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Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Lanazha is a Redguard pirate who can be found with Kiko. She recently lost her crew, and she means to find a particular treasure in their stead.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

As you approach her, you find her yelling at a bird in front of her:

"Don't just repeat yourself, stupid bird! Help me!"

Speak with Lanazha to see what is going on:

"A tide of curses upon this feathered fiend and whatever dank corner of Oblivion he flapped from!
He owes his thanks to you, traveler. I was just about to kill him. Even though he can't die."
What do you mean the bird can't die?
"Exactly what I said. Supposedly, he's centuries old, but the only thing in his empty head are two riddles. They concern a long-lost treasure called the Gloomlantern.
I can't make sense of it, and neither could my crew, Tava guide their souls."
Your crew?
"Aye. We ran afoul of some Dreadsails while searching for the damn treasure. Kiko and I were the only survivors.
Look, I want to find that treasure and avenge my crew, but I've no mind for riddles. Help me out, and I'll make it worth your while."
I'll listen to his riddles and see what I can do.

After you agree to help, you can ask Lanazha some more questions:

"You look the type to have solved a riddle or two. Now, to get that bird talking, you'll need to prompt him with the passphrase.
It's from an old Abecean freebooter saying. "No prey" to hear his first riddle. "No pay" to hear the second."
I have some questions about this treasure.
"Legends call it the Gloomlantern. Some artifact stolen by pirates from the deep druids. It's said to shroud any ship in a thick veil of fog, hiding them from enemies.
Sounds perfect for getting bloody revenge on the Dreadsails, doesn't it?"
You said the bird can't die?
"Kiko apparently belonged to some commodore whose fleet made berth in the Systres. Legend says this commodore meddled in some druid ritual and cursed his fleet to undeath, including his stupid bird here."
Completed Buried at the Bay:
Have not completed Ghost Haven Bay Objective:
Actually, I broke Commodore Malfairre's hold on the souls of Ghost Haven Bay.
"Did you? Suppose that'd mean Kiko's mortal again. Well, I'll be a Goblin's aunt.
I'll be sure not to kick him around the way the captain used to. And I suppose we ought to listen to his riddles before I decide to pluck him and make a pillow."
You really hate this bird, don't you?
"And why shouldn't I? Captain always told the crew that Kiko and I were equals on account of how brainless we both were.
But I never promised to lead anyone to treasure, so you can guess which one of us got the better treatment."
These are the same people you're trying to avenge, right?
"My crew? Of course! Been a pirate all my life, and they were the only people I had in the world. They were like family to me. Isn't this what you do for family?
And Kiko keeps squawking out these riddles, so I can only guess he agrees."
Who are the deep druids you mentioned?
"The Eldertide, maybe? You know how vague legends can be. It was stolen from druids and hidden away when they fought back.
Someone must have taught Kiko the riddles so they could find the Gloomlantern again, but I guess they never got around to it."
How did your crew come across the bird?
"Plundering, of course. My guess is he's been passed from ship to ship for some time on account of the curse keeping him alive.
Almost makes you feel kind of bad for him. Almost."
How did you figure out he could lead you to treasure?
"Ah, well … I suppose that's my fault. When we took our last prize, I was reading through their ship logs, as I like to do, and that's when I found Kiko's passphrase.
he captain smelled treasure, and that was it. We were bound for the Systres."

After you listen to Kiko's two riddles, Lanazha will begin writing them down:

Lanazha: "Sounds like a load of nonsense, right? Here, let me write them down for you. Vaster shores and wind-wracked … Huh."
<Lanazha pauses.>
Lanazha: "If you know your heading, go on ahead. I'll keep an eye on the bird, and we'll meet up with you soon."

You have the option of speaking with Lanazha before you go and can ask for her thoughts on the clues:

"I'm sure you'll have an easier time than I've had with those riddles. Check that note I made if you need to read them again.
I'll admit they make a lot more sense reading them than hearing them squawked from Kiko. Suppose he can't help it, though."
Any hints on the first riddle?
"Northern Galen has plenty of trees. Big ones! Sounds like it's buried under one of those, near some sort of … river of fire? Lava, maybe?
He who sees … I've no idea. Whatever that is, it sounds dangerous."
Any thoughts on the second riddle?
"Vaster, wind-wracked shores … that sounds like Vastyr and Windwrack Fort to me. And the riddle makes mention of the distant cauldron.
Maybe … somewhere on the shore between Vastyr and Windwrack Fort, within sight of Y'ffelon?"

After you find and dig up the locker of the "No Pay" riddle location, Lanazha will call out:

Lanazha: "Tava's beak! There it is! Nobody would ever think to look there, unless you had a keen mind for bird-brained riddles."

Speaking with Lanazha here:

"One riddle down! That wasn't so hard.
Maybe I was a little harsh on old Kiko. He's just doing what he was taught to, right? Not like he knows much else."
I didn't find treasure. What is this?
"Looks like a … key? Or half of one, maybe? Never seen anything like it.
Maybe we'll dig up the other half next."
And then we'll get another riddle?
"Tall Papa's breeches, I hope not! Though I'll admit it's a blessing having you here to help.
Kiko must think so, too. Look at him, he seems happier than I've seen him in ages."

After finding the locker at the "No Prey" location:

Lanazha: "There it is! Just like the riddle said. Guess that wasn't so hard, was it, Kiko?"

Speaking with Lanazha after finding both lockers:

"Well, we're two riddles further than we were at the start of all this, thanks to you!
What's next?"
These pieces from the two locations seem to make a key.
"The two buried pieces I found seem to make a key. Maybe Kiko knows something about it?"

Talking to Lanazha again before approaching Kiko:

"A key! But to what?
Show it to Kiko. Maybe he's got another riddle for us. Morwha's four hands, I really didn't think we'd get this far! I'm glad you came along when you did."
What would you have done if I hadn't?
"Look, I wasn't going to actually hurt the bird. Really, I couldn't. I'm a pirate, I've slit a few throats, but Kiko? He's never hurt anybody.
Our captain would say I'm weak, but I just can't find it in me to treat Kiko the same way she did."

Speaking with her again:

"Don't keep me in suspense! Where's our next heading?"

After you hear the clue, Lanazha will have worked it out:

Lanazha: "Wait … I think I know where that is!"
Lanazha: "You've got the key, so we'll meet you there … unless you want a hint on where to go!"

You have the option of asking Lanazha about the location for the third riddle:

"I won't spoil the answer if you want to figure it out for yourself, but I think I know exactly where the final riddle is leading!"
You think you understand the riddle?
"Y'ffre is the Singer, right? And sun-warmed could mean the south. The south side of Y'ffre's Path, on the north side of Galen!
… Right?"
It seems like figuring out these riddles is easier than you first thought.
"My captain always said I didn't have a mind for such things. My crew never argued with her, so I just thought it was true."
Maybe your captain was wrong about you.
"Now that you say that, I think she was wrong about a lot of things. Sailing into a hurricane is never a good idea, even if you are running from Dreadsails.
Does this mean I still have to avenge her?"
You can decide that after we find this treasure.
"Barnacles! You're right. What are we waiting for? Let's go claim our prize!"

The pair will follow you as you approach the location of the hidden Gloomlantern. Lanazha will comment as dig it up:

Lanazha: "Look familiar, Kiko? Is this the treasure your master hid away all those years ago?"

Once you have the Gloomlantern, you can speak with Lanazha:

"Well? Is that what I think it is?"
I found the Gloomlantern.
"That's really it, isn't it? Just like the legends said. I can't believe it!
Well, that's it. I owe you a drink, at the very least."
You promised payment as well.
"Don't think I've forgotten that. I'm a pirate, but I'm not the type to go back on my word!
I just need to … secure some funds, that's all. Maybe Kiko can help with that. You hold on to the Gloomlantern for now and meet me at the tavern in Vastyr."
I'll meet you at the tavern in Vastyr.

When you enter the Jaded Ornaug and approach, Lanazha will call you over:

Lanazha: "Over here! A toast to our success before we conclude our business!"

Speaking with Lanazha before you make a toast:

"I got you that drink, friend. Grab your mug and let's toast!"

While making a toast:

Lanazha: "To the Gloomlantern. To adventure! To letting no good loot go unplundered!"
Lanazha: "Now, let's get down to business!"

You can then speak with Lanazha to complete the quest:

"Now this is the pirate's life I've always wanted. Freedom, drinks in good company, and clear horizons!
And I suppose you have my plunder?"
Here's the Gloomlantern, as promised.
"Tava's red feathers, I can't believe it. Not only is the treasure real, but Kiko and I actually put our brains together and finished what we set out to do.
Of course, we couldn't have done it without you. Here's your reward as promised, mate!"

After you have completed the quest, you can speak with Lanazha once more:

"I sort of thought Kiko would flap off after we found the treasure, but it looks like he's sticking with me.
Just as well. Seems like things took a turn for the better once it was just the two of us!"
What's next for you, Lanazha?
"Besides finishing this drink? Not a clue, my friend. Just spent the last of my ill-gotten gold, so securing a vessel would be our first point of order.
And we may have to get … creative with how we do that."
Are you still planning to get revenge for your captain and crew?
"You know, if it was us that got killed instead of them, they wouldn't have batted an eye. Would they have, Kiko?
Revenge can find me, if it wants to. The only thing I'm looking for now is a ship."
Completed Buried at the Bay:
Have not completed Ghost Haven Bay Objective:
If you ask around the Systres for an Ilyes Maul, I know he's looking for a first mate.
"Really? I appreciate the lead. First mate! That'd be quite the step up.
You hear that, Kiko? We'll make our names as honest pirates after all!"
I don't think the Dreadsails are going to be a problem any longer, anyway. (If you completed The Siege of Vastyr)[verification needed — see talk page]
"I've a feeling you're right. The fleet's just about done for, isn't it?
I would've liked to get in on the action, but I suppose it's one less thing for us to worry about."
What are your plans for the Gloomlantern?
"We'll find a ship that deserves us, then use the Gloomlantern to pirate and plunder to our heart's content. It's the life I've always dreamed of!
Maybe we'll see you out there on the high seas. We'll see you, but you won't see us. Cheers, mate!"
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