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This is a list of some of the best items that are usable at level one. Although they can be used by level one characters, it is highly unlikely that a low level character will have the ability or means to obtain most of them, though it is still possible.


Brusef Amelion's Armor Set - Can be found scattered inside Amelion Tomb which is northeast of Leyawiin along the river bank. As good as standard chainmail armor.
Note: This armor is very heavy; an encumbrance of about 250 is needed (unlikely at level one) if you're going to be carrying many other items. The total encumbrance value of the armor is 126. There is also a sword in this set with an encumbrance of 28, equalling a total required encumbrance of 154 to carry both the armor and weapon for this set.
Chainmail (normally not available until level 6) - Most City Guards wear chainmail armor, but city guards are difficult targets for several reasons. Two better sources are Tyrellius Logellus, the corrupt guard at the end of the Two Sides of the Coin quest and the Chapel Guard in Cheydinhal's chapel undercroft once The Elven Maiden has started. Both of these targets wear a nearly full set of chainmail armor (missing helmet and shield) at all levels. Additionally, most chainmail can be obtained from fallen Kvatch soldiers during The Battle for Castle Kvatch.
Elven (normally not available until level 15) - A nearly full set (missing helmet and shield) can be collected from Azani Blackheart (the boss from the Fighters Guild quest Azani Blackheart.)
Fin Gleam - An enchanted light armor Glass helmet with multiple enchantments that can be found in the ocean near Anvil
Umbra's Ebony Armor Set - This complete set of heavy armor can be found on Umbra in Vindasel, southwest of the Imperial City. However, killing Umbra to obtain the armor can be very challenging for low level characters. Also, this armor is actually leveled: the version you receive below level 15 is lower in quality than standard Ebony Armor, and has statistics comparable to Orcish Armor.
Blackwood Armor - This heavy armor is worn by several Blackwood Company members who are encountered during the Fighters Guild quest line; it is between Dwarven and Orcish armor in quality. The first NPC you will encounter wearing this armor is already dead, so retrieving it is particularly easy: a dead Blackwood Company Member with a full suit of armor is found in Forsaken Mine during the quest Trolls of Forsaken Mine.
Tower of the Nine - The best shield you can get at the start of the game, even if you're a light armor person (the shield is marked as heavy). You can buy it at Stonewall Shields for a base cost of 4800 gold.
Masque of Clavicus Vile - Can be acquired at level one if you (somehow manage to) collect Umbra and start Clavicus Vile's quest by talking to Ma'Raska and then getting the "I've got Umbra" quest update. Talk to the statue to finish the quest and get the Masque of Clavicus Vile.
Hands of the Atronach - Endgame quality (7.0, just below Daedric's 7.5) Gauntlets, with 20% Resistance to all elements as a bonus, can be bought from Calindil in Mystic Emporium in the Imperial City.


Calliben's Grim Retort - found in the Trentius Family Mausoleum, accessible during and after the Unfriendly Competition quest.
Umbra - Found on Umbra in Vindasel. (See above notes on Umbra's armor.)
Honorblade of Chorrol - A quest item found during Sins of the Father, a quest you can start at level 1.
Fine Steel Bow - Can be found immediately (at level 1) on a ledge outside Fort Nikel, just west of the Imperial City.
Silver Bow - Carried by Imperial Archers. Can be obtained from the Imperial Archer outside the Inn of Ill Omen when the Oblivion Gate opens nearby, by leading the enemies to him to kill him, letting you loot his bow.
Black Bow - See the Knights of the White Stallion and the Black Bow Bandits quests.
Bow of Infliction - 5240 base price at The Archer's Paradox, Bravil.
Frostwyrm Bow - See the Horror of Dive Rock quest.
Apotheosis - A powerful staff that is available for purchase at Rindir's Staffs at the start of the game for 3500 gold.

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