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Alberic Litte's House
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ChorrolAlbericLittesHouse, ChorrolAlbericLittesBasement
Alberic Litte's House

Alberic Litte's House is a residence in West Chorrol, across the street from Casta Scribonia's house and the Chapel of Stendarr and next to Jirolin Doran's house. It is home to advanced Conjuration trainer and spell merchant Alberic Litte and his wife Carmen, and consists of two zones: Alberic Litte's House and Alberic Litte's Basement.



Alberic Litte's HouseEdit

A cozy, three-level house, the main floor contains the usual arrangement of clutter. A nice selection of foodstuffs can be found in the dining area, including grapes, a pumpkin, a hard to find sweetcake, onions, a pear, and a selection of Tamika's West Weald and Surilie Brothers wines. The sleeping area upstairs offers a nice collection of common books, but nothing truly noteworthy.

Alberic Litte's BasementEdit

The basement is divided into two chambers, the first containing more samples of wine, mead, pumpkins, and the usual clutter. The second chamber is illuminated and holds two locked chests, one with random loot and the other with armor and/or weaponry. An exit to the couple's common backyard in Chorrol is also in this section of the basement.