatens to plunge druids onto a dark path.

Related QuestsEdit


You will access the memories of Elder Aiven, the memory shows a time in the Temple of Y'ffelon:

Druid King Kasorayn: "Elder Aiven, I need your help."

Talking to him:

"The day I hoped to avert is upon us. A hunger for power will destroy everything we hoped to build here in the archipelago. Now druids slay druids, fighting over a throne like the very Elves we left behind on the mainland.
I must end this."
Where am I?
"Has it been so long since you served as my apprentice, Aiven? Have you forgotten the Temple of Y'ffelon?
Our misguided brothers and sisters defile this most hallowed place with their violence."
Our misguided brothers and sisters?
"Followers of the Allwither among the Firesong Circle. While most of that circle serve the cycle of creation, those who revere the Allwither worship only death and decay.
They seek to seize the Ivy Throne. To lead us into an age of unending darkness."
How do we stop the followers of the Allwither?
"I must return my regalia—crown, staff, and gauntlet—to Y'ffre. The season of the Druid King must end. For now.
Meanwhile, we need to make preparations so my dream comes to pass. Escort me to Elder Verline in the ritual chamber. This ends today."
I'll escort you to the ritual chamber.
Kasorayn without his regalia

Getting background information during this timeline:

"The ritual chamber lies to the south. Take the passage that leads up.
Be on your guard, old friend. The followers of the Allwither are already inside the temple. We must return the regalia to Y'ffre before they stop us."
How will you return your regalia to Y'ffre?
"From seeds were the crown, staff, and gauntlet called forth. To seeds we must return them.
You have heard my dream, Aiven. How the Sower will one day awaken, once the schism that divides our people is finally mended."
Your dream? The Sower?
"You're sure you're all right, Aiven? The Dream is my prophecy of two futures—one good, one bad. The Sower is the key, a spirit I called from the Green and left in the care of the wyrds. Frii.
You must prepare the message for them, as we discussed."
Who's Elder Verline?
"These troubled times confuse even me, my friend.
Verline is my closest counselor. A loyal Firesong, all too familiar with the threat posed by those sworn to the Allwither. He is in danger, too, from those who call him a traitor to their cause."
Can you tell me more about the followers of the Allwither?
"You need to know more than that they are here and desire our deaths?
Ah, forgive me. I share your confusion. We did not guess how prevalent the Allwither's influence had become. Many powerful Firesong druids have fallen under its dark influence."
What's the Allwither?
"A difficult question. Firesong druids revere the great cycle of creation and destruction. Death and rebirth. But those who give themselves to the Allwither see only half of this endless wheel. The dark half.
They must not gain the Ivy Throne."

Getting close to the ritual chamber after getting to higher elevation:

Druid King Kasorayn: "Up here, Aiven. Elder Verline waits in the ritual chamber."

Reaching the entrance to Yffre's Shrine:

Druid King Kasorayn: "The ritual chamber is beyond the door just ahead."

In Y'ffre's Shrine:

Druid King Kasorayn: "Begin the ritual at once, Elder Verline. Elder Aiven, I require your assistance."
Elder Verline: "If you are certain, my king. Yet I wish there was another way."
Frii: "The Temple of Y'ffelon. I hear its song, even in this dream."

Talking to him:

"Elder Verline has the regalia and will begin the ritual. I hoped that when I laid down my authority, when I left the throne for the forest, the shadow over our people would have passed. Now I see that more is required.
Will you aid me, old friend?"
What do you need me to do?
"Remember everything you see, Aiven. When the prophecy is fulfilled and a new king arises, the seeds must be brought here and blessed by the Sower I spoke of in my Dream. You must preserve this moment to instruct the Sower.
Now, go help Verline."
How do I help Elder Verline?
"We need the light of the moons to shine upon the sacred pools in this chamber. Mara's Tear and Shandar's Sorrow must witness and sanctify our deeds this night.
Elder Verline can tell you what to do. I must prepare myself."
As you command, Druid King.

Before you speak to Elder Verline:

"Speak with Elder Verline, my friend. I must prepare myself for what comes next."

Before you turn the druid stones:

"Hurry, my friend. We need the light of the moons to begin this ritual, and the Allwither Order may find their way into this chamber at any moment."

Turning the first temple druid stone:

Druid King Kasorayn: "Y'ffre, hear us. Return crown, staff, and gauntlet to the seeds from whence they came."

Turning second stone, Elder Verline is part of the Allwither cult and stabs Kasorayn before being banished:

Elder Verline: "This is folly, Kasorayn! You leave me no choice. Allwither, guide my blade!"

<Elder Verline stabs Druid King Kasorayn in the back.>

Druid King Kasorayn: "Ahh! Betrayed? Why, Verline? Begone! I banish you!"

<Druid King Kasorayn banishes Elder Verline with a spell while laying on the ground wounded.>

Speaking with the wounded Druid King:

"The followers of the Allwither … more insidious than I thought. A poisoned blade in the hand of a trusted friend.
This proves I was right. Crown, staff, gauntlet. They must return to the Green. You must help me, Aiven."
What can I do, my king?
"Gather the sacred seeds. Help me summon Urdiir the Guardian. A powerful ally for the Sower … a protector to ensure that only a worthy king regrows the seeds. Then …."
I'm listening, my king.
"Give one seed to each druid circle to guard … to keep. Oak to Eldertide. Rowan to Stonelore. Ash … for the Firesong untainted by the Allwither.
One last thing … go to the Ivy Throne. Seal it. No one must enter until the Sower awakens."
I'll take the seeds and deliver them to the circles.

Asking final questions before summoning the Guardian:

"Thank you, my old friend. Take the seeds … go to the center of the chamber. Touch the mote of light …."
How do I summon Urdiir the Guardian?
"Touch the mote to begin the summoning … I will do the rest. Urdiir is a spirit from the Green. It will protect this place until a new Druid King arises.
Urdiir will keep its vigil until the Sower decides the season of the seeds has come again."
What of Elder Verline and the servants of the Allwither?
"That task I leave in your hands. Rally the circles against those who follow the Allwither.
Defeat them. Bind them in the mountain. Then … let them be forgotten. There can be no healing while druids seek power and harm one another."

After taking the sacred seeds:

Druid King Kasorayn: "Now…take your place. Touch the mote and I will summon Urdiir the Guardian."

Speaking to him before going to the center of the chamber:

"You have the seeds … good. Now go to the center of the chamber. Find the mote of light. We must summon Urdiir."

Before you touch the summoning mote:

"Begin the summoning…touch the light…and go. You have served me well, old friend."

Once you touch the summoning mote, Urdiir will be summoned to protect the temple and Kasorayn gives his farewell to you:

Druid King Kasorayn: "Farewell, old friend. This temple becomes my tomb. Deliver the seeds … and seal the Ivy Throne …."