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(RefID: 0002AE31)
Location Various, quest-specific
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Level PC+3 Class Knight
RefID 0002AE31 BaseID 00024165
Other Information
Health 38 + (5+2.6)x(PC+2), PC=2-19
Magicka 100 + 1.5x(PC+2) (max=250)
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Essential Until The Hist
Follower Den of Thieves
Faction(s) Skingrad Citizen; Leyawiin; Chorrol Citizen; Bravil; Fighters Guild Associate(Associate Associate)

Maglir is a Wood Elf knight with a bit of an attitude problem. At the start of the game, he is a new recruit to the Fighters Guild who has a guild assignment in Skingrad. During this assignment, he spends most of his time in the West Weald Inn, claiming that the pay for the assignment is not worth it since he has "a family to think about".

Over the course of the Fighters Guild questline you will get to know Maglir fairly well, and will encounter him again in Anvil, Bravil and Leyawiin. In the later quests, he joins the Blackwood Company, and he will attack you during The Hist quest, forcing you to kill him. At this point, he loses his essential status that he had throughout the previous quests.

Maglir wears a set of iron armor and is armed with an iron shortsword. He also has a set of lower class clothing consisting of a dark green shirt, laced leather pants and a pair stitched leather shoes. He carries a small amount of gold. Maglir also knows the standard leveled knight spells.

After you have joined the Fighters Guild, you may hear some of your fellow Guild members talk about a new recruit named Maglir, saying: "I hear we have another new recruit. Things are looking up. What's his name... Maglir?" and "Maglir? He's the OTHER bottom boot, right? Not the rat guy?"

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Unfinished BusinessEdit

"Suppose I shouldn't be surprised. He's raw, like you."

After you have completed The Unfortunate Shopkeeper, you will begin to hear some citizens around Cyrodiil talking about the Fighters Guild's inability to complete a contract involving Fallen Rock Cave: "I heard Fighters Guild got the Fallen Rock contract, but the guy is just sitting around drinking beer." and "It's a simple job. Go get a journal from Fallen Rock Cave. Shouldn't that be a cinch for a Fighter Guild contract?" Members of the Fighters Guild are a bit more informed about the situation and will mention in conversation that Maglir was given the contract. Some members will speculate about why the contract has not been completed and mention that Fighters Guild Champion Modryn Oreyn is becoming very upset with Maglir: "I don't know what's going on, but Oreyn said Maglir has the contract. Has he lost his nerve?" and "Oreyn is pretty steamed up about Maglir. He can get expelled for that, can't he?" Others, who perhaps know Maglir better, will mention that he is probably more concerned with drinking than completing the contract: "That Maglir is probably parked in some tavern. I never did like that eight-pint hero."

Once you have been directed by Guildmaster Vilena Donton to receive duties from Oreyn, you will be placed in charge of figuring out what happened with Maglir and the Fallen Rock contract. Oreyn will assign you this duty with the words: "Duties for you. Fine. I'll speak slowly so you can keep up. I want you to contact Maglir." Asking him about Maglir will cause him to discuss the issue at hand: "He's one of your Fighters Guild brothers, but he's defaulted on a contract. We can't allow that. Makes us all look bad." Oreyn will then direct you to Skingrad once you ask him to elaborate on the defaulting: "He didn't finish out a contract in Skingrad. Suppose I shouldn't be surprised. He's raw, like you. Go and find out what's wrong with him." After you have received your orders to go to Skingrad, Oreyn will become annoyed if you ask him about Maglir again: "Yes. Maglir. Find him. See why he defaulted. I swear, I've scraped things off the bottom of my boots that were smarter than you."

Once you arrive in Skingrad, you can question the townsfolk about where to find Maglir, which will cause them to direct you to the West Weald Inn: "Oh. Him. He's been around. Mostly at the West Weald staring at the bottom of a flagon of ale." If you drop by the Skingrad Fighters Guild, they will mention that Maglir has been at the inn for days: "The Bosmer? I've seen him at the West Weald Tavern. Been there for days, from what I hear. Better go see him." The people inside the West Weald Inn will mention that he should be nearby when you ask about him: "He's around here somewhere. Has been for days. No trouble, really."

"I'm not going back. Not for that kind of money."

Sure enough, you will find Maglir inside the West Weald Inn, simply standing around all day and night without ever stopping to eat or sleep. Likely not happy to see you, he will simply mutter, "What?" when you approach him. This negative attitude will continue to be displayed when you enter conversation with him: "What is it... brother/sister? They send you to find me?" You can ask him about Maglir, which will cause him to confirm his identity: "I'm Maglir. What do you want?" Asking him about why he defaulted will have him explain his reason for not completing the job: "Defaulted? I suppose so. I'm not paid enough to do the job. I was supposed to find Brenus Astis' Journal." Maglir will then discuss the location of the journal when you ask him about it while also mentioning the importance of his family to him: "That was my job. They said it was in Fallen Rock Cave. You ever been in there? Didn't think so. I'm not going back. Not for that kind of money. If you care that much, you go find it. The contract's yours. It's not worth it for what the Guild is paying. I've got a family to think about." After revealing all the details about the contract to you, Maglir will say goodbye by simply mumbling: "Whatever." If you talk to him again, he will express little interest in having a conversation: "You're still around? I've told you why I defaulted on the contract. Not too much else to be said about it. Do what you must."

At this point you can return to Chorrol and tell Oreyn that Maglir has defaulted on the contract. Oreyn will order you to make sure the job gets done: "He's not doing the job? The little vermin. It still needs to be done. You get back there and make sure that job is finished! Get moving!" Once you have found Brenus Astis' Journal in Fallen Rock Cave, you can head back to Skingrad and tell Maglir that you have found the journal. He will be indifferent about the situation, telling you to return the item to Oreyn and say whatever you want about him: "You found it, huh? Good work, I guess. Well, take it back to Oreyn, then. He can pay you on the contract. Tell him what you want about me." You will then be able to respond with two options:

I'll tell him you did the job.
"Thanks. I'm not trying to shirk my duty, but it used to be two or three men would be on this. I like the Guild, but I've got a family to consider."
I'll need to report your failure.
"I understand about duty. Don't get me wrong. Should've been more than one guy on this job, and I've got my family to think about. They come first."

You must now return to Oreyn in Chorrol and tell him about what happened with the contract. Talking to Oreyn about Maglir at this point will have him impatiently say: "So, I assume you've dealt with Maglir. Tell me about why he defaulted on his contract." Once you hand over the journal to Oreyn he will ask about what happened: "You've got the journal. Good. So, what happened in Skingrad?" If you lie and say that Maglir didn't default, Oreyn will say: "He didn't? Hmph. This doesn't sit well with me. Not well at all. Still, the job got done. Let's hope your friend Maglir has learned a lesson here." If you instead tell the truth and say that you completed the contract, Oreyn will become angry: "You did it? I'll be talking to Maglir soon. I don't need one wet-ear covering for another. Still, the job got done. Here's the reward."

After completing the quest, you may hear some citizens talk about how you completed the contract for Maglir regardless of what you told Oreyn: "There's some kind of cover-up going on with the Fighters Guild's Fallen Rock Cave contract." If you told Oreyn that Maglir completed the contract, members of the Fighters Guild can be heard saying: "Our new recruit says Maglir completed the Fallen Rock Cave contract. Oreyn refuses to talk about it." However, if you said that you completed the contract, they will instead say: "The one bottom boot covered for the other, I hear. It's a tough situation."

Den of ThievesEdit

Once you have completed the contract for Azzan in The Unfortunate Shopkeeper, members of the Fighters Guild can be heard talking about a new contract that Azzan plans to give to you: "I hear Azzan plans to send both new recruits out on the next contract. You know what it's about?" It becomes more clear who the other new recruit is once you finish the Drunk and Disorderly quest, as Maglir will be moved to the Anvil Fighters Guild upon this quest's completion. He will initially spend his time here just as he did in the West Weald Inn, simply standing around all day and night without ever eating or sleeping. At this point, some of your fellow Fighters Guild members can be heard mentioning their first impressions of him: "Just got a look at the new Maglir guy. Another 'eight-pint hero', if you ask me."

"Oh, it's you. Looks like we're working together."

The rumors spreading around the guildhalls prove to be true when you ask Azzan for your next contract. He will tell you to deal with some thieves that have committed a number of thefts in Anvil, mentioning at the end of the orders that you will not be alone for this contract: "I'm not sure the numbers you'll be dealing with, so I'm sending you with another new recruit. Maglir. I believe you two have already met." Once Azzan has given you the contract, Maglir will begin to follow you around. He does not appear to be too happy to work with you, greeting you by saying: "Oh, it's you. Looks like we're working together." If you ask Maglir about the contract, he will reveal what is on his mind: "We've got one. Let's hope this one will pay well." He will express his frustrations with the contract when you ask him about the thieves: "Sounds like we need to ask around Anvil for any clues. Figures we'd get a mission without any real direction. I'll follow you." Although he may be upset about working with you and the contract, he will still express his enthusiasm for completing the job when you exit conversation: "Payday! Let's roll!"

During subsequent conversations, Maglir will greet you by saying: "Come on. Let's get this mission done and get paid." You will then be able to tell him to wait here or to continue following you. Telling him to stay still will cause him to encourage you to complete the contract by yourself: "Hey, if you say so. You do all the work." Telling him to continue moving will yield the response: "Fine. Let's move." Once you have been tipped off by the citizens of Anvil that Newheim the Portly had something stolen by the thieves, Maglir will show that he is not very good with names when you ask him about the thieves: "Let's find this Fat Newheim guy. Whatever his name is. He apparently knows where these bandits are." Newheim will mention that the gang of thieves consists entirely of Bosmer: "Bunch of Bosmer, if you can believe that! No offense to you or your friend, of course. Last I heard, they were holed up in Hrota Cave, not too far from here." Once you have been told where to find the thieves, when asked about them, Maglir will say: "Sounds like we'll find the bandits in Hrota Cave."

"Let's get rid of these guys, so we can get paid."

After you have traveled to Hrota Cave, Maglir will reveal that he is ready to get down to business when asked about the thieves: "Let's get rid of these guys, so we can get paid." When all the criminals hiding out in Hrota Cave have been slain, Maglir will greet you by saying: "We're done here. Let's go get paid." He will begin to celebrate when you bid farewell: "It's tavern time!" When you return to Anvil, Azzan will congratulate both of you on a job well done: "Cleared them out, did you? Good work, you two. I see big things for you with the Guild. Here's your payment." Once you have finished the quest, Maglir will resume his schedule of standing around inside the Anvil Fighters Guild. If you had him wait at a location during the quest, he will remain standing at that spot instead.

The successful completion of the contract will be the subject of conversation for both those inside and outside of the Fighters Guild. Citizens can be heard saying: "Both the new Fighters Guild recruits got back alive. It's a good start.", "Did you hear about the pair of green recruits that cleaned out a den of thieves near Anvil?", and "The rookies took care of all the thieves. How many was it? Seven? Eight?" Some members of the Fighters Guild can be heard wondering if the contract was completed successfully: "So both the recruits got back alive, at least. I haven't heard the report."

More Unfinished BusinessEdit

After completing the duties assigned to you in The Master's Son, you may hear members of the Fighters Guild mentioning that Maglir has not completed a contract again: "Don't tell me Maglir is acting up again. Has he screwed up another contract?" Oreyn will ask you to look into the issue when you approach him for more duties: "I'm going to need you to find Maglir again. The little fetcher." When you ask him about Maglir, he will say that the Bosmer has defaulted on another contract: "That's right. The little vermin has defaulted on another contract. I need you to go babysit him again." You will then be directed to Bravil after asking about the defaulting: "Wish I knew what happened. He had a contract for a local mage in Bravil. Didn't seem like a particularly difficult assignment. He hasn't reported to the client at all. Get yourself down to Bravil and find Maglir. Make sure that contract of his gets done. And send him to me."

"I'm Blackwood Company now."

Once you have made the trip to Bravil, the townsfolk will direct you to The Lonely Suitor Lodge when you ask them about Maglir: "Maglir? I think I've seen him. Try in the Lonely Suitor Lodge." If you ask about him while inside the Lonely Suitor, you will get the response: "I think he's around here somewhere." As you were told, Maglir can be found standing around inside the Lonely Suitor, never pausing to eat or sleep. While his schedule may be the same as when you saw him before, Maglir's appearance has now changed since you last saw him. He will no longer be wearing his iron cuirass and will instead have a Blackwood cuirass and shield equipped. He is also no longer a member of the Fighters Guild faction and has now been added to the Blackwood Company faction.

As you may expect after seeing Maglir's new wardrobe, he will not receive you warmly, greeting you with: "Oh, look. You again." This attitude will persist when you enter conversation with him: "You again. I imagine I know why you're here, guild rat." When you ask him why he defaulted, he will reveal that he is no longer a member of the Fighters Guild: "Defaulted? That all you talk about? I'm Blackwood Company now. Plenty of work, the pay is good, and I don't have Oreyn on my back all the time." You will then have two options to respond with, to which Maglir will respond differently to depending on whether or not you covered for him during Unfinished Business:

Option Response if you said that Maglir didn't default Response if you said that Maglir defaulted
The job needs to be completed. "Look, I know that you covered for me before, so I'll give you this one. Talk to Aryarie at the Mages Guild for the job. After this, we're done." "Oh? I know you're the one who ratted me out to Oreyn about that other contract. Go back to Oreyn. Give him my regards. We're done talking."
You are without honor. "Honor, huh? I prefer feeding my family. I figure I owe you one for covering for me, so I'll let you leave. Get moving, before I forget myself." "That means a lot, coming from you. You think I didn't hear about you ratting me out to Oreyn? Now get out of here before my friend and I get angry."

If you are not forced to exit dialogue with him, Maglir will end the conversation by saying: "You're wasting your time." If you told him the job needs to be completed but ratted him out during Unfinished Business, he will now greet you by saying: "Got nothing else to say to you. Get out of here before I get angry." He will then immediately exit conversation with you.

You may now be left with no choice but to report back to Oreyn if Maglir did not tell you who the client for the contract is. When you reveal to him that Maglir has joined the Blackwood Company, Oreyn will become very upset about his betrayal: "The little bastard! We took him in when no one else would. This is how he repays us? Talk to Aryarie in Bravil. She's our client. Do the job." After you have talked to Aryarie, Oreyn will urge you to complete the contract should you ask him about Maglir: "Take care of his contract. We'll discuss him later." He will mention Maglir in passing when you tell him the job has been completed: "I can't believe we lost another to that bunch. Well done taking care of the contract, though. We can't afford to lose any of them, these days." Although Maglir's new friend Jee-Tah is disabled at the end of this quest, Maglir will continue to stand around inside The Lonely Suitor Lodge after the quest has been completed.

The HistEdit

"You! You've ruined everything!"

Having left the Fighters Guild for the Blackwood Company, you will not see or hear about Maglir again as you continue to progress through the ranks of the Guild. While Maglir enjoys his increased pay, you will learn more and more about the threat that he and his fellow Company members pose to the citizens of Cyrodiil. To put an end to the Blackwood Company, Oreyn will order you to destroy the sick Hist tree that is the source of their power. After you have destroyed the machinery around the Hist tree which causes it to be set ablaze, Maglir will be moved to the main area of the Blackwood Company Hall. Once you exit from the basement, Maglir will immediately walk up to you. He is well aware that the Blackwood Company has been destroyed and knows that he will now be out of a job. He will blame you for all of this, saying: "You! You've ruined everything! Why? WHY? I had a job! I had a home! You've taken it all! I'll kill you for this!" You will then be forced to exit conversation and Maglir will proceed to attack you, leaving you no choice but to kill him.


  • During Den of Thieves he can be a useful and essential follower to help with other side quests. However, his default weapons are ineffective against ghosts and wraiths.
  • If you manage to avoid talking to Maglir during The Hist, he will remain standing wherever he was last located indefinitely. He may also be found standing outside the Blackwood Company Hall.


  • If you are expelled from the Fighters Guild while doing the quest Den of Thieves (during which Maglir must follow you), Maglir may follow you around forever.