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Archdruid Orlaith
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 732,952
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Firesong Circle
Archdruid Orlaith

Archdruid Orlaith is a Breton druid and the leader of the Firesong Circle. She seeks to fulfill the Dream of Kasorayn by taking the title of Druid King, in order to resurrect the Druids of Galen by uniting the druid circles under one banner and using force if necessary.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

A Sea of TroublesEdit

Archdruid Orlaith can first be encountered in the lodge of the ruined Eldertide village of Tuinh, while you investigate with Druid Laurel:

Druid Laurel: "Archdruid Orlaith! What are you doing here?"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Confirming a suspicion, little Laurel."
Archdruid Orlaith: "Archdruid Rahval was right to call the Draoife together. Tell him the Firesong will attend."
Archdruid Orlaith: "The time has come to gather the seeds. The prophecy of the Druid King is at hand."
<Archdruid Orlaith teleports away.>
Druid Laurel: "The seeds? Is that what this—oh, blight! She's gone. Friend, we should talk."

After reporting this to Sir Stefan Mornard, you accompany him and Druid Laurel to the Draoife, a meeting of the archdruids of all three druidic circles. When you arrive, Archdruid Orlaith will be speaking with both Archruid Rahval and Archdruid Ellic:

Archdruid Orlaith: "The day is upon us. The Draoife must crown a new Druid King!"
Archdruid Rahval: "Perhaps, but you have no right to claim the sacred seeds by force."
Archdruid Orlaith: "You hide your seeds and keep the Sower of Kasorayn's Dream for yourself. You declared this war, not the Firesong."
Archdruid Ellic: "No Druid King can be crowned until the circles are united! The Telling Stone is quite clear …."
Archdruid Orlaith: "This Draoife is a sham! If I must burn away the old to reveal the new, so be it!"

At this, a combination of Firesong druids and Dreadsails will teleport in and slay most of the attending druids. Druid Laurel will chase after Orlaith and Sir Stefan will run after her. In the meantime, Dhulef will shield the surviving Rahval and Ellic while you fight off the attackers. Once you have won, you can follow Laurel and Stefan down the tunnel but when you catch up you find things have gone wrong. Sir Stefan has been captured by both Sealord Nalos and Archdruid Orlaith:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Flee, Laurel! Save yourself!"
Druid Laurel: "Stefan!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Mainlanders should not meddle in druid affairs. Deal with them, Branagh!"

You will then need to fight Druid Branagh and his ursauk companion. Once you have won, Archdruid Orlaith will give an ultimatum:

Druid Branagh: "I fall, but the Firesong burn on …."
Archdruid Orlaith: "You defeated my champion? No matter."
Archdruid Orlaith: "Tell Count Mornard to stay out of this or his son's life is forfeit!"
<Archdruid Orlaith, Sealord Nalos and Sir Stefan then leave, the survivors then catch up to you.>

The Siege of VastyrEdit

While trying to find Archdruid Rahval during the siege of Vastyr by the Dreadsail forces, you will eventually reach to the courtyard where he is held captive by Archdruid Orlaith. She has all the seeds of the druid circles as Rahval is asking her to return the sacred seeds. She refuses and kills off Rahval to let the prophecy happen and to add insult to injury she blows up the cathedral where Count Leonard Mornard and several civilians are taking refuge. She will then teleport out of the courtyard.

Archdruid Rahval: "Archdruid Orlaith, return the sacred seeds."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Let Rahval and the seeds go, Orlaith!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "You have lost, Rahval! Today your blood allows the Dream to come to pass."
Archdruid Rahval: "Druid-kin! You must protect Frii!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Silence!"

<Archdruid Orlaith slits the throat of Archdruid Rahval.>

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Not Rahval, damn you!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "A new age of Green begins here!"

<The cathedral gets blown up>

Sir Stefan Mornard: "The cathedral! Father, no!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "When next we meet, you will bow to me. The new Druid King!"

<Archdruid Orlaith teleports out and Sir Stefan rushes to the cathedral>

Captain Siravaen: "I'm no help with things like this. Find me when you're finished."

<Captain Siravaen also runs off.>

The Dream of KasoraynEdit

You will find out that Druid Orlaith and the Fire Song are having difficulties getting to the Ivy Throne. You and Frii eavesdrops the conversation she has with Druid Nhevin:

Druid Nhevin: "The thronehall remains closed, archdruid. The seeds won't open the door."
Archdruid Orlaith: "We wasted enough time here. I must return to Y'ffelon."
Archdruid Orlaith: "Use every druid we brought here and find the Sower. The seeds must be regrown. I'll sit upon the Ivy Throne when I am crowned king!"

Eventually, Archdruid Orlaith will capture Druid Laurel to force Frii to perform the ritual on Y'ffelon.

Guardian of Y'ffelonEdit

When you reach Druid King Kasorayn's Tomb where Archdruid Orlaith is forcing Frii to perform the ritual. Sir Stefan will signal Frii to summon Urdiir to distract the Firesong while you're going to stop Orlaith:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Wait, friend! I'll signal Frii to call upon the guardian. Then we can make our move!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "It is time, Sower. Quicken the seeds."
Frii: "Song and forest, Y'ffre's breath, let the sacred seeds blossom."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Frii! We're here! Awaken the guardian!"
Frii: "The regalia are not for you, false king!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Wait! What are you doing?"
Frii: "Urdiir, Guardian of Y'ffelon! Awake from your slumber!"

<Urdiir will be summoned in front of the Firesong Circle forces and will incinerate them before climbing up the balcony of the chamber to engage more Firesong druids. Archdruid Orlaith will try to penetrate Frii's barrier.>

Archdruid Orlaith: "Firesong, destroy this creature!"
Druid Laurel: "Strike, friend! Stefan, help me protect Frii!"

Once you jump off into the main area of the tomb, Archdruid Orlaith will teleport to confront you:

Archdruid Orlaith: "Defiance is pointless, Sower. Watch as I slaughter your friends!"

Before you engage her in combat:

Archdruid Orlaith: "You dare defy the prophecy?"
Archdruid Orlaith: "You are nothing before my flames!"

Starting combat:

Archdruid Orlaith: "You cannot stand against an archdruid!"

During combat, she launches fiery aoe spells:

Archdruid Orlaith: "Burn, fools, burn!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "I am the fire, fools!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "The Druid King's regalia belongs to me!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "The new Druid King is born in fire!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Face the wrath of an archdruid!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Let my flames consume you!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Let the fire overwhelm you!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Feel the power of my flame!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "I will be the Druid King! The prophecy demands it!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Like all who defy me, you die!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "I grow tired of this sport!"

Summoning a Blazing Gryphon:

Archdruid Orlaith: "Fire is mine to command!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Fire-bird, destroy my foes!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Beat your fiery wings!"

Summoning Blazing Lions:

Archdruid Orlaith: "Fire-senche, burn my foes!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Beasts of flame, attend me!"

Summoning Blazing Wamasu:

Archdruid Orlaith: "Fire-spirit, take shape!"


Firesong Gameplay TrailerEdit

Archdruid Orlaith narrates The Elder Scrolls Online: Firesong Gameplay Trailer link:

<The scene opens on Maormer Dreadsails fighting House Mornard knights.>

"Invaders ... Destroyers ... Bringers of Ruin ..."

<Archdruid Orlaith is then shown walking through the burnt-out landscape in the aftermath. Then title screen.>

<The House Mornard banner is shown flying outside Vastyr. Sir Stefan is then shown directing his soldiers againt the Dreadsails.>

"They came to our isles, took our homes."

<Druid Laurel is shown speaking with her fellow druids. Then Archdruid Orlaith is shown with her Firesong outside Ivyhame.>

"Now the time of the prophecy draws near. Today, the Firesong Circle takes back what is ours!"

<Scene then shifts to the druids of the past, living their lives and then it shows the Stonelore in the present. Afterwards, it shows the streets of Vastyr.>

"Long ago, Druid King Kasorayn lead us across the sea to these lands."
"Kasorayn foretold the rise of the druids, the words of promise and warning."

<King Emeric is then shown with his court in Wayrest Castle, and the Firesong are shown in force and ready to fight.>

"Ignored, by our Breton King. But the Firesong remembered!"
"The Druid King's Dream lives on, in me! I will finish what was begun. I will make the ancient words come true."
"And soon these sacred isles will bow before a new druid king."

<The Endling Chimera is shown and is fought. The scene ends with Archdruid Orlaith sitting on an Ivy Throne.>

"We will not be forgotten, again."