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Oblivion:Jirolin Doran's House

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Jirolin Doran's House
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ChorrolJirolinDoransHouse, ChorrolJirolinDoransBasement
Jirolin Doran's House

Jirolin Doran's House is located in the western part of Chorrol. The house is situated beside Alberic Litte's house and across from the Chapel of Stendarr. It is the residence of Ariela and Jirolin Doran and consists of two zones, Jirolin Doran's House and Jirolin Doran's Basement.



Jirolin Doran's HouseEdit

The dining room on the ground floor
The master bedroom on the second floor

Jirolin Doran's house is a smaller, two-story home that is well furnished in a middle-class style. Upon entering, you will find yourself in a small entryway. To your immediate right is a chair and a desk that may contain some reading and writing materials. South of the desk and near the stairs that lead to the second floor of the home is a chair and a table that holds some pewter dishes. Below the table is a sack that contains some clutter and a pair of pigskin shoes. Heading east from the entryway down a narrow hallway will take you to a dining room. In the center of the room are four stools and a dining table that holds a loaf of bread, a cheese wedge, an ear of corn on a pewter plate, a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine, and a selection of pewter items. In the northwest corner is a cabinet holding an ear of corn and a selection of pewter dishes. On top of this cabinet is a lectern that may hold some books and associated materials. To the east of the cabinet is a table that holds two ears of corn and two heads of lettuce resting in a basket and some pewter dishes and silverware. In the northeast corner of the room is a wine rack holding two bottles of Surilie Brothers wine and a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine. Situated on top of the wine rack is a bottle of cheap wine. South of the wine rack and in between two candles is a small table displaying some silver dishes. In the southeast part of the room is a cupboard holding beverages with a broom knocked over on the ground beside it. Placed at the foot of the fireplace in the south part of the room is a set of calipers and a loaf of bread and on top of the fireplace are a few pewter dishes. In the southwest section of the dining room is the door that leads to the basement. Two barrels containing clutter can be found in the vicinity of the door to the basement. A pumpkin and some lettuce can be found on top of the barrel closer to the basement door while the other barrel has some pewter dishes on top of it. A pumpkin along with a chest and two sacks that all contain clutter are located near the two barrels.

The second floor of the house consists of two bedrooms. The western bedroom contains only a single size bed and is used as a spare bedroom. Situated near the bed in this room is a chest holding clutter. To the west of the bed is a larger chair with a pair of burgundy linens situated underneath it. Near the chair is a set of drawers containing clothing with some tan dishes placed on top of them. North of the set of drawers is a chair and a table that holds a bottle of ale with an accompanying tan goblet and a pewter plate.

The eastern bedroom serves as a master bedroom for Ariela and Jirolin. Upon entering this bedroom, a fairly empty cabinet holding a few pewter dishes is located to your immediate right. To your left is the double size bed and a small table that holds some pewter and clay dishes with a pair of pigskin shoes situated below this table. North of the bed is a set of drawers containing some clothing and a locked chest that holds some loot. In the northwest corner of the room is a cupboard containing some clothes with a brown shirt resting on top of it and a pair of thick cowhide shoes located under it. South of the cupboard are two chairs and a table that holds two ears of corn and a cheese wedge resting on separate pewter plates and a pewter cup. The southeast corner of the room serves as a study. Two tables in this area hold a variety of items, most notably a lectern containing some books and writing materials, a sack holding clutter, and a variety of pewter items. Framed on the wall to the east of these tables is a piece of parchment supposedly detailing the Doran family tree (see notes). Behind the two tables and a chair in the study area is a shelf that contains clutter. Beside this shelf is a cabinet displaying a variety of common books and a few pewter dishes. Situated on top of this cabinet are two pewter bowls. An iron dagger can be found on top of the copy of The Madness of Pelagius displayed on the cabinet.

The basement of the home

Jirolin Doran's BasementEdit

The basement of the house is a smaller area used to store food and a variety of clutter. After heading down the steps, you will find a crate containing clutter to your right and a folded cloth on top of two bales of hay to your left. An iron warhammer, a basket holding four heads of lettuce, and a variety of other clutter can be found on top of the crate and a pumpkin is situated beside it. In the center of the basement is a crate and a sack that both contain clutter. Two pewter mugs and a grain sack are situated on top of this crate. In the southwest corner of the room are three crates and two sacks that all contain clutter. North of the crates is a tiny cabinet holding some lower-class dishes and a pumpkin. Two wine racks can be found beside this cabinet. The one closest to the chest holds five bottles of cheap wine, with two more on the ground beside it and a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine and Surilie Brothers wine on top of it. The wine rack farther away from the cabinet is larger but only holds four bottles of Surilie Brothers wine. A locked chest holding some armor can be found beside the larger wine rack. East of the chest is a barrel that holds clutter.


  • An indistinct piece of parchment is framed on the wall of the bedroom. It was intended to be the Doran family tree as part of an unfinished quest, showing that Jirolin's distant ancestor was an ogre.


  • Ariela and Jirolin both carry the key to the house, but it does not open anything.