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A bird

Birds are passive winged creatures found across Tamriel that more often than not serve an aesthetic purpose. Aesthetic birds do not have a health bar, but the names attributed to their models can be found in the game's text files. Many of these passive entities are modeled after real birds, though some are creatures unique to the Elder Scrolls universe.

Birds can typically be spotted out in the wilderness: Coldperch Cavern is unique in that it is an enclosed interior location where many birds can be found.

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Unique BirdsEdit


Aesthetic BirdsEdit

Different species of birds can be found across many zones. Most birds will fly away as you approach them, though a few will stay put, typically if they are perched somewhere high.


A blackbird

Blackbirds have dark feathers with yellow feet and beaks. They can be found in Grahtwood.


A canary

Canaries are tiny yellow birds that can be found at the Stitches in Northern Elsweyr and Dragonstar in Craglorn. They can also be found in Stormhaven. Three are located on the steps of Firebrand Keep's Great Hall.


A cardinal

Cardinals are tiny red birds that can be found in the snowy regions of Eastmarch.


A crow

Crows are black birds that can be found in almost every zone. They can be seen in abundance in Rivenspire and Bangkorai. In Western Skyrim, they use an updated model introduced for the Blackfeather Court with the Clockwork City DLC.

Crows can be found in abundance in front of the lighthouse in Anvil.


A falcon

Falcons are large birds that can be found in Reaper's March.

Felsaad TernEdit

A felsaad tern

Felsaad Terns can be found along Azura's Coast on Vvardenfell.

Glow RavenEdit

A Glow Raven (Craglorn, Elinhir Region)

Glow Ravens are black-feathered birds whose appearance has been altered due to extended exposure to magical energies. They are commonly found in the Elinhir Region of Craglorn

Green JayEdit

A green jay

Green Jays can be sighted in Rivenspire, most often along the road south of Northpoint. The green jay has a blue head and a green body with black markings wrapping around the front of its neck. Its tail gradates from green to blue at the tip. They're modeled after a real species of bird.


A gristlewing

Gristlewings are black, ragged birds with exposed skulls that can be found wherever Coldharbour's corruption persists. They first appeared in the Imperial City, but can also be found in places ravaged by Harrowstorms, such as Kilkreath Temple. It is easy to mistake them for bone hawks, but they are not the same.

Red gristlewings appear in the Deadlands.

Ice EagleEdit

An ice eagle

Ice Eagles are large birds that can be found in Western Skyrim and Wrothgar.


An owl

Owls are large birds that can be found in Summerset and Reaper's March.

Painted BuntingEdit

A painted bunting

Painted Buntings are found in the warmer western half of Wrothgar where there is no snow, as well as in Ald'ruhn. Based off of a real bird of the same name, the painted bunting has a blue head with a green body. Its underbelly and the flight feathers stretching to the tips of its wings are red in coloration.


A seagull

Seagulls can be found anywhere near the ocean in Auridon, full list of zones.

Snow OwlEdit

A snow owl

Snow Owls are large birds that are native to Western Skyrim and the snowy northeastern reaches of Wrothgar.

Tropical BirdEdit

A tropical bird

Tropical Birds are large birds that can be found on Auridon and in Murkmire.


A vulture

Vultures are large birds that can be found primarily in arid regions. They're a common sight in Hew's Bane, Northern Elsweyr, and Reaper's March.



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