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Elder Verline
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 25,974
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Druids of Galen; Firesong Circle
Elder Verline

Elder Verline of the Firesong Circle is a trusted friend of last Druid King. He is aiding Kasorayn in making preperations against the Allwither cultists that threaten to corrupt druidism.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Speaking to him before Druid King Kasorayn:

"King Kasorayn needs you, Aiven. I will tend to this."

After speaking to Kasorayn, you will need to speak to Verline to see what needs to be done:

"I fear the Druid King is making a mistake. These symbols are gifts from Y'ffre. For centuries, our kings have worn them with wisdom and mercy. I begged Kasorayn not to take them from those who come after us.
But he insists."
The Druid King said I should help you complete the ritual.
"If we must do this … then yes, we need the light of Mara's Tear and Shandar's Sorrow.
On each side of the balcony stands a druid stone. Turn them both to face the sacred pool. That will call the light of the moons to sanctify this place."
I'll turn the druid stones as you instructed.

Before you turn the druid stones:

"Go, Aiven. Turn the druid stones and shine the light of the moons upon these pools."

After turning the second temple druid stone, Elder Verline is part of the Allwither cult and stabs Kasorayn before being banished:

Elder Verline: "This is folly, Kasorayn! You leave me no choice. Allwither, guide my blade!"

<Elder Verline stabs Druid King Kasorayn in the back.>

Druid King Kasorayn: "Ahh! Betrayed? Why, Verline? Begone! I banish you!"

<Druid King Kasorayn banishes Elder Verline with a spell while laying on the ground wounded.>