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Oblivion:Odiil Farm

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Odiil Farm
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Console Location Code(s)
OdiilFarm01, OdiilFarm02, OdiilFarm
Great Forest
Southeast of Chorrol
Odiil Farm

Odiil Farm is a farm southeast of Chorrol (quest-related).

The interior

The farm was once inhabited by Valus Odiil and his two sons, Antus and Rallus, who will ask for your help in reclaiming the property from maruading goblins during the related quest. It consists of the farmhouse and a garden (including 6 blackberry bushes, 64 carrot plants, 17 lettuce plants, 32 radish plants, 16 tomato plants, and 2 watermelon vines).

The interior of the farmhouse is abandoned before the related quest is started, and is generally unremarkable, but does contain a Nirnroot plant growing in a pot and three bottles of Cyrodilic Brandy.

Odiil Farm PeopleEdit

Odiil Farm
Antus Odiil [a]
Rallus Odiil [a]
Valus Odiil [a]
^aOnly present at the farm after the quest The Killing Field.

Related QuestsEdit


  • The music played inside the farmhouse is the outdoor "default" type instead of "public", the norm for indoor areas.