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Oblivion: Places

Chorrol PeopleEdit

Quests Starting HereEdit

View of The Great Oak Place from Fire & Steel in Chorrol
The statue in Chorrol


  1. Separated at Birth: Investigate rumors around Chorrol that indicate some strange behavior on the part of one Reynald Jemane.
  2. Legacy Lost: Help long-lost twins recover their childhood home.
  3. Sins of the Father: A thief wants you to recover an item stolen by the Jemane brothers' father.

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

  • Next of Kin: Next to the Great Oak in Chorrol, your next assignment demands the lives of an entire bloodline.

Fighters GuildEdit

Mages GuildEdit


Related QuestsEdit



  • It is possible to climb over the walls and out the city. See this for details.
  • Sometimes when entering Chorrol, the entire southwest portion of the city walls and the nearby shacks will be permanently and completely missing. This allows exiting the city limits, but otherwise has little impact on gameplay.
    • One possible fix is to fast travel far away, such as Cheydinhal's Black Waterside Stables. Another is to reload from before entering Chorrol and triggering the bug.


Map of Chorrol
1. Gate to the Great Forest
2. Northeast Wall Tower
3. Chorrol Fighters Guild
4. Rimalus Bruiant's House
5. Chorrol Mages Guild
6. Castle Chorrol Arch Tower
7. Castle Chorrol Great Hall
8. Castle Chorrol Wall Tower North View
9. Castle Chorrol Barracks
10. Castle Chorrol Wall Tower East View
11. Northwest Wall Tower
12. Chapel of Stendarr
13. Arborwatch - House for Sale
14. Vilena Donton's House
15. Francois Motierre's House
16. Fire and Steel
17. Eugal Belette's House
18. Casta Scribonia's House
19. Alberic Litte's House
20. Jirolin Doran's House
21. Renoit's Books
22. The Oak and Crosier
23. Northern Goods and Trade
24. Reynald Jemane's House
25. Modryn Oreyn's House
26. Malintus Ancrus' House
27. Valus Odiil's House
28. Southwest Wall Tower
29. Chorrol Castle Gate Tower
30. Gate to the Great Forest
31. Chorrol Castle Gate Tower
32. The Grey Mare
33. Southeast Wall Tower