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Valus Odiil's House
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Valus Odiil's House

Valus Odiil's House is a home located in the southwest corner of Chorrol. It is situated between Malintus Ancrus' house and Modryn Oreyn's house.

It is the residence of the farmer Valus Odiil and consists of only one zone, Valus Odiil's House.


Valus Odiil *

*This character moves to Odiil Farm after the completion of the related quest.

Related QuestsEdit

Valus Odiil's HouseEdit

The interior of the house

Having much more concern for his farm, Valus' house is quite small and contains little of interest. Upon entering, two sacks containing clutter can be found to your immediate right. A dining table with some rat meat, a leek, a loaf of bread, a cheese wheel, and a selection of lower-class dishes is located in the center of the home. Near the table, a shelf containing more lower-class dishes can be found along with a locked chest containing clutter. A single size bed is in the eastern corner of the house along with a chest containing clutter with a copy of Guide to the Imperial City on top of it and a grain sack located to the left of the chest. A locked chest containing weapons and armor, a food cupboard, and a double size bed are located to the right of the fireplace. A set of drawers containing some clothing can be found in the area between the bed and the entryway. A selection of books are resting on top of the drawers, including A Children's Anuad, Guide to Chorrol, Report: Disaster at Ionith, and The Argonian Account, Book 2.


  • The key to the house is carried by Valus.