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Oblivion:Canvas the Castle

Oblivion: Quests: Chorrol
Someone has stolen a valuable painting from Castle Chorrol!
Quest Giver: Countess Arriana Valga in Chorrol
Location(s): Castle Chorrol
Reward: Level and choice-dependent gold, and either leveled gems, a Reward Painting, or nothing else (Reward Tables).
Fame/Infamy: Fame +1 if you turn the culprit in; otherwise none
ID: MS51
An interesting painting...

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Countess Arriana Valga to learn of the investigation.
  2. Speak to the witnesses and suspects to gather clues.
  3. After the interviews, find any physical evidence.
  4. Confront the culprit, and extract a confession.
  5. Return to the Countess and either turn the culprit in or absolve them.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Broad BrushEdit

If you talk to Countess Arriana Valga in Castle Chorrol she will claim to be in the middle of an investigation. If her disposition is 50 or better she will ask you to help, otherwise she will brush you off.

Someone has stolen a sentimental painting of the Countess' husband, Charrus Valga, who was killed in battle. The painting hung in her bedchamber, and the only two people left as suspects are the court mage and the porter. She will also give you the names of three other people to speak to, who may help solve the case. She will also warn you that she will be very cross if you accuse the wrong person.

Canvas the WitnessesEdit

None of the witnesses will talk to you about the investigation until you raise their disposition enough. The Countess was good enough to give the general locations of the five people you need to track down, as well as some keys and permission to enter the castle's restricted sections:

The easiest person to find is Laythe, standing by the throne in the great hall, so you should get him out of the way. He will tell you that he stays near the throne and deals with visitors, but didn't see anything. He will mention that Orgnolf has a drinking problem, and has taken to borrowing money from others to feed his habit.

Next you should talk to Orok. From 10am until midday he can be found alternating between the great hall and the private quarters, then he leaves for Northern Goods and Trade. He returns at 2pm and will wander around the private quarters until he goes to sleep. Orok will tell you that it was raining quite heavily that evening, so he didn't go for his usual walk. However, he did not see either Chanel or Orgnolf, mostly because he stayed in his quarters. Lastly he will mention that he caught Orgnolf drinking in the west tower once.

Now you should track down Bittneld before moving on to the suspects. Bittneld can be a bit tricky to find if he is on patrol, but from midnight until 10am he is either in the castle barracks or standing in the main hall of the castle. Bittneld reveals that he too saw nothing, as he was out patrolling. However, he noticed Chanel spending a lot of time in the West Tower, which he questioned her about and received a somewhat satisfactory answer (she claimed she was researching her spells).

The Fine DetailEdit

So far there has not been much witnessing by the witnesses, so it's time to interview the suspects. As two people have mentioned Orgnolf being a drunk, he should be easier to crack, so we'll start there. Orgnolf won't be hard to find as he's restricted to his quarters. Asking him about the night in question will have him claim that he was arguing with a delivery boy in the great hall who had had an accident in the rain, then retired to his room.

Then find Chanel in her quarters. She will claim to have spent the evening taking star readings in the courtyard, went to the dining area for a while after that, and then went to bed. Do not accuse anyone yet, for without evidence you cannot back up your claim.

Both stories have holes, but you need evidence. The first thing to do is retrace the suspects movements to see if you can spot anything. There is nothing to be found along Orgnolf's route, but along Chanel's route there are some suspicious paint stains on the carpet in the dining room. Next thing is to investigate the west tower that seems to be heavily used by both suspects. If you follow Orok's testimony and search the upper rooms you can find Orgnolf's drinking den. However, if you go to the lower area and search around you should be able to find a painting. The evidence seems to be stacking up against Chanel, so you should pay another visit to her room. If you investigate the oddly placed lectern and chairs, you will uncover some painting tools.

Unveiling the ThiefEdit

Now it's time to make an accusation. Finding all the evidence does not remove the choice of accusing either suspect. However, be sure to only accuse the guilty party or your reward from the Countess will be reduced.

The evidence against Orgnolf is lackluster at best. He is a drunk desperate for money, and his supposed argument with a delivery boy was not witnessed by Laythe. That said you can still accuse him, but he will not confess and be indignant about the accusation.

The evidence against Chanel on the other hand is quite substantial. She claimed to be star reading on a night two others say was raining, the spilled paint and footprints in the dining room, and the painting tools in her lectern. There is also the more circumstantial painting in the west tower where she spends a lot of time. When you accuse her (with a disposition less than 70) she will almost confess, but will not speak fully until she trusts you more. After you raise her disposition she will make a full confession. She will claim she only took it due to her love of the Count, and jealousy of the time the Countess spent with the painting. She will also reveal the location of the painting.

Restoration or a Clean SlateEdit

You now have two choices, take the painting and turn Chanel in, or leave the painting and absolve both suspects. You will receive different rewards depending on the choices you made.

  1. Turn in Chanel:
    1. If you did not accuse Orgnolf: a reward of eight gems and a level-dependent amount of gold. You will also receive one fame point and Chanel will disappear from the game.
    2. If you accused Orgnolf: a smaller amount of level-dependent gold, and no fame points or gems.
  2. Absolve both suspects: an even smaller amount of level-dependent gold. Chanel will give you a special Reward Painting (worth 500 gold if you sell it) after three weeks. Note that this reward painting is a new picture, not the portrait that was originally stolen. You do not receive any fame points.
The missing portrait of Charus Valga, back in its rightful place. See bugs.

Reward TablesEdit

Level Reward Option 1.1
(Only Accused Chanel)
Reward Option 1.2
(Also Accused Orgnolf)
Reward Option 2
(Absolved Both Suspects)
1-4 200 Gold + 8 Gems 50 Gold 25 Gold + Painting (Worth 500 Gold)
5-9 300 Gold + 8 Gems 75 Gold 50 Gold + Painting (Worth 500 Gold)
10-14 400 Gold + 8 Gems 100 Gold 75 Gold + Painting (Worth 500 Gold)
15-19 500 Gold + 8 Gems 150 Gold 100 Gold + Painting (Worth 500 Gold)
20-24 600 Gold + 8 Gems 200 Gold 125 Gold + Painting (Worth 500 Gold)
25+ 700 Gold + 8 Gems 300 Gold 150 Gold + Painting (Worth 500 Gold)


  • The Reward Painting doesn't do anything, but it does make a fine decoration for one of your houses. Once dropped, the painting appears as a large picture sitting on an easel on the floor.


  • If you question anyone before asking Countess Valga for clues, the 'Gather Clues' option will no longer be available for that character and you will not be able to continue the quest. ?
    •   Either load an earlier save game and question Countess Valga first, or use the Console command player.setstage MS51 35.
  • If you pick up the painting tools before finding the concealed painting in the west tower the quest will stop updating. Once you have all the evidence and accuse Chanel the quest will right itself. ?
  • If you choose to return the painting to the Countess, she is supposed to hang it on the wall above the desk in her bedroom but the necessary scripting is terminated before it has a chance to run as the quest ends there, so the painting never appears.
  • If you decide to lie to the Countess, the notification for three weeks later will complete the quest, even if you haven't picked up the painting.

Journal EntriesEdit

Canvas the Castle (MS51)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Countess Valga of Castle Chorrol has tasked me with the recovery of a portrait that was stolen from her throne room. It's very dear to her as it reminds her of her husband who was lost years ago. She mentioned clues, perhaps I should find out more.
15 To recover the stolen painting, I should begin by questioning the castle residents, and then search the Castle for physical clues that could help solve the mystery. My best bet would be to start with the Countess herself.
18 Countess Valga has told me that the only people who were unaccounted for and had access to her bedchamber were the resident mage, Chanel, and the castle porter, Orgnolf. She suggested I question them and some of the other castle residents: the Captain of the Guard, Bittneld, her herald, Laythe Wavrick, and her Steward, Orok gro-Ghoth.
20, 22, 30, 32, 35 (The following five journal entries will appear in the order that the player asks questions)

When I asked about the night in question, Orgnolf told me that he spent a bit of time arguing with a delivery boy in the Great Hall who had a bit of an accident with a wine shipment in the rain, then spent the rest of the night in his room. I should continue questioning the suspects the Countess recommended. or
Orok gro-Ghoth mentioned he was in the castle that entire night because it had been raining, but didn't see Orgnolf or Chanel. Also, he mentioned he had caught Orgnolf drinking in the West Tower once. When he had threatened to tell the Countess about it, Orgnolf apparently stopped. I should continue questioning the suspects the Countess recommended. or
When I asked about the night in question, Chanel told me that she spent some time in the courtyard of the castle taking star readings. Then she made her way to the dining area off of the Great Hall. Finally, she went to her quarters to sleep. I should continue questioning the suspects the Countess recommended. or
Bittneld, the Captain of the Guard, said he had been out on patrol in the streets of Chorrol that night. In addition, he mentioned seeing Chanel spend a good deal of time in the castle's West Tower. But when he had confronted her about it, she said that was where she had been performing some of her magic research. I should continue questioning the suspects the Countess recommended. or
Laythe Wavrick, the castle herald, told me that he's observed Orgnolf having a drinking problem and often asking for money to fund his new habit. I should continue questioning the suspects the Countess recommended.
(After the fifth statement, the following line will be added to the journal entry)
Now, I should concentrate on gathering the clues if I'm to solve the crime.

40, 50 (Two of the following three journal entries will appear in the order that the player finds clues)

I've found an interesting painting in a concealed area of the West Tower. It seems someone in the castle is a painter. I think I should continue looking for more clues. or
I've found paint stains and a paint footprint on the carpet in the dining area off the Great Hall. I think I should continue looking for more clues. or
Chanel seems to have painting supplies concealed in a lectern in her room. The fact they're concealed seems suspicious. I think I should continue searching for more clues.

60 (The following entry will appear after finding the third clue)

I've found an interesting painting in a concealed area of the West Tower. It seems someone in the castle is a painter. I now have enough clues to make an accusation. or
I've found paint stains and a paint footprint on the carpet in the dining area off the Great Hall. I now have enough clues to make an accusation. or
Chanel seems to have painting supplies concealed in a lectern in her room. The fact they're concealed seems suspicious. I now have enough clues to make an accusation.

70 I've confronted Orgnolf with the clues, but all he did was become irate and threatened to tell the Countess of my false accusations. I think I made the wrong choice. I should go speak to Chanel.
75 I am certain that Chanel is the culprit. After all, the evidence clearly points to her. But without a full confession, Countess Valga won't be satisfied. I need to convince Chanel to trust me enough to tell me why she did the crime.
80 I've confronted Chanel with the clues, and she admitted taking the painting. She pointed out where it was hidden, and now I must decide whether or not to tell the Countess about her crime.
100 Yes  I've spoken to the Countess about Chanel's crime. She's been banished from the Castle, and as a reward, a sizable bounty of gold and gems has been given to me.
150 Yes  I've spoken to the Countess about Chanel's crime, and she's been banished from the Castle. However, since the investigation didn't go smoothly, the Countess wasn't pleased and only rewarded me with some gold.
200 I've told the Countess that neither suspect is the criminal, and that the painting must be in the possession of someone outside the Castle walls. She seemed disappointed, but I've kept Chanel's honor intact.
210 Chanel was pleased that I didn't turn her in to the Countess. She told me that as a reward, she'd paint a portrait for me, but it'll take three weeks. I should return to Castle Chorrol at that time.
220 Yes  It's been three weeks. I should return to Castle Chorrol and pick up my painting from Chanel.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in random order.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Quest" it means the quest disappears from the Active Quest list, but you may still receive new entries for that quest.
  •   It is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage MS51 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) quest stages. See SetStage for more information.