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Oblivion:Honditar's House

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Honditar's House
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Honditar's House

Honditar's House is located just outside Chorrol's city walls, directly west of the stables. It is occupied by Honditar.

The interior of the house

On the southeast wall sits a chest of drawers that holds clutter, with a pumpkin on top. In the south corner are a clutter barrel and a food barrel along with chest that can contain weapons and armor, two clutter sacks, and an iron bow and six steel arrows on the floor. On the southwest wall is a food cupboard, and at the foot of the bed in the western corner sits a clutter chest. On the northwest wall a weapons rack holds an iron shortsword and an iron war axe. On the northeast wall a table holds a loaf of bread and a piece of mutton. In the east corner sit a gold and jewelry chest, a clutter chest, a basket with three apples and two pears, a basket with three heads of lettuce, and a final apple on top of the bow rack. A clutter stack also lies hidden in an alcove above the door. The jewelry/gold chest and the armor/weapons chest, along with the two sacks, are the only containers in this house that do not respawn.


  • If you steal the six steel arrows and keep clicking them in your inventory, they will keep multiplying. This exploit will stop working if you drop them.