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Lore:The Green

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The Green
Type Plane
Realm Mundus

The Green is a term used to refer to the natural world on Nirn, which Y'ffre and the Earthbones who sacrificed themselves to establish the rules and principles of nature and life.[1][2][3] The establishment of order is known as Y'ffre's Naming.[4] (or her "first tale"),[1] in which all things were given their forms.[4] This occurred in the Dawn Era, where Mundus, all living things, and even the land were formless and would shift between shapes. The Bosmer refer to this state as the Ooze.[1] The Green is also interpreted as a life force,[5] and it is even personified as capable of taking on many roles such as a teacher,[6] or that it can even protect itself through intermediaries.[7][8]

The Bosmeri people adhere to the Green Pact out of necessity as in Valenwood, a failure to appease the Green can be exceedingly deadly.[9] As part of her second tale, Y'ffre took the "forest people"[10] and turned them into the Bosmer. They were then bound to the Green Pact, in which they were forbidden to harm the forest they live in, and they were to be its protectors from any that would harm it.[9] They were given the power to make stories,[1] which is represented in the Spinners, who draw stories of their people—past, present, and even future.[11][12] The last tale is a warning, that those who break the Green Pact would be condemned back to the formlessness of the Ooze.[1] Z'en, the Bosmeri God of Toil, vengeance, agriculture, and payment in kind, is also associated with the Green.[13]

The Green is also of significance to Bretonic subcultures that are druidic in origin. The Green is more of a dream from which nature spirits are made manifest with purpose, and are tied to the environment around them, but they are as unpredictable as nature itself.[14][15] Druids hold a special connection with spirits of the Green, and can be guiding forces.[16] In the myths of the Wyrd, they were created during Y'ffre's Naming to be wardens of the Green, descended from the Ehlnofey themselves. They would remind every being their shape, and keep any corruption away.[17]

The Wardens are militant worshippers of Y'ffre that consist of members of all races, and can be found zealously protecting Tamriel's wilds throughout the various provinces.[12] They are master storytellers whose nature tales become magical reality, which they weaponize to defend the Green.[18][19][12] They are said to possibly be a way for the old world to walk tall in the new, with Wardens being the Green fighting back.[7]

The Psijic Order created magical "Warden" gauntlets that are attuned to the Green and suited to the usage of Nature-based magic and Restoration spells.[5]


  • There is a nature realm that exists parallel to the physical realm where spirits can be found. Various Breton and Reachfolk groups were known to interact with this Nature Realm.[20]