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Distract the Lion Guard until reinforcements can arrive.
Zone: The Rift
Quest Giver: Brea Snowrider
Location(s): The Lion's Den
Concurrent Quest: Prisoner Dilemma
Reward: Justal's Falcon
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
Brea Snowrider, a member of a Pact scouting party, barely escaped capture after discovering a hidden Lion Guard base in the mountains of the Rift. She needs a distraction to buy some time, so she can return with reinforcements.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find and kill the three Breton officers, Commander Derre, Menoit, and Senior Scout Justal.
  2. Talk to Brea Snowrider.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

In the westernmost part of The Rift stands a stone wall with a heavy wooden door in the Nord style, making an entryway to a narrow path through the Jerall Mountains. Upon entering The Lion's Den, a short walk along a dirt path will bring you to a Nord woman, seemingly injured. You can speak to her to find out what she's doing here.

"Took them long enough to send reinforcements."
I'm not your reinforcements.
"Damn. We found a full Lion Guard forward base right on our doorstep. Their perimeter guard ambushed my scouts, and most of them were captured.
We may never get a better opportunity to hit them, but without reinforcements, my hands are tied."
I can be a diversion. What do you need?
"Before they were ambushed, my team identified three high-ranking Bretons in the camp: Senior Scout Justal, Ranger Menoit, and Commander Derre. Taking them out will give me enough time to return with reinforcements."
I'll take out the three officers.

Now with a task in mind, you can set off to disrupt the Lion Guard. The order they are killed in isn't important, but the easiest way is by following the path through the valley and fighting through the Lion Guard as you go, or sneaking past them. The first target you will encounter is Commander Derre. He spends his time near a large Breton tent, calling out in shock when you are spotted.

Commander Derre: "What in Oblivion is going on?!"

He is not too difficult to defeat aside from the larger health pool. Near his tent is a document titled Note from Commander Derre.

Passing through the late commander's camp, you can continue over the bridge (and past the nearby book Bridge Guard's Complaint), taking out more Lion Guard as you go. When the path splits, take the middle road up the hill and to another camp. Your target, Menoit, will not immediately appear. Instead, defeat the soldiers at the camp and read the note on the crates opposite the tents titled Memo from Menoit. The note tells you that he is bear hunting in the northern caves with his wolf Gristle, and the rough location will be marked on your map. Almost directly north, up a hill and just outside the Den Mother's cave, his wolf will attack, and he will appear in a puff of smoke when Gristle is hurt.

Menoit: "You'll pay for that!"

Again, Menoit is not too hard to defeat. The only notable things about him are his large health bar and his wolf, who disappears once he is killed.

Getting back on the path, continue heading east and fighting past Lion Guard and a few Sabre Cats. Eventually, you will run into a gate made of logs. Just beyond the gate is a much larger camp, and after defeating the soldiers there you can read a Note from Scout Justal. He says he's taking his falcon east to hunt, since the hunting parties "can't seem to get their acts together", and not to disturb him.

To disturb him, follow the path east of the camp and take the left path when it branches. Eventually, you may spot a falcon sitting on a rock that will not fly away when approached. You need to grab the falcon and place it in your inventory. Senior Scout Justal will attack, angered.

Senior Scout Justal: "Hey! Give my falcon back!"

Again, he is simple to defeat and once dead you can head back to the entrance of The Lion's Den to report back to Brea. A small contingent of Pact Soldiers have arrived in the time you took to destabilize the Lion Guard's operation.

"You've been busy, haven't you?"
All three officers are dead.
"I'm impressed. Taking out those officers threw the Lion Guard camps into chaos. That gave our reinforcements the distraction they needed to surround the valley. It's all clean up from here on out.
We couldn't have done this without you."

She will then reward you.

details on weapons used by targets?
replace Justal's Falcon link to the collectible

Quest StagesEdit

A Valuable Distraction
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Brea Snowrider identified three Lion Guards to be targeted. Eliminating these three will send the camp into disarray.
Objective: Find the Officers: 0/3
All three officers are dead. Hopefully Brea Snowrider made it to her reinforcements.
Objective: Talk to Brea Snowrider
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